Every passionate moviegoer loves the movies but hates the movie going experience. Restless crowd which is there to do everything but watch the movie, mobile phones, bad seats… At some point you just have to wonder is it really worth it? Not really, considering the fact that today’s technology allows us to watch our favorite movies and TV shows surrounded by friends and comfort of our room. Just be careful and take into consideration these 5 things before actually buying your own projector.

What It Will Be Used For

Basically, there are four kinds of images projectors can show: video, photos, data and gaming. Assuming that you are not beyond using any of its other purposes aside from playing movies, you should know that being good at showing one type of image doesn’t necessarily mean that projector will show other as good. Most projectors are sold either as business projectors (covering PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDF files, etc.) or home entertainment projectors, which are better at handling movies and games.

Aspect Ratio

So, you have Foxtel contract and glorious Blu-ray collection, but you have bought projector that is formatted to aspect ratio of 4:3. You will be unpleasantly surprised to see that native aspect ratio of 16:9 of the video you are watching had to be altered for the projector. Knowing what aspect ratio is commonly used for what will help you to avoid this mistake. Regular TV programs, classic movies and IMAX presentations are made for the aspect ratio of 4:3. Blu-rays and HDTV are, on the other side, both designed for better picture quality and 16:9 systems.


Projector resolution is determined by the number of projected pixels and it is obvious that larger that number is image will be sharper. Projector with the resolution of 1280×720 will be perfectly serviceable for DVD’s and Blu-rays and you can find it at an affordable price. Videos with the aspect ratio of 16:9 are meant for the projectors supporting the resolution of 1280×768, though. If you want to spend more, you should opt for the projectors with the resolution of 1920×1080 which are the best solution for the high definition formats.


For the start, projector’s brightness is measured in lumens and they usually have somewhere between 800 and 3000 lumens. We could assume that brighter the projector the better, but too much light can cause eye fatigue. You can choose from the cheaper solutions with just above 1000 lumens and up to 3000, but there is no need to go beyond that.


Finally, you have to ask yourself which technology you want to use out of the existing four (laser raster, LCOS, DLP and LCD). The most inexpensive are the DLP projectors which, like some of the LCOS-based projectors, project their primary colors sequentially, which sometimes lead to rainbow effect. While LCD projectors don’t have this problem, they are heavier and bigger. Standard LCOS projectors offer best picture, but they are the heaviest and the most expensive.

So, all you have to do is to take the most of what we said above, find the best all-around solution which fits your needs, call your friends and enjoy some good movies. Which one? That’s whole another topic.


If you own a smart phone or a mobile device, chances are you have a collection of your favourite games and sports apps on it to fill up the gaps that everyday life provides. Large sports organisations like the Premier League clubs are global brands with a fan base spread across five continents. This large and diverse fan base is big revenue stream for the organisation – just think about all the kids and grownups buying their club merchandise. In return, the fans have a universal desire to connect with the action and with the players at the clubs.

Technology and the internet play a big role in connecting a sport team to its fans. Team apps provide live streaming on match days and have forums where the fans can discuss how the season is going. Club managements often use these forums for releasing teasers on upcoming events and announcements. If you are statistically inclined, the apps provide a treasure trove of statistics on the club and its players, both past and present.

Both players and clubs use technology platforms such as news feeds and social media to touch base with their fans. However, these are but initial stepping-stones in the fast evolving synergy between technology and sports.

Cutting edge technologies such as business intelligence, big data and predictive analysis allow for live analysis of plays during the game. Innovations like the ‘Hot Spot’ and ‘Hawk Eye’ in cricket predict the path of the ball after it has struck the batsman while reviewing leg before wicket decisions, or while checking if the batsman got a faint edge while trying to play a shot.

While these technologies are still in their nascency, there seems to be universal acceptance that the next ‘big thing’ in the sports technology domain is information. The rich possibilities afforded by of the process of collection, collation, analysis and dissemination has both the sports teams and its fans energized.

