Technology has never been something that has stood still for long, this is a given with the enhancement of some of the most prolific products available to date however it seems that although we all want to be able to get our hands on the latest mobile smart phone, TV or speaker systems, it seems that Britain are leading the way when it comes to those that oppose technology growth when it related to their home.

According to Blinds 2 Go, a UK based blinds company that did a survey of 1,000 UK residents, Britain simply isn’t ready to allow too much control to be remotely granted when it comes to their home, with potential security issues being one of the leading reasons to support their resistance.

With mobile enabled tech now clearly becoming a desirable element within the home product market place, with smart phones already able to regulate your lighting and heating within your home via a wifi based application, thoughts are being turned to being able to take more of the strain out of tasks such as pre-heating an oven, turning on the washing machine and even putting the kettle on, however it looks as if Britain are not going to be welcoming the chance to be more hands off just yet.

The survey which appeared on TechLounge revealed a shockingly high percentage of those that were asked about whether they would like to have more home control from their phone, were in fact against too much more development within the sector, as 84% revealed they wouldn’t opt to go completely mobile enabled.

Although many claimed that they knew that lighting and heating was already available to operate from your mobile, as well as various styles of blinds, the general conception of app powered home control is that it can be too risky as the threat of control being passed to an unauthorised device looms in the back of their mind.

Britain hasn’t completely switched off to home tech controlled by smart phone devices through, with HiveHome becoming a popular addition across the country as home owners jumped at the chance to be able to regulate and control the temperature of their home remotely, making sure that they never had to walk into a cold house again.

With heating seeming to be one of the acceptations in which the UK is willing to take control on their phone, the survey showed that:

  • 36% wouldn’t consider an app controlled oven or dishwasher
  • 35% wouldn’t want to have their blinds controlled via their phone
  • 10% hate the thought of app controlled lighting

With many of us now owning smartphones, it is great to see the number of amazing things we can do with these devices. If you aren’t yet making the most of your mobile phone then here are a few uses for it that you might not be yet be aware of. They could help you get a lot more fun and usefulness out of your gadgets from now on.

Watch the TV

The days of only being able to watch your favourite programmes in front of the TV at a set time are now long gone. These days you able to watch whatever you want wherever you are and a time that suits you. You could do this by looking for a mobile app that allows you to watch TV shows or films on the move. The BBC iPlayer app is a good example of this kind of app, as it allows you to watch live BBC shows or catch up on programmes you have missed. There are plenty of other apps to choose from too. Read more →

If you were to look round your house just now how many old mobile phones do you think you would find hiding away in different places? Many people are likely to discover at least a couple of unwanted phones that they had forgotten they own.

The good news is that no matter how many you find it is possible to sell them online these days. So, in what kind of situation would it make sense to cash in on an unwanted phone?  The answer is that there are some times when it is a great idea to do this.

When You Want a New One

Have you ever been left feeling frustrated because you couldn’t afford the latest and coolest mobile phone that you really wanted? With newer and better models coming out all the time it is common for people to not be able to get the phone they really want. Of course, no one is going to suggest that you can get the exact model you want every single time but it helps if you sell your old one before buying a new one. If you get into the habit of doing this then it means that every time you look for a new phone you can reduce the cost of it by selling the old one. This is a clever way to increase your spending power when looking for new gadgets and is exactly why I chose to sell my mobile phone online.

When You Have a Big Collection of Unwanted Phones

If you don’t get into the habit of doing what is mentioned in the last point then what is going to happen? That’s right; you are going to eventually build up a big collection of phones you no longer use or want. If this happens then you will want to get rid of them and cash in on them at the same time. If you have a few phones then you can expect to earn a decent amount of money by selling them. Even if some of them are no longer in working order or a good condition you can still pick up some money for them by selling them online.

When You Need Money

Finally, there are sure to be times when you need to get hold of some cash fairly quickly and easily. It might be that you need to pay off an urgent bill or maybe you just need to get in some shopping at the end of the month before payday. Whatever you need money for, selling an unwanted mobile phone is a fast and easy way of getting hold of the cash you need. It is the kind of sensible solution that you should definitely consider when you need money and have a phone or two that you don’t need any more.  You might not make a fortune in this way but you could earn enough to make life that little bit easier. In any case, it has to be better than just leaving your old pieces of technology lying round doing nothing for years on end.




There’s nothing we love more than a fantastic gadget. Our homes are full of clever robots and toys, but what about the business world? We took a look and we were gobsmacked by what we found! There are some truly sci-fi inspired revolutions happening at the moment. They were too good not to share them with you. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done. What follows is five very real developments that are being developed and used right now. Prepare to be astonished.

