Blogging has grown to be a hugely popular platform. While in the early days of the web it was only the most technologically savvy who were hosting their own pages, nowadays just about anyone can get online and set up a blog.

There are many consequences to the rise of the blog. For the reader, it means that there’s a huge amount of great content out there on the web. For the blogger, though, it means a huge amount of competition when it comes to getting your blog read. Here, we look at a few ways to give your blog an edge.

Post regular, topical content

With so much content online, readers have very few reasons to dig into older pieces. To keep your readers interested, it’s in your interest to keep your content up-to-date and as topical as can be, given your subject matter.

Ensuring that you post content on a regular basis will increase the likelihood of readers checking back on your site from time to time. The more regularly you post, the more regularly your readers are likely to log back on.

Link with others

Making your blog a portal to other fascinating places on the internet is a great way to impress readers. If you are able to refer your visitors to interesting places, they’ll have all the more reason to return to your page.

Linking to other sites can also do great things for your traffic. Other blogs are likely to link back to you, enabling you to create a referral network which works in everyone’s favour.

Respect privacy

Privacy and security have become important issues for most people who use the internet. As somebody who hosts a website, it’s your responsibility to look after your visitors in this respect. Bloggers are advised to read up on all relevant aspects of privacy and security, from what does pki mean, to whether or not you need an ssl checker.

Enable comments

The most successful content on the web is interactive. You’re looking to create engaging content in order to maintain the interest of your readers, and there’s no better way to engage with your readers than to ask something of them.

Enabling comments is probably the simplest and one of the most effective ways of getting your readers to interact with your content. You could also find the feedback helpful in the future.