This symbiotic relationship between sports and technology is something Max Mosley understands instinctively. As a long time president of the FIA, the governing body of F1, as well as a former co-owner of a racing car manufacturer and as a racing driver himself, Max Mosley has meshed technology with sports for over 40 years. He leveraged technology for safer driving by championing the Euro NCAP, thereby forcing manufacturers to improve the overall safety levels in all modern cars. Looking up Max Mosley on IMDB is an opportunity to read up on his views on technology and how it meshes with a sport that remains his passion.

While technology creates a plethora of touch points between a team and its fans, its impact on the sport can be less than desirable as well. Recently, a swimming championship at Rome saw swimmers suited in technology driven suits that improved the swimmers buoyancy. The authorities saw this as an unfair advantage and something that would dilute both the heritage of the sport and marginalize its past record holders.

Nonetheless, technology and the vast amounts of information it can bring to fans is a boon to the industry. All the statistics and direct access to players and their favorite team keeps the fans connected and engaged, heightening the excitement of it all.


Security breaches caused by malware cost the business world $491 billion in 2014, according to the IDC and NUS. This cost includes the considerable time spent on remediation and recovery from the breach. With new malware threats emerging at a prolific rate, businesses need to be well-equipped to deal with the potential hazards.

The following are 6 examples of recent malware affecting banking, ecommerce, government and general business organisations.

Dyreza – Banking malware

Uncovered by security researchers in 2014, Dyreza is a form of malware that targets customers of major banks. The malware uses a man-in-the-middle attack that lets hackers intercept unencrypted web traffic using a technique called “browser hooking”. This works by using a compromised computer to interrupt the traffic flow between user’s devices and the target website. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are all vulnerable to this form of attack.

Backoff – Point of Sale (POS) malware

Backoff POS malware is used to identify and steal credit card and transaction data via traditional memory scraping mechanisms. Similar in nature to Alina, BlackPOS and Dexter, Backoff uploads collected data to a hardcoded C2, also allowing for further downloading and executing of additional malware.

Win32/Crowti – File encryption malware

Crowti malware, or ransomware as it is sometimes referred to, affects both home and business users and causes files on machines to become encrypted. Users are then asked to make a payment in order to unlock the files. Spam email campaigns are the method used for infection which can then be spread using exploit kits such as Nuclear, RIG, and RedKit V2 which can take advantage of Java and Flash vulnerabilities.

BlackEnergy – Cyber-espionage malware

First discovered several years ago, BlackEnergy was originally used for instigating distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). However, over time the malware evolved and has been linked to several cyber-espionage attacks including spying operations on NATO. The malware spreads through exploitation of software vulnerabilities and infection is sometimes initiated through phishing attempts using compromised Microsoft Word or Powerpoint documents.

Andr/BBridge-A – Android smartphone malware

Businesses using Android smartphones should be aware of Andr/BBridge-A, which can install malicious apps using HTTP to communicate with a central server and then leaks potentially identifiable information. These malicious apps can read and send SMS messages, potentially costing the user or business money in the process. The maliciousness of the software is taken a step further by its ability to scan incoming SMS messages and remove warnings that are you are being charged a premium for using services it has signed you up for.

Suspicious.Emit – Trojan horse

Suspicious.Emit is a sophisticated backdoor Trojan horse that allows an attacker to gain unauthorised access to an infected computer. It works by using code injection techniques to evade detection and places an autorun.inf file in the root directory of the infected device.

Protecting your business

Advanced Threat Detection technology can help organisations to protect themselves against these documented types of malware plus many thousands of others. For organisations dealing in sensitive financial or personal customer data, using an IT security firm who provide a fully managed threat detection service may be an advisable option. Such providers can alert you to genuine security incidents that require action, providing a level of reporting your business needs to meet regulatory compliance and management demands.

