If you’re going from business startup to moving into an office, you have many things to consider before you take the plunge. You need to find the perfect office for your business, so you and your staff can be content and productive. Let’s take a look at the things you need to be thinking about:


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The Area

Ideally, you want your office to be accessible for all involved and as close to your audience as possible. If you must spend a lot of time driving to and from your appointments then it’s not time spent productively, I’m afraid! Determine the areas that are most relevant to your business and focus there.

You also need to make sure that your office can access a solid internet connection, the office network, phone lines, and other tools that are essential to your success. Cafm software can be a great help when it comes to organising meetings! Make sure you research this well before your move in date so you have time to address any issues.

The Lease

When you compare locations, it’s a good idea to research the lease agreement thoroughly to get all of your questions answered. It’s imperative that you understand what will happen in certain situations, like breaking a lease or if you need to expand into a bigger space. As your company is only young, many things can change in your business plan. Leave yourself room to expand and change!

Furniture and Equipment

Although you want your office to look nice, filling it with trendy furniture shouldn’t be a priority. Your priority should be keeping your staff nice and comfortable so they can stay focused and perform their jobs as well as they possibly can. This can be expensive, so you’ll need to ask friends and fellow startups for help, whether you have to beg, borrow, or steal furniture! Check eBay to see if you can find any good deals too. The less you spend on office furniture and equipment the better, providing it gets the job done!

Square Footage

You need at least 175 square feet of space per employee. You may be able to work slightly closer together, but ensure that everybody has the same amount of space to avoid arguments, and try to give yourself room to grow!


Try to design the floor plan in a way that will help for productive work days. Think about areas of the office that will be used more than others, and design a floor plan accordingly. Include a kitchen or break area so that your employees can have a breather away from their work when they need to.

The Atmosphere

The location you choose will impact the atmosphere of your new office, but you should also encourage your staff to express themselves and help decorate the office. This will give you all a chance to get to know each other and bond – it’s a great team building exercise!

Your move to an office will go very smoothly if you take the above points into consideration – good luck!