Affiliate marketing isn’t a practice that has popped up in recent years but was already being performed in the 1990s to promote specific products. Though it has kept a low profile throughout the years, affiliate marketing has largely contributed to the growth of the online gaming world.

There are various ways to promote an online gaming site; televisions ads, newspapers, coupons, magazines and even radio however these methods would be quite costly for emerging online gaming destinations. Most have opted for affiliate marketing, more affordable for many plus the site can be sure of receiving a certain number of players over a period of time. In the evolving years, affiliate marketing has adopted various methods to promote a site i.e. SEO; Search engine optimization, PPC; Pay per Click also referred to as paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, content marketing, publication of product reviews and services offered.

From players’ point of view, Affiliate Marketing is an advantageous way to find the best deals available on the internet, get the latest games updates, reviews, bonus offers, free bingo, new bingo site launch, best sites to play at etc…

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Affiliates marketing is also regarded to as one of the fastest ways to expose small companies therefore promoting, as you can advertise on various websites therefore another advantage for players to be aware of.

Viewed as a marketing toy in the early days of the internet, affiliate marketing has largely contributing towards the growth of online gaming destinations and is now an essential key for the online gaming site promoting.