Betting on the spin of the roulette wheel is one of the most popular things to do in a casino and the thing people people want to experience first hand when they visit one.  With the evolution of online gaming, online roulette is definitely a firm favourite.  Although there is never going to be a full proof plan when it comes to winning at a game that involves trying to guess where the ball will land on a spinning wheel, there are some things you can do to give yourself a better chance.

Understand The Odds

The thing to remember about roulette is that you could try and win a lot of money on one number or win a smaller amount on lots of different numbers.  Generally speaking, the more numbers you place bets on, the better your chances are of winning – something.

Placing one chip on one number comes with high odds because the chances of that number coming up are pretty slim, so the payout would be larger.  However, you can use one chip to bet on lots of different numbers.  A common mistake rookies make is by thinking you have to bet on just one number and then lose.

There Is No Such Thing As Biased Roulette Wheels Online

In the past there have been biased roulette wheels in physical casinos. Either because they were not completely flat so tilted slightly a particular way or because of dents caused to where the ball lands after repeated use.  However, this does not happen in online roulette.  Online casinos use a random number generator that determines the number that will come up, not physics.  Therefore, you can rest assured that every spin is completely random and fair.

Never Drink And Bet

Betting under the influence of drink or drugs can cost you dearly.  Alcohol clouds even the most sensible person’s judgement and this can mean that you may be more likely to make ridiculous and expensive bets.  If you want to play roulette and come away with something left in your bank account, keep your head clear.

Always Have A Gambling Budget and Stick To It

Work out what you can afford to spend comfortably, taking into consideration the possibility of losing and then stick to that budget.  If you can only afford £10, don’t start playing at the table with a minimum bid of £100, because you will end up in debt pretty quickly.

Remember Casinos Always Have The Edge

One thing some gamblers seem to forget is that casinos are designed to make money for the casino owners.  Yes, you can win money at them but don’t be misled into believing they are there for your benefit.  Regardless of whether you are playing online or at a proper bricks and mortar casino, the house always has the advantage.  Although people do win and win large payouts, when you compare the number of winners to the number of losers you will see a big difference in the numbers.