Microsoft recently offered the newest version of its operating system, Windows 10 as a free upgrade to all Windows users.  The software upgrade will be available for free for the next 12 months.  If you are wondering whether you should take the plunge and upgrade the current Windows system you are using with Windows 10; you need to stop and think carefully about it for a moment. 

As with any software, particularly OS update releases, it is always wiser to wait a while before downloading it so that the earlier users of it can discover the issues and bugs first.  The interesting thing about this version of Windows is the fact that it is available for free has meant that information about how well it runs and where there are serious bugs and problems with it has come to light a lot quicker than it normally would.

The free aspect has also meant that upwards of 60 million people and more every day, have opted to start using Windows 10.  If you want to join then, first consider the points listed below.

Incompatible Security Software Could Be Removed

It is important to ensure that the anti-virus, anti-malware and internet security software you run on your computer is compatible with Windows 10.  If it is not, it may be removed during the installation process.  Therefore find a different security software, one that is compatible and install that before you start downloading and installing Windows 10.

Get Rid Of Any Errors, Viruses And Malware Before Installing

As operating system upgrades such as the Windows 10 one are complicated and normally assume the system is working fine; it will just install the software update.  If there are pre-existing problems either from viruses to other forms of corruption, these can have a very negative affect on the upgrading process.  Therefore if you know that your computer has some problems, look at those and fix them before downloading and updating to Windows 10.

Gamers – Do Your Homework

Of all the issues and complaints recorded regarding this software, by far the most common and consistent is by gamers for both specific hardware and games.  The speciality hardware used for gaming on the PC and the companies that create them should be checked before upgrading to Windows 10 to make sure they are fully compatible.  Follow for more video games news.

Update Hardware Drivers

When Microsoft has finished completing the download and upgrade of Windows 10, there is still a bit of work left to do.  To avoid hardware issues, you need to find the drivers for anything from printers to network adaptors , motherboards and even video cards and update them direct from the manufacturer.

Older Software And Programs Will Have Problems Running With Windows 10

If you are running very old programs on your computer with your current version of Windows, you need to look for an updated version or find a different program altogether to use; as the older software may not be compatible with Windows 10.  it could be worth waiting for other people to figure out the best alternatives or workarounds before upgrading.