While small business is the foundation of the global economy, the competition is fierce, and staying on top of all costs can sometimes become an issue. Small companies rely on efficiency and effectiveness to become competitive on the market. Because of their restricted recourses, companies must always seek out the best possible means to save money, and improve profit yields. Luckily, the digital age provides affordable software solutions to improve all aspects of a company. So, whether it is accounting, human recourses, sale or management efficiency, investing in software is an ample way to organize and improve any developing small business. Here is out choice of five software solutions which will aid any small business in achieving its goals.


QuickBooks is one of the most prolific accounting software tools when it comes to small and medium business finance management. Its main feature is the simplification of business accounting and overall transaction management. By tracking sales and payments, this affordable software organizes books automatically, and updates the numbers and information to all company devices. Furthermore, you can link QuickBooks with bank accounts, so it deposits payments directly. With a bit of training it is very user-friendly, and is available both for online and desktop use. And since most accounting offices have adopted it, when you outgrow your capacities, outsourcing data and operations will never be an issue.


BambooHR is an online human recourse tool that enables you to stay on top of your staff. This cost-effective software with its intuitive cloud-based interface, allows users to easily manage employee information through its personalized Human Recourse Information System. This means you will have a complete overview of the payroll and workers’ benefits. Moreover, HR management will get accurate, up-to-the-minute reports, while workers can utilize the Bamboo app to organize their time off.


Formerly known as RelateIQ, this software helps you organize, simplify and extend customer account data. Salesforce is a very useful Customer Recourse Management tool that helps the entire office have easy access to customer information. Additionally, the software uses the first Relationship Interface platform to help assess the company’s most valuable professional ties. Moreover, it examines e-mails, customer history, data, and other variables to let you focus on specific business outcomes. This means, that your company will focus on bringing in more customers, while maintaining a steady and easy overview of account increase, and an effective way of management.


Shopify is focused on small and medium-sized business attaining an e-commerce platform. This Point of Sales software allows your company to sell its products or services retail, online, or anywhere else. It enables you to design a professional sales platform yourself, with professional design at an affordable price. Online payment is done via credit card, while the Shopify POS app increases retail sales. Ultimately, sales management will become easier, it will provide customers with choice, and increase sales capacities, and more importantly, profit.


GenBook is a scheduling software tool that provides ultimate commercial time-management. Both employees and customers will easily book meetings online, through a user-friendly platform. With easy-access and reminders,  the entire company can stay on top of appointments, while customers can have better insight into openings in the itinerary. Moreover, the system allows clients to make reviews, which adds to the company’s credibility with others. Also, since GenBook connects with social media networks you can promote successful business deals, and therefore the company.

Of course, when you are a small business, financial efficiency and business effectiveness are always major priorities, and balancing them is difficult.  However, there are ample websites which provide software reviews to help you research tools, and make the best decision for your company. In the end, investing in software will provide a cost-effective way to organize, manage and conduct business, while giving the company room to expand and grow.