The 21st century has witnessed a huge transformation in respect to the technologies used in the real estate domain. Yellow pages, direct emails, classified advertisements of the newspapers etc are no more used as the primary means of communicating between the real estate agents and the customers. Today the professional property consultants have become tech savvy and make use of social media platforms and Android apps to promote their listings.

Importance of mobile apps and social media

The real estate agents and brokers all across the nation have understood the importance of the social platforms in aspect to the expansion and growth of their business and also maintain a long term connection with the existing customers and make new potential clients as well. Such modern and advanced techniques and methods also help them to keep a track of other competitors in the real estate market.

Android apps are beneficial

Property consultants in Delhi and other parts of the country are getting benefitted from Android apps. They can easily promote their businesses to the people and the marketing is also far more effective but they need to ensure that the technique is correct. There are several Android apps available helping in the marketing of the business and also helpful in providing a rich experience to the users in respect to the exchange of digital files like images, videos and other information related to property.

Stay connected with the clients anytime anywhere

If you are a Top property dealer in Delhi, you must be well aware of the social media platforms like Face book, Google Plus, LinkedIn and staying connected with the clients 24*7 and answering their queries anytime. In fact, such professionals also get the opportunity to share their experiences around the world.  There is no geographical barrier and thus engaging the clients and displaying their knowledge about the industry has become easier and more effective as well.

The real estate agents benefit from the apps

The real estate agents don’t have to wait for the calls from the potential customers. The social networking platforms, niche websites and the various apps help the agents to get hold of complete information and data required. Customers can make connections with the brokers and agents with the aid of the Face book pages and blogs. The availability of the housing app for agent is one of the advantages that the real estate agents of today enjoy.


Today majority of the success experienced by the real estate agents are dependent on the various types of Android apps and the social networking platforms along with the niche websites. Such innovations have improved the way the professional agents and brokers function in the market. There has been a total transformation in  the field and the way the brokers operate.