The channels of communications in society experienced a revolution. Technology is changing the old ways of communication to provide new forms of media. These new forms cover both short and long distance communications. Unlike old forms of media, the new forms allows intense long distance communication. This achievable through the use internet forums and emails.

Electronic media

The use of electronic gadgets like tablets, laptops among others is now very popular. However, this new tech is a barrier to in-person communication with friends and family. Visiting each other to relay information is fast becoming an old story. There is no need to visit people to convey messages when you can talk to them face to face on platforms like Skype. This is how technology has changed the dynamics of communication. One of the latest advances of technology is the use of magnetic media. It is being used in banks and other departments to improve services provided.

The social impact of the technological changes are being felt everywhere. It is true and can clearly be seen that these advancements in media mean loss of human contact in many relationships .The unfortunate result of high reliance on new technology to transmit information. But people who mostly rely on technology are online businesses such as aussieonlinepokies, whereby gamblers use technology to communicate with the brand.

Because of the widespread changes, school children are being encouraged to use the form of media to their advantage. They are using the internet to research school assignments. The old way of getting information from books for school assignments is being abandoned gradually. However, for businesses, it is not advisable to do away with the print media.

Advertising goods and services is still being done in newspapers, company magazines and fliers. Retail consumers confirm that print media is still a major source of information. There are also books and magazines that advertise latest online casinos such as top South African online casinos. Online casinos offer rewards that are higher than those at land-based casinos.