Author Bio

Simon Heron is the CTO at Redscan Ltd, a managed security company, where he is responsible for developing the overall business and technology strategy and growth.

Heron has more than 16 years’ experience in the IT industry, including eight years’ experience in internet security. During this time he has developed and designed technologies ranging from firewalls, anti-virus, LANs and WANs.

Prior to Redscan, Heron co-founded and was Technical Director of Cresco Technologies Ltd, a network design and simulation solution company with customers in the USA, Europe and China. Heron began his career as a digital hardware and software engineer, developing pioneering speech recognition technology before moving on to work for the British Antarctic Survey (B.A.S.) as science project leader. While at the B.A.S. he spent two Antarctic winters at the research station Halley in the Antarctic, developing and enhancing graphical technologies in the harshest of conditions.

Heron has an MSc in Microprocessor Technology and Applications, and a BSc in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and is a PCI-DSS Implementor (PCI-IM).


It seems just about everybody is on a health kick these days. People are attempting to exercise, eat well, and fight off any illnesses that attempt to bring us down. Exercising is brilliant, as is avoiding junk food and filling yourself with nourishment. However, technology can also help to keep you in tip top condition! This post is going to focus on some unbelievable things that can help you in your fight to be healthy:

Smart Pills for Stomach Problems

Ever had a poorly tummy and wondered what was wrong? Smart pills could help you to get a definitive answer. You wear a monitor before swallowing a pill, which will travel through your gut and send the monitor information about what’s going on in there. You will soon know whether your issues are anything to worry about.

Calorie Tracking Apps

Counting calories has been around for years but it’s never been fun or easy. All that has changed with the help of calorie tracking apps. Yep, there’s an app for everything these days, whether you want to travel or track that bowl of soup. Apps like MyFitnessPal will track the things you’re eating, so you can easily monitor your diet. Not only will you know how many calories you’re eating, you’ll know how much protein, carb, fat, and sugar you’re consuming. You can then easily improve your diet and maintain your weight. The fact that you can enter your goals will help you get to where you want to be, whether you want to put weight on or lose it.



Wearable Activity Trackers

Wearable activity trackers are quickly becoming the next big thing in fitness. Nike is in on the act, as are some lesser known names with just as good devices. You usually wear the device on your wrist, and it’ll give you interesting information related to your daily activity level. You can learn how many calories you’ve burned, how many active hours you’ve had, how intensely you’ve worked, and more. Some will even tell you how many hours of quality sleep you get per night. One of these paired with a fitness app is all you need to be healthy for good. This type of thing can help people to live healthier, happier lives by monitoring variations in an individual’s health. A bit like what’s offered from places such as https://mynexuscare.com. You have no excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle these days!

GPS Running Watches

Similar to the activity tracker, except the running watch is geared specifically towards runners. You’ll be able to look closely at your times and distances, as well as your heart rate to ensure you’re working at the optimal level for your goals. Oh, it also tells the time. Handy!

There’s so much more technology out there to help us stay healthy; this post just outlines a few of the best. With everything available to us in this day and age, there really is no need to be unhealthy or unfit. You can lengthen your life and improve it significantly by using some of the things in this post.

What do you think of this technology? Leave a comment!




These days everything is digital. The whole world runs off computers, and the corporate world is no different. Since IT took the world by storm business has transformed. No longer does everything have to be done on paper. Now we have screens and the digital ether on which to run our businesses. Things are rarely written down anymore, at least not on paper. Make no mistake about it, if you took computers away tomorrow the whole world would collapse.

So, if you’re running a business, there’s no doubt you’re going to need to use IT. Even in a job like agriculture IT is still a necessity. So make sure you embrace it for your business. You’ll need to do your research and find out the type of requirements necessary for your specific business. But here are some of the most essential, general IT components you’re going to need to have for your business.

