Low cost GPS Tracking devices for managing fleet vehicles

GPS trackers have to be one of the most important innovations of the last few decades. Originally invented as a military navigation device, the GPS system of satellites was made completely free for civilian devices back in the 80s. While the sheer cost of developing equipment back then made GPS inaccessible for the average consumer, over the last few years we’ve seen commercial applications for GPS soar across the board. Practically everything can contain a GPS tracker now, with the devices having a whole lot of potential uses.

One of the most useful applications of GPS technology is fleet management. The technology was designed from the start to make navigation easier. By tracking the locations of every vehicle in a fleet, managers can get a full picture of how their company is performing. Having an accurate picture of vehicle movement over time is essential for management, letting fleet owners cut down on wasted time and identify areas for improvement within their company.

Despite the clear importance of GPS tracking for fleet management companies, the technology required can be particularly expensive. Basic units frequently come with high price tags, and the cost of installation can raise prices even more – quickly becoming debilitating for fleet managers.

Some GPS trackers have started to take a new approach, saving customers money on installation by developing devices to plug directly into the machinery of a vehicle. Every vehicle made in the EU since 2004 has included an on board diagnostics port to enable quick analysis of vehicle performance and the like. A few trackers are now designed to plug straight into this port, entirely removing installation costs. A couple of these devices take it even further, stripping out featured deemed unnecessary to completely cut down on costs.

One of the best budget options for fleet management that I’ve seen is the CanTrack GPS Tracking Device. Each unit comes at £99, while annual subscriptions cost £67 a year as a base, or £79/year for some more advanced options. This cost of about £5.60- 6.60 a month ends up significantly cheaper than anything else I’ve seen, while still including a fair few different features.

The basic CanTrack package includes fairly simple GPS tracking tools. Visual displays, real time traffic updates, high quality maps and a fair few tools for analysis give fleet managers an impressive basic package at a low cost. Upgrading to the advanced option lets the CanTrack tracker really start to stand out from other products.

The main addition to this extra package is a suite of tools to evaluate driver performance. The tracker breaks down each individual’s performance into 5 different categories and evaluates for each. These all end up covering different areas which can cost a business money, giving managers a detailed look at areas for improvement and the like.

One nice touch is the use of simple to read performance metrics. Each driver’s scores are numerically evaluated and graphed, with good drivers getting green scores, areas for improvement marked in orange and critical issues showing up in red. I imagine that larger fleets would benefit from this somewhat, with the whole thing built to be understood at a glance.

While there’s definitely more advanced trackers around, I’ve got to say that the CanTrack device is a great selection for anyone looking to cut costs, packing a surprisingly impressive set of features into a budget device.

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