There are a wide range of inventions which are set to change the world we live in.  These inventions are going to make life easier, safer and more cost efficient in the long run and save the earth’s resources. Tech trends are big news, and these are just some of the ones to watch:

The Breakfast Station

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet people are so busy that breakfast is often skipped.  With the Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Station a nutritious breakfast can be made in a few minutes.  The Breakfast Station will brew coffee and make toast and eggs and at the same time it will save space on countertops as well as energy.  It features a toaster oven and a 15 minute timer with an indicator light.  It can brew up to four cups of coffee and has a swing out filter.  The Breakfast Station also has a frying griddle which makes frying eggs and other breakfast foods quick and easy.  It is compact and easy to clean and a must for any busy family always on the go, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a quick game of credit card slots while having a quick bite to eat in the morning.

3D Printing

3D Printing is mainly used for small items and in time to come people will be able to print whatever they need without having to go to the shops to buy it.  This would include keys, toys and even small furniture items.  Printing these items is easy and all that is needed is to download the pattern and print or scan the image into the system.  This type of printing is relatively new, but could be one of the most important and useful inventions of all time.

Mobile Dialysis Machine

Dean Kamen decided to look into dialysis patients and see how he could make their lives easier.  In 1993 he created a dialysis machine, HomeChoice, which is a dialysis machine the size of a VCR and patients can use it at home.  The machine is monitored using software especially created for it and a data card.  Because the machine is so portable it allows dialysis patients ease of movement.  There is a huge market for it and according to a study there are more than 2 million people needing this life saving procedure.  This invention could enhance the lives of dialysis patients.

The Hyperloop

Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been looking into the development of a transportation system which will enable vehicles, which look similar to trains, to travel through tubes with little friction and with a speed of over 600 mph, travelling from LA to San Francisco will take only 35 minutes.  This new invention is known as the Hyperloop and the preliminary design has been released and will cost in the region of $6 billion.  Although the Hyperloop has been receiving some negative comments it will definitely make travel much easier.

The Reusable Space Shuttle

The thought of a reusable space shuttle was unheard of, but Elon Musk and his SpaceX Company have already tested such a rocket known as Falcon 9.  The system is 100 feet tall and has metal legs which allow the rocket to take off and land vertically.  This new design would decrease the cost of space travel considerably because the booster rockets would return back to the launch pad and not back to NASA or having other agencies having to retrieve them from the ocean.

Inventions such as these are making lives easier to live as well as trying to save time and money.  Saving the earth’s limited resources are an important aspect of these inventions and as technology develops more and more new inventions will be developed.