Technology has never been something that has stood still for long, this is a given with the enhancement of some of the most prolific products available to date however it seems that although we all want to be able to get our hands on the latest mobile smart phone, TV or speaker systems, it seems that Britain are leading the way when it comes to those that oppose technology growth when it related to their home.

According to Blinds 2 Go, a UK based blinds company that did a survey of 1,000 UK residents, Britain simply isn’t ready to allow too much control to be remotely granted when it comes to their home, with potential security issues being one of the leading reasons to support their resistance.

With mobile enabled tech now clearly becoming a desirable element within the home product market place, with smart phones already able to regulate your lighting and heating within your home via a wifi based application, thoughts are being turned to being able to take more of the strain out of tasks such as pre-heating an oven, turning on the washing machine and even putting the kettle on, however it looks as if Britain are not going to be welcoming the chance to be more hands off just yet.

The survey which appeared on TechLounge revealed a shockingly high percentage of those that were asked about whether they would like to have more home control from their phone, were in fact against too much more development within the sector, as 84% revealed they wouldn’t opt to go completely mobile enabled.

Although many claimed that they knew that lighting and heating was already available to operate from your mobile, as well as various styles of blinds, the general conception of app powered home control is that it can be too risky as the threat of control being passed to an unauthorised device looms in the back of their mind.

Britain hasn’t completely switched off to home tech controlled by smart phone devices through, with HiveHome becoming a popular addition across the country as home owners jumped at the chance to be able to regulate and control the temperature of their home remotely, making sure that they never had to walk into a cold house again. Hive can save you money, but make sure you get your chimney inspected though so that you are not wasting money. Click here for people that can inspect your chimney.

With heating seeming to be one of the acceptations in which the UK is willing to take control on their phone, the survey showed that:

  • 36% wouldn’t consider an app controlled oven or dishwasher
  • 35% wouldn’t want to have their blinds controlled via their phone
  • 10% hate the thought of app controlled lighting