For the most part, when people owe third parties money they pay them back when they’re supposed to. Pretty much everyone owes money to someone in the world. It might be a few dollars, or it might be hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Debt is a part of life in today’s modern world and is something even the wealthy cannot avoid. When you run a business, it’s likely you will have to spend part of your time chasing your customers for payment of their invoices.

Sometimes a few rogue customers might “disappear” and take your unpaid goods with them. Is this something that has happened to you? And do they owe you a lot of money? If so, today’s article will show you how you can track them down.

Visit their last known address in person

If they aren’t answering any phone calls, the first step is to go down to their last known address and find out if they are still there. With commercial customers, it’s often the case that you will get greeted with an empty building.

When that happens, you can contact the firm that owns the building and ask them if they know where their former tenant has moved to.

Do a reverse number lookup

If their phone numbers are still in service, it’s likely they might have told their phone companies where they moved to. Website like can help you find out where they might have moved to.

These services will often provide the full address details of where the person or organization has moved to.

Call them from different numbers

Debtors will ignore your phone calls, and they will ignore withheld numbers too. One tactic that you can try is to call them from different landline or cell phone numbers. These numbers should be ones that aren’t published or listed anywhere.

Quite often you will be in luck, and the debtor will answer your call. This is a tactic that often gets used by debt collection companies.



Check company records

Companies have to provide the government with a list of directors or partners. And that information needs to be accessible to the public. You can do a search using their names to find out if they are running a new company somewhere else.

It’s a great way of learning what area they might be operating from, as it’s likely they will also live in the same area where their company is. You might have to pay to get any company details, so bear that in mind when searching.

Hire a debt collection company

If all else fails and you just can’t trace them, it might be time to give up and pay a debt collection company to trace the debtors for you.

These firms have a high degree of success when tracing people. If you don’t want to chase the debt anymore, you can always “sell” the debt to a collection company. The value of the debt isn’t what they will pay you. But it means you get some money towards the original debt rather than nothing. Good luck!