As you may or may not already know, the eSports industry has been rapidly growing the past couple of years. Compared to traditional sports it’s still a very small industry, but with younger generations growing up watching competitive video game matches on twitch, many believe that eSports is a future giant in sports. Some even consider it to have the potential to one day outgrow traditional sports in popularity and viewership.

While eSports overall is showing a promising growth, games developed on mobile platforms may very well be what will boost the industry tremendously. Fifteen years ago we were all limited to play video games on PCs and consoles, but these days more or less anyone has the option to play games on their mobile devices. Games that nowadays are being developed with about as advanced mechanics as games on other platforms.

A lot of people being born today and the past couple of years are raised with an iPad or smartphone that allows them to play video games anytime, anywhere. This huge market that is being created due to this fact is why a lot of game developers are focusing on mobile platforms and there’s talk about mobile eSports all over the internet.

The eSports centered website eBetFinder is one of many that are regularly touching the subject.Although mainly focused on the options of betting on video games, they write about happenings in the industry and predict the future of it based on this.They have several times mentioned a strong belief for mobile eSports, whereas they in an article have had the following to say:

“According to super data research, the value of the global eSports industry had increased by 19% in 2016 compared to 2015. As this is growing, as well as mobile devices getting more and more advanced, we certainly believe that the mobile eSports scene will grow immensely the coming years. Not only this, but according to the market research company NPD group, mobile device games are being played more than games on any other devices between ages 2-17. This is indicating how promising the future is for mobile eSport games; there’s a generation growing up playing games on touch screens. KristianSegerstale, who is the COO of the company behind Vainglory, have said that he believes that within a decade a mobile device game will have one of, if not the highest amount of players.”

They also mentioned that a huge game developer like Blizzard would probably soon cease the opportunity that mobile eSports is presenting. What’s interesting is that this article about the future of mobile eSports was published about 7 months ago and today we’re indeed finding a mobile device game that is having the highest amount of players. Although not Blizzard, it is indeed created by a huge game developer. We’re talking about the game King of Glory, which the company Tencent has created. A company that owns Riot Games who have previously released the popular eSport game League of Legends, once a game crowned to be the most played ever.

While League of Legends is having about 100 million unique players a month, Tencent has mentioned that King of Glory is having about 50 million unique players a day. Now what’s really interesting is that this game is mainly being played in China and has yet to make it big in Europe and the rest of the world. The game is more or less a mobile version of the successful League of Legends, which truly shows how big the interest and potential is in mobile eSports.