After the holidays, many people feel that they want to uplift and revitalise their business. But, when it comes to branding it’s all about knowing the right people and getting the timing right. After all, a rebrand is a significant shift in any business. You need to ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons. If you feel that your business needs a boost, a rebrand and a new image is just what you need for the New Year. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in the same routine and not seeing business growth. You need to ensure that you have a viable and long term business. A rebrand can help with this.

Let’s take a look at some considerations that you need to make:

Logos, Website and Graphic Design

Launching a rebrand means having a new logo and new look. Professional graphic design can ensure that you hit the right tone when it comes to the new look of your company. You need to make sure that you are utilising the online world to its full capacity. Take a look at your competitors. What do they offer? What ethos do they have? Once you ascertain this, you can find ways that you can make your business different. You need to have a business model that fits with your industry, but you need to look different to your competition. This can be difficult to achieve. But, if you hire professional graphic designers and talk to marketing agencies, they will be able to help you figure this out.

Think about your company image. Do you want to portray a family image? Do you want to be seen as a fresh, alternative brand? Think about your image projection and start building around this idea.

Updating Your Social Media

Social media are vital when it comes to a relaunch. You can ensure that you are building hype around your brand new look. But, you can also determine what your demographic wants from a company like yours. You can use Insights on Facebook to determine your demographic. You can then tailor your rebrand around this. Be smart and use social media to your full advantage.


Assess Your Website

Now you have determined your rebrand strategy and focus, it’s time to look at your website. This time, look at it as a customer. What are the negative aspects of your site? Where does it need to be improved?

Once you have assessed this, start fixing this ASAP. A poorly designed and malfunctioning website can have a negative impact on your overall brand.

When the errors have been fixed, make sure that you are incorporating your new logos, strap line and updated rebrand information on to your website. This should be done prior to the launch date.

Have a Launch Date and Brag About It

In order to build hype around your launch, you need to have a launch date. Talk about it prominently on social media. Send out PR campaigns to local businesses. Get your voice heard on the radio. You need to make sure that you are building hype around your company. Having a fixed launch date is the best way to do this. Start the countdown and make sure people are aware of it.