The brand new BMW 7 Series is a luxury saloon car with versions set to be released in October 2015. The sixth generation in this series it is destined to be the cleanest yet, with a plug in hybrid model featuring an electric range of up to 25 miles. It’s the advancements in its technology that have really got both motoring and tech enthusiasts excited though.

Hand Gestures

It’s hard to know where to start with the amount of innovative technology that’s been crammed into the new 7 Series, but its motion controls quickly catch the eye (or should that be hand?). Voice control has become a staple for many modern vehicles now when calling and answering calls while driving and this takes it a step further. Simply wave your hand to the left to answer or right to ignore an incoming call. It can also be used to raise or lower volume and for a few other actions.

Remote Control Parking

By far the most impressive technological advancement and another leap in the direction of fully autonomous vehicles is the BMW’s ability to park itself. Using a remote control the driver can exit the vehicle and press a command to sit back and watch as the car parks itself. Ultrasound sensors power it and travelling at a fraction over one mile an hour, it is fantastic for parking in garages or other tight spots. Releasing the button instantly stops the car.

Traffic Jam Assist

When you’re driving at less than 25mph the BMW 7 Series assumes you must be in a hold-up and its traffic jam assist technology kicks in. Again using sensors, this keeps your car in the correct lane a safe distance from other vehicles, steering it out of the way of any imminent dangers.

BMW iDrive

The fifth generation of BMW’s in-car entertainment centre is now completely a touch screen. The hand gestures work with this but it is also designed to be used one handed so you can safely navigate the roads. A range of unique apps can be downloaded onto the system and used in line with your smartphone such as BMW Connected so you can use Facebook etc. through it.

The Back Seats

While most of the new tech has made driving this BMW a joy, being a passenger is just as fun. Heated massage seats, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless phone charging and numerous USB ports make it excellent for all sorts of electronic based activities. Get ready to buy your new BMW 7 Series from Ridgeway soon.