Mobile app developers are always talking about numbers. From how many downloads a product has to the amount of megabytes the software will take from your mobile hard drive, numbers seem to be an integral part of the app world.

With such an emphasis on numerals, it’s only natural that developers have taken this theme and turned it into a series of engaging games. Taking a page out of lexical gaming genre, number games have become as much of a learning tool as an entertaining way to pass the time in recent years, which is why we’ve decided to pick out three of the best examples of the genre.

Mobile Bingo (iOS and Android)


by  Nikkorz 

When it comes to number games, the original has to be bingo. Brightly coloured balls and a giant mixer might not seem like it’s highly entertaining. However, when you factor in the element of chance and some cash prizes, it soon becomes one of the most engaging games in the world. Naturally, in modern times, online and mobile operators, including bgo, Betfair and Wink, have digitised the game and made it possible to play anytime, anywhere.

For example, when you navigate to a page such as, you’ll be thrust into a virtual world of free games, jackpot prizes and bonuses. Basically, if you enjoy numbers and want to win some extra cash, then mobile bingo apps are the way forward.

2048 Number Puzzle (iOS and Android)


by  morebyless 

Similar to the type of bingo games offered by operators such as bgo and Wink, Estoty Entertainment’s 2048 Number Puzzle gives you a total, an ever-changing set of numbers and an end goal. The premise of this game is simple: move the numbers around the board in order to make the total 2048 in the shortest time possible.

As well as being a test of your mental arithmetic, this game keeps you coming back for more thanks to a “best score” function and three separate gaming modes which include unlimited “undo” mode for those who make mistakes, and survival mode where you have to hit the total within a set time limit. When the premise is simple and the action engaging, a mobile game is always a hit and 2048 is certainly one of the most addictive number games currently available for iOS and Android users.

Threes (iOS and Android)


by  Kyle May 

If you liked Spelltower and Letterpress then you’ll love Threes. As you’d expect, Threes is all about the number three and how you can get to this number (or a multiple of it) in the least number of moves. Similar to 2048, Threes gradually fills up the game card with numbers and it’s your job to move the right numbers onto each other in order to make a number related to three.

As you’d expect, the early rounds start off relatively easy with lots of “2” and “1” symbols, but as the boards begin to fill up you’ll need to use your knowledge of multiplication to stay on top of the action. When it comes to being both educational and entertaining, Threes, just like 2048 and mobile bingo, has it all. Indeed, if you’re someone who struggles with math and don’t want to read a textbook, then these games will certainly give you a greater affinity for numbers.