Computer Network

It will be almost impossible for you to have any business success without the use of a great computer network. Everything is digital these days, and that includes business. IT makes everything more efficient and accessible. You’re going to have to make sure you have a computer network installed throughout the office. This allows you to bring your business onto a digital platform. If your business runs slowly it can affect productivity and deadlines, so you need to make sure you have fast computers. But any problems can be run through IT support.

Data Hub

You should have some kind of data hub tucked away somewhere in the office. This will be a room where all the electrical components of the business are run from. There will be a lot of monitors and cables. And you’ll most likely need to get some data cabling contractors in to make sure the cable installations get done right. This is the room that will power everything in the business. Whether it’s the IT system, the fire alarms or the access codes for the building, everything will run through the data hub.

IT Support

All businesses need to have an IT support network. This is paramount because your business runs on IT. You need functioning computers to run your business on a day to day basis. So any IT problems can have a hugely negative impact. You might lose business, fail to meet deadlines, or be out of contact for periods of time if your computers go down. This is really bad and will hurt the company. The problem is IT problems happen all the time. There’s not a lot you can do about it. That’s why you need to have IT support. They can address and fix any IT problems right away, resulting in minimal problems for the business.

As you can see, IT is vital to the success and growth of any modern business. Now you’re aware of just how much your business is reliant on IT and technology. So you understand how important it is to have all these elements. You’ve got to have adequate IT resources in place, and you’ve got to protect them. This will help protect the business and improve longevity and productivity.


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If you have an interest in gaming these days, you’re spoilt for choice. There has never been a better time to be a gamer. The industry is booming, gaming is popular across the world and new devices get released each year. If you’ve never taken up gaming before it can be a little daunting to begin with. There’s such a vast array of options and choices that it’s difficult to know where to start.

But, a good bet would be to dip your toes in the waters of online gaming. This might be the area of the industry that’s seen the largest growth. You can enjoy gaming at home as well as on the move. Online gaming has an enormous following and seems to attract new players every week. So, let’s look at some reasons why online gaming is so popular.


Well, for starters many online games are free to play. And this is a real benefit to those who aren’t avid gamers. They want something they can dip in and out of without having to pay a lot of money. And this is where online gaming excels. If you decide to give online gaming a try you can visit sites like playberry.com where you can find a vast array of free games. The fact that you do not have to pay to play can make the process more enjoyable. It also means you can chop and change until you find a game you enjoy. And if you aren’t enjoying a game you haven’t wasted money buying it.

Massive Choice

Now we get to the other major advantage of gaming online – the choice! When you play console versions of PC games, you’re limited to the number of games you can play. Online this isn’t as much of an issue. There’s so much more choice that it seems to be never ending. In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of game you like you should be able to find something similar online. There are plenty of online resources where you can find thousands upon thousands of games. If you combine the vast choice of games with the fact that most are free, it’s easy to see the appeal of online gaming.


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Larger Scope

You’ve also got to remember that the internet’s epic and sprawling. Once you’re online, you’re connected to everything and everyone. As a result, it means you can play online games literally anywhere in the world. Provided you have a device and internet connection. You’ll also find that due to the nature of the internet the games can often be much larger. On computers and consoles, game sizes get limited by space and storage. Online this isn’t a problem, and games can run indefinitely. Another great feature is you can play against anyone anywhere in the world.

Online gaming has become huge since smartphones developed. And it’s now one of the most common and popular forms of gaming. People who have never really been gamers are taking a vested interest in online gaming. It’s something accessible to anyone, anywhere, and this is part of the reason it’s so popular.




The use of social media is one of the best ways to improve the marketing of your local business without having to invest lots of money. However, if not utilised correctly, it can work against you too. Read on for tips on how to make sure that you’re making the most of social media.

Localise Your Social Media

If you’re only targeting your local area, then you should create a page specifically for this area. If you have different locations in one city, then consider creating pages specifically targeted to this area.

Create Valuable Content

Content is the best way to increase your brand’s exposure on social media. It can be funny, informative or inspiring – as long as it adds value and enriches the people who read it, then they will be more likely to share it and give you more exposure.

