Credit and debit cards are now so much a part of our daily lives that it is easy to forget they were once only occasionally used. Indeed, when one considers they have only really been widely used for the last couple of decades, it becomes even clearer how much they have changed our lives. The convenience of a card payment cannot be overstated; it’s quick, free to the customer and also negates the need to carry a lot of cash. Also, the rapid advent of contactless payment – now available also with smart phones – is a further boost for the customer.

However, have you considered the ways in which you, the retailer, could benefit from accepting card payments? Perhaps you have yet to join the millions of businesses using card processing as you fear the cost? The simple fact is that, if you don’t take card payments, you are missing out. Here’s a few facts for you to consider: firstly, it has been shown that consumers spend more – by as much as 20% – when paying by card. That is a lot of extra sales, at no added cost, that you are missing out on. Then, consider that 66% of face to face purchases, for goods and services, are made by card, and you begin to see why you should be taking card payments.

Merchant Account Solutions

If you are looking for a cheap way of getting into the card payment world, have a look at the website of Merchant Account Solutions, the leading name in the supply of quality equipment and software. They can supply you with equipment free of charge, and very quickly, and have a high acceptance rate for applications. As experts in the field they will ensure that you get the right equipment for your needs, and that you are treated to professional and friendly service throughout.

The benefits of a free credit card machine are many: you get potential extra sales, more custom and are able to take payments into your account without having to make trips to the bank and pay in checks. It’s not just advisory to get onto card payments, it really is a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the game and improve the efficiency of your business.

Move into the 21st Century

Once you have decided to go with the flow and start accepting card payments, you should talk to Merchant Account Solutions about the best route to take. They will advise you on the best free debit card processing machine for you, and they have the guaranteed best rates in the business. If you already have a processing account then take their $100 Challenge, in which they will pay you that amount if they can’t beat your current payments.

Have a look at the Merchant Account Solutions website now for more information and advice on how to get hold of a credit card payment solution, and get in touch so they can help you get started.