Although it impossible to say how many of the 6.5 billion whom live on this planet actually shops online, there are some indications at least.  A market research survey conducted suggested that around 27% of all consumers buy things online and at Christmas time in the UK, it is reckoned that around 9 out of 10 people buy the bulk of their presents online.

It doesn’t matter how you look at the evidence, it’s clear that from the numbers alone and people’s changed shopping habits that online sales are increasing with no sign of stopping.  If you have your own online store, either through a website or have store on any of the popular auction websites out there, it is important to show your products in the best way to make people want to spend money on them.

Before You Take Pictures – Some Important Basics

There are 4 main factors that influence the behaviour of all consumers.  Personal, social and cultural are three of the factors that influence how consumers spend their money and the fourth I the most important in relation to product photographs – psychological.

But just as important is knowing how they prefer to buy things online.  If customers chose to shop from a website, they are kind of taking a risk.  This is why it very important those photographs of products are as good as possible.  It is vital that they show the detail and quality of the product.

There is real hard evidence from consumer and research testing that if a product has a poor quality or poorly staged thumbnail photograph, it will actually turn people away from the product and that they will look elsewhere.  If you think this is happening to your web based business then you can change it by taking better photographs of your products.

How to Improve the Photographs of Your Products

It may not be within the means of your budget to book a professional photographer to take pictures of your products, but if you have some high end items that are worth more money, it may be worth spending extra money to hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

Whether it is you that is going to take the photographs or someone whose hobby is photography, here are some tips for improving them.

The Setting is Everything

Spend some time thinking about how your customers will use the products, as well as how they will buy them.  Companies who have a larger budget spend money on hiring a designer as well as a photographer.

Consider the setting and colour.  If possible, find a willing model to wear clothes you are selling and always make sure you use glare free fabric in the background, as this will affect how good the photograph looks.

Equally important though is that you ensure that your photograph’s setting is not too distracting or busy.  If you look at a photograph and there is so much going on that your eye wanders away from the product, something is not right.

Avoid Amateur Looking Photographs

Photographs tend to look amateurish because of lighting that is too bright and a garish flash.  This makes a bald spot or glare appear on your products, making the photograph look unprofessional.  Good photography software is something you should consider using, but even if you can’t experiment with lighting and test it before taking the pictures that you aim to use.


If you add too much clutter to a photograph, it will distract customers too much.  Remember that the star of the photograph is your product.  The setting should enhance and emphasise it, not take away from it.

Remember the Devil’s in the Detail

When you go to a bricks and mortar shop, you want to touch or feel products.  Photographs of your product need to replace the need that your customers have to inspect every detail, because you won’t be able to tell it all from just a picture.  This is why having more than one picture might be the way to the go.  A main one and some detail shots that focus on specific details.

In Conclusion

When you take the time to take more professional looking photographs, you will reap the benefits when your customers enjoy the experience of looking and shopping on your online shop or website, meaning that they will have greater amount of trust in your business.

From the above you can no doubt see that by making sure your product is the star of the photograph, capturing important details, improving the lighting and removing any clutter your customers are more likely to click buy.  If you enjoyed this article, head over to for more on this topic.