The possibilities and freedom virtual reality offers to game developers and gamers alike will affect virtually every aspect of the industry. There are of course some particular genres where the VR potential is especially strong. Whether it be super immersive fantasy worlds, or heart-stopping jump scares – here are some classic game genres that are sure to deliver impressive titles in the advent of VR gaming…

Sci-Fi Exploration

Let’s be real – chances are that virtual reality will be the closest you’ll ever come to exploring the galaxy. If you can come to terms with that depressing fact, then you can instead focus your attention on getting excited for all the immersive space travel simulation VR is about to make possible. Just imagine seeing those beautiful nebulas up close, landing on planet surfaces, and engaging in thrilling space battles with hostile aliens. Every space-related franchise from Star Trek to Halo will be cashing in on this new and exciting era in sci fi gaming.

Horror / Suspense

If you’re one of those weird people who enjoys games with jump scares in old mental asylums, then rejoice! The horror video game genre is about to get more terrifying than ever thanks of virtual reality. There’s no looking away or slamming shut your laptop when things get a little ‘too real’ – and from the looks of intense playthroughs of games such as Oculus Rift’s Paranormal Activity, it looks like VR horror can get ‘too real’ a little too often. Eagerly anticipated spooky VR games include Doors of Silence and Monstrum, the latter of which sees you on an abandoned cargo ship drifting out at sea…all alone, if it weren’t for that flesh-eating monster lurking onboard.

Poker Rooms

The prevalence of online poker rooms has removed the social and psychological aspect from the classic card game, reducing it instead to a game based purely on odds calculation and luck. Virtual reality is here to fix that problem, striking a midground between the experience of sitting at a real casino, and the comfort of playing from your own home. In VR poker rooms, you can customize your own persona and play against people from around the whole world in a range of atmospheric settings. Best of all – virtual cash will give you the illusion of playing with real money, but without any of the typical risks. If anything’s going to make online poker interesting again, it will be VR games like SlotsMillions and LuckyVR.

Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy in all forms, whether it be literature, cinema or games, has more or less been about a sense of escapism. Who doesn’t like the idea of an alternative universe with unicorns and trolls and magical forests? Where even the most ordinary of people can do extraordinary things as knights and sorcerers? Fortunately for Skyrim and WoW fans, the merging of reality and fantasy is about to feel all the more convincing with the help of virtual reality gaming. Fantasy VR titles to keep an eye out for include Feral Rites and Chronos.

Simulated Life

We all have at one point or another played some cheesy simulation game – quite possibly in the form of a mobile app in which we take care of farm animals, or run a high-end restaurant in New York. Most of us will also have had a taste of living a virtual life in one the iconic Sims or Animal Crossing games, or else enjoyed building our own theme park with Rollercoaster Tycoon. If millions of people can become invested in simulations from behind a screen, then imagine how addictive virtual reality sim lives will become. This type of VR game could even become useful for young people interested in ‘trying out’ different careers, sports or hobbies.

It’s no secret that virtual reality gaming is set to revolutionize the video game industry forever. Some classic games will see a natural and successful transition into the world of VR, whilst other genres might unexpectedly see a boost in popularity resulting from the new realm of possibilities offered by VR technology.