Pretty much everybody has a smartphone these days, and they are very impressive devices. Do you remember when you bought your first mobile phone? I bet that you were impressed with its ability to send messages and make calls, and it probably had a clock on its LCD face! Back then, this was the height of technology, but now things are a lot different! You probably have a phone in your pocket that can access the internet, send and receive emails and much more besides, with a full colour screen and a wealth of fantastic functions and features. Furthermore, it probably costs you next to nothing to run!

Whether you have an iPhone – one of the most popular devices on the market – or one of the many Android phones, you can download many useful and fun apps. These range from practical apps such as maps and directions, to a vast array of fun games and more. Your smartphone most likely includes a decent camera, so you can take excellent snaps whenever you wish, and have fun with them to. Indeed, there are many apps that allow you to manipulate photos on your phone, some of which are great fun to play with your friends.

Old Person Fun Photos

Have you seen those apps where you can change your looks? There are some excellent ones about, and we particularly like Oldify 2! This is the new version of Oldify, and is a vast improvement on the original. What does it do? Well, it sounds ridiculous, but you use it on a photo of you – or your friends – and it gives you a rendition of you when you are old! Imagine being able to share daft photos of an aged you, or even your kids, and having a laugh over it! It’s a great way of enjoying the capabilities of your smartphone, and it is also an excellent conversation starter, and the best old person picture app around.

Of course, this is just one of the many fun apps that you can use on your smartphone, but it is very cheap to buy and will guarantee you hours of fun. Try it on a photo of someone as a baby and you won’t stop laughing – it really is that good! We found it to be easy to download and use – it takes just a few minutes to set up – and it is available for iPhone or as an aging photo app for Android phones, too.

Why not check out the superb and fun Oldify 2 now; try it on some of your photos and send them to your friends or, better still, try them on your friends’ photos and send them back to them! It’s a fun way of starting a conversation, and as it takes only a few seconds to use, you don’t have to set aside any particular time to use Oldify 2! Download it now, it will be the best app you’ve played with in years.