The technology industry is growing and expanding all the time. If you want to work in this growing industry, you need to decide exactly which kind of job you want to do. Here are some of the best career paths that currently exist in the industry, so read on and find out which one suits you best.

Software Developer

Software refers to any computer programme out there. Most of us use software packages every day of our lives in some form or other. They all need to be designed and developed by someone before they can be used though. And the work doesn’t stop there either. Patches and updates are being worked on all the time even after the software has been around for years. It is a job that offers good pay and a lot of opportunities though. So, it’s a good career path to consider if you want a top tech job.


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Database Administrator

Databases are a key part of most modern businesses. They have to be used for all kinds of different tasks and jobs within the business world. The administrator is in charge of organising and building databases to the specific needs of the business that they work for. It’s one of those jobs that not many people who don’t do the job really understand. So, everyone is reliant on you doing your job properly. And they only ever come to you when there is something wrong. When a database administrator is doing their job well, no one notices.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is the ideal career path for anyone who wants to combine an interest in technology with a love of creativity. You get to design all kinds of interesting things for companies and organisations when you work as a graphic designer. It’s a job that most people do on a freelance basis. But there are also graphic design companies that you can work for too. If you want to improve your design skills, there are Illustrator training classes by Training Connection. So, give them a try.

Information Security Specialist

Nowadays, cyberattacks are a real threat and they have to be countered by companies and government. If these threats were simply ignored, there would be even more hacks and data breaches taking place each year. Thanks to the best information security specialists, most of these cyberattacks are not successful. And no serious damage is done. Things are changing all the time though, so if you do this job, you have to move with the times and counter emerging threats too.


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Systems Analyst

Most companies have an internal computer system that they rely on for their day to day usage. The system doesn’t just take care of itself though. To keep it efficient and functional, a systems analyst is required. These jobs are with companies that other organisations outsource their systems analysis needs to. But some companies do also hire in-house systems analysts as well. It’s a well-paid job, even if it does require lots of specialist knowledge and expertise.