If you thought limousines were imposing, impressive and illuminating from the outside, you should see the kind of technology and tinsel that awaits you when you get inside! Here at http://www.fl-limousine.com/, our exquisite collection of luxury, private transportation is spec’d up with all the latest technological features to bring you a thoroughly awe-inspiring limousine experience.

Here is just some of the awesome technology our fleet boasts…

Quench That First

What better way to start off your luxurious limousine experience than with drinks? A lot of our destinations are some of the finest party spots around, so it only makes sense our cars are fitted with miniature bars inside the seats. So whether you like to begin your evenings with a cold glass of sparkling, an ice-cold beer, or even a soda of your choice, our fully equipped bar allows you to travel in style from the go.

You Choose The Music

Now that your sufficiently hydrated, the other technology our fleet boasts will quench your thirst for music. As well as the more retro CD/radio options, all of our cars are also fitted with an iPod docking station. This means there can be no arguments or unfortunate music mishaps as you can select the tunes that you want to entertain you on your journey – we suggest you and your travel companions make a limo playlist of your collective favorite songs!

All of The Lights

Now that you’re enjoying the ultimate luxurious experience with your favorite music playing and drink in-hand, you’ll be looking for that extra touch of magic to really let you know you’re not in an ordinary taxi – queue the lights! Our transport is fitted with the latest neon lighting that bathes the inside of the limousine in a glorious glow. From the floor to the ceiling, neon accents give our fleet that delightful disco dress that is the perfect preset to a memorable evening.

Modern Extras

As we enjoy fully embracing modern technology, our specifications sheet doesn’t end here. On top of the neon lighting we also use fiber optic technology in our limousines which add an extra dimension of glitz and glamour – as so many of our customers are on their way to enjoying the bright lights of Florida’s nightlife, you’ll truly feel like your night-out has begun when you set foot in one of our vehicles. We also use the finest leather and leather-styled interior for that extra touch of indulgence that impresses all who feel its touch.

All of the technology we have incorporated into our fleet is designed to enhance and en-heighten your luxury transport service. Your private chauffeur will ferry you to your destination in the kind of style that will make not want to leave! Our cars are mightily majestic from the outside and will give you the kind of grand entrance you deserve once in a while; the technology we use creates the same impression for those in the vehicle.