Not only will content give you more exposure, but it will add to your brand perception too – making it look like you are passionate and up to date (and even a thought leader) in your field.

It can also help you with your SEO too, as adding fresh content will tell the search engines that your site is relevant and up to date.

Interact with Your Community

How you treat customers on social media should reflect the way that you treat them in real life. If they comment on something that you’ve shared or created, make sure that you carry on that conversation instead of a closed statement.

If you do business with other businesses in your area, make sure that you promote them too, as they will be likely to return the favour. Promote local events and charities too, if it falls within your niche or industry. Again, this conveys an enthusiasm for your business and an investment in others’ success.

Be Helpful

If and when you have negative comments on your social media, have a policy in place to deal with it. Even great businesses will make someone unhappy at some point – and they may well decide to shout about it. Having a way to deal with it will make sure that you are prepared. This may involve employing special delivery services, like these ones from TNT, to make sure that your customer gets their product in good time.

Hire a Social Media Manager

If you’re looking to give your business a real boost in this area, then an expert might be all you need. Whether you hire a freelancer or someone in house, someone who really knows what they are talking about will truly be beneficial.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Focus on engagement rather than how many likes you have
  • Be an active presence on your social media, but don’t go overboard
  • Know your customers and what they care about
  • Decide on a tone of voice and stick to it
  • Use analytics to shape your behaviour
  • Be original


  • Neglect your pages
  • Be spammy
  • Delete negative comments, instead acknowledge and deal with the problem
  • Be a robot, make sure you sound like a human!

There are so many different things that have to be understood about how to increase office productivity. Unfortunately, business managers remain stuck in the standard office design that we are so used to. It is not a good idea since we now have access to so much technology that can be used in a business office in order to make all operations run faster and smoother.

A few years ago you surely saw the laptop as something that was a little weird. Those businesses that adopted computers and that started to use them at work did get a jump on things in the sense that they managed to increase productivity at a really high rate. The same thing happens every single year. We are faced with various opportunities and technology is quickly advancing. You can so easily take advantage of everything from solar power tech to Pressure Transducers. It is not obligatory to do this at home. The business office can also gain a lot from access to new technology.

Developing Open Spaces

You have to be patient and analyze the various different office designs that are available and that you can use. This is highly important because of the fact that a really well-designed office will bring in great results as people will feel better when they work. Special attention should be put on open spaces and light colors. When you use lights, try to use those that are energy efficient. You actually manage to save money and offer better working conditions during the night. This can allow you to even pay employees more thanks to the savings that you make. It is something that will make them happier.

Computer Upgrades

It is such a shame to notice how many business offices still use Windows 95 or just computers that are over 5 years old. You have to try to be as in touch with changes in the tech industry as possible. While you do not necessarily need the latest computer that appeared on the market, having one that is under 3 years old is a great thing to do.

Every tech device that you use should be upgraded from time to time. In the event that you do not actually know much about it, hire a professional that knows more than you. That will help you so much more than you may think. If your employees have access to the latest technology, productivity is automatically increased.

Gadgets That Increase Productivity

Basically all the gadgets that are used daily from printers to cutting machines should be upgraded and you need to use those that are as great as possible for basically all purposes. Technology can so easily increase employee productivity. Why not take advantage of that?

Make a list of all that you can afford based on the budget that you have available at the moment. In the event that your budget is limited, remain focused on those devices that are required and that are desired by your employees.

The Tech Nerds Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Theater

Creating an ideal home theater will be a different process for everyone. Some people will like to focus on sound quality; others will want to focus on comfortable seating. Though all of these aspects are important, nerds typically want to have all of these great elements plus additional tech upgrades.

No matter what kids of tech nerd a person is, they will all want to create the best experience possible in their home theater for themselves and their guests. Here is a simple guide for tech nerds to create the perfect home theater.

