Apple briefly announced they were going to sell a new and much larger 12.9-inch iPad at the September 9th event, and gave us a few snippets of info like it would come with Force Touch as well as an upgraded camera and screen. But there was no information on a release date, prices and no real details on features, but now nearly two months late we have that information we even know when Apple are planning to release it.

Let’s start with features and what we expect, well firstly the iPad Pro is the biggest and most powerful iPad from Apple to date and they hope it to an extent it replaces your laptop for casual use. When it comes to size it isn’t much thicker or heavier than an iPad Air 2 as it’s only 6.9mm and weighs 712g. In terms of features the biggest thing is the change in screen size, with the iPad Pro being 12.9 inch and having a resolution of 2732×2048 which means it offers 5.6 million pixels, that’s more than a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Furthermore Apple says the display in the new iPad Pro is the first to offer a variable refresh rate and Oxide TFT technology, which means it can refresh pixels quickly while keeping colour even.

One of the key things inside an Apple device is the processor and inside the iPad Pro is the new developed processor the A9X, which is Apple’s third generation 64-bit chip that has double the memory bandwidth giving you desktop grade performance. More so compared to its predecessor the A8X it’s 1.8x faster on a CPU level and 2x better on the GPU side, these improvements have meant essential for example you can now edit three 4K video streams at once.

iPad Pro 2

But what about battery life I hear you say, that’s the bane for everyone well the iPad Pro has a battery life up to 10 hours according to Apple which isn’t too bad when you compare to similar devices and small laptops. Other features of the iPad Pro include an 8Mp iSight rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, 11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Touch ID and a four speaker setup which automatically balances depending on how you hold the iPad Pro.

The accessories available from Apple for the iPad Pro also are very interesting, as you can get a Smart Keyboard which connects to the iPad Pro via three small connectors on the side and gives you a physical keyboard to work with. Alongside this there is another accessory called the Apple Pencil which is a stylus that Apple says lowers the latency, meaning it feels like your writing or drawing with an actual pencil and paper.

One of the most important aspects is obviously price and as we all know Apple products are pricey, the iPad Pro starts at £679 and you’ll get 32GB of memory with that, there is also 128GB model for £799 and a 128GB with 4G for £899 if you’re willing to splash the cash. But what about a release date, well according to our sources it should be released on the 11th of November which isn’t too far away and I for one can’t wait to try it out! But what do you think?

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