There are so many things we can do with technology today to improve business and relationships with customers. As well as the internet and computers, we also have phone and mobile technology. There is now a lot of emphasis on reaching out to your customers online, including using social media and email. But it can still be very important for some businesses to use telecommunications. There are many ways that telephones can help you to improve your business’s efficiency and your relations with your customers. Among them are call answering services and text messaging. The internet is slowly taking larger percentages of businesses’ total marketing spends. But businesses shouldn’t ignore the more traditional method of telecommunications. And nor should the advances that have been made in the area.

Text Messages

Many businesses use email to stay in touch with their customer base, but fewer firms think about using text messaging. The reason for this might be that they are hesitant to ask for their customer’s phone numbers. But many business activities will involve collecting customer phone numbers for other purposes. If when selling products online or over the phone you need to ask for your customers’ phone numbers, you can ask permission to contact them at the same time. Mass text messaging can give you better access than sending out emails. An email could go into the spam folder, or the customer could delete it without reading it. But a text message immediately appears on your customer’s phone. They’re more likely to open it and see what it says, so it’s a great method for sending special offers, news and more. You can use services like Smart Numbers. They can manage your texts of anything from season’s greetings to promotions.

Call Answering Services

Virtual businesses are growing in popularity, with the advancement of the internet and different telecom services. One of the great advantages of this is that you no longer need the space for an entire team of people in your office, or the money to hire them. As well as using virtual PAs, you can also try a virtual reception service. These firms can act as a call answering service for you, so you don’t have to hire permanent employees to do the job. It’s a much cheaper option than hiring someone to be on your phones all day. Technology allows them to see easily that someone is calling for your company. They can then provide the customer with the correct greeting and information. It can make your business look bigger and more established than it is, which can be great for your reputation.


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Call Conferencing

Another way that telecommunications has improved in recent years is the ease with which you can hold a conference call. You might be talking over telephone lines or using a phone application on the internet. It’s easy to make calls and video calls with clients and business partners. You can also now record any calls for future reference, so there’s no need to pay anyone to take minutes.