With many of us now owning smartphones, it is great to see the number of amazing things we can do with these devices. If you aren’t yet making the most of your mobile phone then here are a few uses for it that you might not be yet be aware of. They could help you get a lot more fun and usefulness out of your gadgets from now on.

Watch the TV

The days of only being able to watch your favourite programmes in front of the TV at a set time are now long gone. These days you able to watch whatever you want wherever you are and a time that suits you. You could do this by looking for a mobile app that allows you to watch TV shows or films on the move. The BBC iPlayer app is a good example of this kind of app, as it allows you to watch live BBC shows or catch up on programmes you have missed. There are plenty of other apps to choose from too.

Control Other Devices

If you want your mobile device to be the centre of your entertainment world then you will be please to see that modern phones can control pretty much anything that uses infra red control. This means that you can, for example, use your phone as your TV’s remote control or to control the air conditioning in your home. In order for this to work you could use a phone that contains Infra red blasters in it. Otherwise, if you have a smart TV then you could use your phone to control it easily. Some other household devices such as burglar alarms and heating systems now also come with apps that let you control them using a mobile phone.

Follow and Bet on Sports Events

We all love watching some sport but do you like placing bets to liven up the action even more? If you do then you can use your mobile device to do this as well. It is incredibly easy to do and all you need to do is head to the likes of the popular William hill sports betting site on your phone. Doing this can mean that you get to follow the latest sports action at any time and no matter where you are. You can even follow all of the other games while are in the stadium watching some sport or keep up to date with your favourite team when you are far from home. Anyone who loves their sporting action can get a lot more of it provided that they take their phone with them wherever they go.