It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sideline enterprise or the primary way for you to make a living. There’s no disputing that blogs are increasing in popularity. And because of this explosion in popularity, they can serve as creative ways to make some money.

Of course, not everyone knows how to make a blog successful and generate revenue. If you have a love for literature, blogging might be right up your alley! Before you set about creating a blog, be sure to follow this handy guide first. Don’t worry; you can thank me later!


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Choosing the right blogging platform

It’s important you choose a good blogging platform before you start writing. The central player in the blog world is WordPress. They offer open-source software that you can use on their website, or you can self-host it.

I recommend the self-host option. You have greater control over themes, plugins and custom development work for your blog. If you’d rather not have the hassle, a hosted solution might be a better idea.

Blogger is another free and popular service you can use. At the time of writing, you can only use their hosted option. I do believe you have the option to associate a custom domain name with your blog if you wish.

Monetizing your blog

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, the next step is to monetize it! I have to warn you; this process is not one that happens overnight. You have to work on your blog’s popularity first. After all, the more visitors you have, the greater the chance your blog has of making some cash!

The first stage of the process is to sign up for some affiliate link programs like VigLink and Amazon Associates. Any applicable outbound links to products or services from your blog can use these affiliate links.

Writing your content

Next, your job is to write some compelling content for your blog! What you talk about is up to you. Just make sure that your content is relevant to the theme of the website. For example, don’t speak about electronics if you run a gardening blog!

Blog posts always stand out if they are rich in images and videos. But that’s not to say you should spam each post with scores of YouTube videos! Sometimes you might have a need to create videos yourself.

If you’re trying to push a high-value item, get someone like Vivid Photo Visual to help you create a killer video for your website! Don’t forget; you can share your videos on social media, including YouTube and Vimeo!

Marketing your content

The classic way to drive traffic to your site is to link to it from popular websites. One way you can do this is to “guest post” on someone else’s blog. You could be a featured guest writer on a blog related to your site’s niche.

By doing this, you raise the popularity of your blog. Another way is to get writers from leading blogs to cite you as a reference when talking about stuff. Not only does that increase awareness of your blog, but it builds your credibility too!