There is an ongoing debate between gamers as to which platform is the best one for gaming, PC or Console?  Each platform has advantages and disadvantages and gamers will more than likely have their favourite option and stick to it.

To begin with it is important to make a distinction between how each platform is used.  PC games are played using a personal computer and console games are developed to be played on a console and are generally intense games.  The most popular consoles today are the Xbox from Microsoft, the PlayStation for Sony, the Gamecube and Wii from Nintendo.

Cost and Upgrades

When looking at differences in the cost of these, PC’s are often much more expensive than consoles and the games for PC’s are generally more expensive than console games.

Accessories for a PC often use a standard connection which means that PC users do not have to buy a new mouse, keyboard or headset for example. PC gamers have the option of customising their PC and then upgrading certain parts as technology advances, and for many, this is a major perk. For PC gamers upgrading is an easy process although it may be expensive and for gamers working within a tight budget they may only have to upgrade their GPU or RAM every 3 or 4 years.

The outlay may be more than a console to begin with, but in the long run it is cheaper to upgrade a PC than to buy a new console when the latest one is released.  With consoles, upgrading is not really an option and only certain areas of a console can be customised. Gamers will not be able to open up their console and replace the GPU for example when new technology comes out.


Games play an important, if not the most important factor when deciding on a platform and although there may not be as many options for either PC or console as there would be when playing the mobile slots Canada has to offer, there certainly is variety for both.  Developers have created many games for Xbox or PlayStation and a gamer that has an Xbox One may not be able to play these games.  For PC gamers they get the option to choose many of these games as they are compatible with a PC.  Good news for PC gamers is that Sony offers PlayStation Now which is a streaming service offered on a subscription basis for PC gamers.  Not to be outdone Xbox offers the Xbox Play Anywhere service.

Initial Setup

There is often quite a lot to setup with PC gaming, which can often be fun for those interested in the technology but if a gamer does not really know all the ins and outs it may become frustrating. Setting up a console is usually very easy and a gamer can get going in no time. Some PC’s will not support multiplayer games, while console gaming is great for this and many gamers can play together in one room.

Speed is important when gaming and for beginners using a mouse and keyboard offers more control than a joystick.  The keyboard and joystick are more accurate.  On the other hand it is better to play certain games on an Xbox One controller or the PS DualShock 4 using the wired or Bluetooth option.  Many of the more popular games can also be played on a PC using a controller.

Both platforms have their pros and cons and knowing which platform to choose will also depend on the type of gaming, casual or hard-core gaming.