Start with the best TV service

There are so many different providers for TV service out there today that it can be difficult for anyone to decipher which is best. Most importantly, people need to focus on what service will provide them with the most channels and options for the lowest price. It might sound simple, but so many options can make this process very time consuming. Anyone can use this resource to make the decision easier and faster.

Choose a fun and dramatic theme

The movies are all about dramatics and entertainment, so it only seems natural that the theme of a home theater would display those same qualities. Nerds can indulge in all their fantasies to make an outrageous and fun home theater theme. Choose a favorite movie to model after or create a combination of every interest.

Make some dual-functioning décor

There are a lot of décor items in the typical home theater that just seem like wasted space for most people. Tech nerds can transform these items to create a dual-functioning item that will make their theater an even better place to relax and reside in. one example is coolers for beverages in the arm rests of the chairs or sofas.

Create ideal sound within the budget

Everyone will have some sort of budget that they need to stay within, and the sound system is probably the area where people can spend the most money in their home theater. This means people need to be extra careful price wise when choosing a home theater sound system.

Make refreshments easy

No movie night is complete without some snacks and drinks to enjoy throughout the movie. No nerd would let their guests get up during their favorite movie to get a refill, so they should have some snacks ready and available in the theater room. A simple cooler and serving table is all people really need, but nerds can take it a step further by having a serving robot for the room.

Refurbish some old tech gadgets to finish it all off

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the name of the game for most people today, nerd or not. Anyone can recycle their old electronics and gadgets, but nerd can use those items to create a whole new piece of equipment for the home theater. One example is turning an old tablet into a universal remote.

Image: http://pixabay.com/en/audio-audio-equipment-dvd-player-145022/


If your office computers are slow, it means that the level of service you offer your customers is also slow. These days, people want things instantaneously. That means that they are not willing to wait around for your computer to do simple tasks. If you keep your clients waiting, they will find a fast business to help them along the way. You need to ensure that does not happen, but how? Well, here are some tricks that will help your office desktops to run faster than they are now.

Delete any unnecessary files

You might have a large backlog of files that you think you need, but are you sure? Yes, you need official documentation, contracts and tax information, but what about everything else? This trick will be laborious, but it will be worthwhile. When you  get a chance, spend a few hours going through old files on your desktop. Delete anything that you don’t use at the moment. First, consider whether you will ever need it. If the answer is no, you need to get rid of it. There will probably be loads of files that you are saving for no good reason.

Get a cloud hosting service

If you do need more space than you have right now, you could consider a cloud hosting service. Many people shy away from this system simply because they don’t know how it works. Well, it is simpler than you might imagine. Let’s say that a large company hosted your data online. Whenever you need to access your files, you just sign into your account and get going. All your documents are online, which means that you can access them no matter where you are. This service means that you can save loads of documents without it causing you any trouble.

Check for malware and viruses

Some malware can slow down your computer. If you have certain malware on your computer, it might be spying on your activity. To do so, it needs to slow things down so that it can keep a record of everything that you do. If your PC is quite new but has started to become slow, you need to figure out what the cause of that problem is. It could be that your computer has loads of malware on it, in which case you need to sort it out. You should have an expert look at your computer to see whether this issue is the cause. If you have a virus, they can remove it for you then and there. After that, you ought to get an antivirus system with a firewall so that you don’t have to deal with the problem again.

Ensure that your software is up to date

The last thing that I am going to mention is your software. If your computer keeps telling you to update it, you might get into the habit of ignoring that request. Most of the time, people press ‘remind me later’ because they don’t think that they have the time for the update. You need to make the time to update your computer, especially if it is integral to your work. Only then, can you be sure that you will always have the best tools for the job. If you let your software update itself when you get a notification, it could make a world of difference.

Slow computing will not cut it in the technological world, and so you need to change things for the better. Once you have made some essential changes to your devices, they should be super fast in the future. That means that you will never let your clients down again.


(Aaron Parecki)