When we talk about construction projects, we’re talking about jobs that are done on a large scale – and due to its scale, it lends itself to many opportunities for failure. Things go wrong quite quickly if one person or the other doesn’t focus correctly, makes the wrong choice, or ignores some of the important aspects.

It’s for these reasons that the whole project needs to be started in the right way – and that means you have to choose the right equipment for the right job. Ever wonder what your major deliberations should be? Here are your top considerations when selecting equipment and machinery for your construction project.

Some general guidelines

As said, each construction job is different, so there is no ideal formula to get the balance right. However, managers and foremen should seriously consider the following:

  • Best service at the lowest of cost – It’s a no-brainer; you want the lowest cost. However, you want the best service as well, so you’ll need to strike a good balance. Mind you: often the lowest cost alternative may end up costing you more in the long term due to inefficiency, multiple down-times, and expensive repairs when things go wrong.
  • Standard is good – if at all possible, choose standard equipment. It gives you many more options and flexibility.
  • Easy to repair – Choose a brand that is reputable and has high quality performance but that is common enough for there to be available spare parts and easy repair options – to minimise downtime and expensive repairs.
  • Able to handle the major issues – There are lot of things to do on a construction site; make sure your machinery can handle most of it.
  • Flexibility – The more different kinds of jobs the machine is useful for, the more it’s worth the expense.
  • Keep it small – Bigger is not always better. Keep it as small as possible.

The truth is that you will never have the perfect equipment for the job at hand – since each project is different and each project will have its own requirements, finding a piece of machinery that fits the requirements of that particular job is hard. You’ll have to make do with the best equipment for the job that’s available – and that’s one of the reasons why the construction industry is so challenging.

It’s an industry with a lot of variables, and there is no perfect formula for the whole. However, a lot of problems can be avoided simply by thinking things through and making the most logical decisions based on the requirements and the common sense pointers outlined above. For instance, you can choose to hire machinery (such as machinery and equipment from plant hire Preston experts like Ruttle) rather than buy it outright – this is a practical solution for many projects. In the end, it’s all about efficiency, after all.


Image attributed to Supertrooper/FreeDigitalPhotos.net