I’m sure you’ve heard it, either in the breakroom or joking around with friends. The popular, yet snarky, comment of “they make an app for that”. While it is funny, it is also extremely accurate. You can find an app for just about anything and yes, you can even find drone apps as well.

The Skinny On Operating Drones

If you look at the average personal drone and then compare all of the controls required to operate the additional features added to them, you’ll likely find a person using two or maybe even three devices or controls, just to use the drone. While many drones are built to be a bit more sophisticated, with pre-installed cameras, motion detection and alert systems to warn users about obstructions, most people do not want to shell out thousands of dollars to purchase one. Especially when they can customize their own for less.

Using Drone Apps To Enhance Your Personal Drone

You found a drone for sale at a great price! You have got a GoPro camera lying around the house that doesn’t get as much use as you would like. So what do you do? You attach to your drone to it, of course! You can find dozens of drone apps to help take your piloting skills to the next level. You can turn your iPad into a controller and use the tilt functions in the iPad to have complete control of your drone. You can also link Wi-Fi enabled devices, like that GoPro Camera we were just talking about, to your new controller and have all of your functionally and “eyes in the sky” on one, oversized and easy to view, screen.

You don’t even have to use an iPad; many of the newer smartphones are compatible with these drone apps, turning just about any device, into a remote. This best part is, if you ever break the remote for your drone, you do not have to purchase a new remote for your drone. Just download an app, configure your drone and you are back in business in no time!

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