Whilst many of us all enjoy the ability to play a huge variety of games online, few of us think about what it takes to create a user-friendly gaming site.

However, there’s much to be learned from the creation of such sites. And by following a few simple guidelines and procedures, you can be well on your way to building your very own gaming resource.


The most important decision that you’ll make is to find the focus of your gaming site. Whether it be a review site, a cheat site, or even an entire gaming resource, it’s important to find your specialist niche in the gaming realm in order to maximise your site’s appeal.

Whilst there is a huge variety of gaming news sites such as IGN that offer an incisive take on modern gaming culture with some entertaining video reviews, it can be hard for the new gaming site to access exclusive content. This is why it’s important for any new site to offer a fresh approach by being a little irreverent and providing some insightful and controversial opinions on modern gaming.

Gaming content

Should you wish to take a leap and build a site that features active games, then it’s also important to consider your target audience and how you can facilitate a better gaming experience.

There are a range of website-building aids that can help provide you with the tools to create your gaming site. And if you’re familiar with WordPress, then the MyArcadePlugin script shown above can help you publish top-level games from a variety of distributors on your own site. With an array of themes and features such as mobile-implementation and instant-translation, it can help you quickly build a competitive and user-friendly site.

However, there are certain gaming areas that should require a little more specialisation. For example, the rapidly-growing world of online casinos has required leading sites such as Betsafe to ensure that games like Mega Fortune Dreams not only offer a fun and easy slot game experience, but also are able to handle payment transactions with a heightened degree of security.

Communal gaming

One of the biggest benefits that the internet has offered gamers is the communal experience. With the likes of eSports enjoying increased global popularity thanks to sites such as Twitch.tv, it’s become evermore important for the modern gaming site to feature a degree of interactivity.

This can be seen in the likes of the NowGamer website that has developed a helpful community that shares its enthusiasm of gaming rather than descending into the all-too-familiar arguments about gaming systems. And with more gaming sites being added each day, there’s never been a better time to create your own individual gaming resource.