Invisibility cloaks

Yes, we said invisibility cloaks! Harry Potter is not the only one with a see through cloak any more. There’s a very, very complicated process behind this. It involves stitching together gold material with a laser. It doesn’t sound real, does it? The final effect is a material that carefully inverses the refraction of light. It gives the impression of a see-through material. This technology is currently being tested by the military. It could take camouflage to the next level.

Super fast cameras

The typical Hollywood film is shot in 24 frames per second. As you’d expect, this captures 24 images every second before being put into motion. To put this into perspective, cameras are now being developed with – wait for it – 4.4 trillion frames per second. These cameras are being used to process miniscule light movements. The physical application for this is mostly limited to space research. It means that scientists can see the movements of early light in the universe.

Mind reading equipment

The very first mind reading hardware has been developed in labs in North America. It involves a highly sophisticated MRI scan that can capture memories and thoughts. The idea is that this equipment can be used to monitor brain activity in coma patients. However, some rich tycoons are already having their memories recorded and stored for the future!

Smart contact lenses

Developed by Google as the next step from Google Glass, these contact lenses are highly sophisticated. Essentially, they are augmented reality devices. They add value and information to the world around you using digital images. When you put the contact lens in, you will be presented with digital information right in front of your eyes. This could be used in the future to enhance your business. Currently, it can detect blood sugar levels in diabetes sufferers. But the future practical applications are unlimited.

Injection moulding and 3D printing

When we first heard whispers of 3D printing, it was predicted to take over the world. It hasn’t quite yet, but alongside injection moulding it is altering the world of businesses. Companies can now conjure objects, products and prototypes from nowhere! By heating plastic it can be injected, moulded and printed into any shape you want. Again, the practical applications are limitless.

The future isn’t easy to predict. However, looking at emerging technology is a good way to look ahead. Inventions like the ones listed here take years to develop. The military, space explorers and health experts are always the first to use this technology. It slowly becomes commonplace and trickles down. We certainly can’t wait for invisibility cloaks to arrive on the mass market!



It’s no secret that the mobile phone industry is vast and lucrative. But with dominant brands like Apple and Samsung, is it even possible to establish a new brand in the market? The answer is yes.

Can you remember the days when Nokia dominated the consumer market and Blackberry the corporate one? Nowadays both brands are seldom bought by people. One thing that is common with today’s brands is they almost seem to copy each other’s innovations.


Source: Flickr

Are you fed up with the mobiles in today’s market having identical features and looking similar? If the answer is yes, have you ever considered manufacturing mobile devices yourself?

Launching a new mobile phone brand is no easy task. But if you get it right, you could become the hottest new brand on the market. And you could give the likes of existing brands something to worry about!

Today’s blog post will give you a brief rundown on the processes involved with launching a new mobile phone brand in the market. Here is what you need to know:

Set up your company

The first step is to establish your business! That involves coming up with a brand name, logo and organising a base (i.e. an office) to start trading. You will then need to register your new business with the relevant government departments for tax purposes.

At this point, hiring a good accountant will pay dividends. They can ensure you set up your business with the right legal structure. That way, your business won’t end up paying more taxes than it needs to.

Design your first mobile device

Once you’ve got the legal stuff out of the way, it’s time to put pen to paper as it were. You need to think about what today’s modern smartphone users want out of their devices. It’s worth drawing up a list of pros and cons of your competitors’ handsets.

When you do that, you can design a device that encompasses the best bits but leaves out the worst. At this stage, it’s important you don’t use other people’s patented technology in your handset. If you do, you will need to license it from them or risk getting sued!

Establish a production line

After you’ve designed and tested your new mobile phone, it’s time to set up a production line. You might think that you will need armies of staff to make your phones. But the good news is assembly automation can cut down on staff costs and speed up your production line!

There are many ways you can automate tasks. For example, you can have machines that do plastic injection moulding to create the shell for your new phones. And you can get systems that solder components onto the boards fitted inside your mobile devices!

Market your brand

Last but not least, you will need to get out there and tell people about your new device! The best places to start are in electronics shows. They are places where firms showcase their new products to the press and interested consumers.

It’s also worth devising a marketing strategy to spread the word about your new brand and phone. By doing the above, you will soon have interested companies placing orders with you!



Let’s face it; most people have TVs in their living rooms sitting on cabinets, tables or mounted to the wall. But how many people do you know have an innovative multimedia wall display? None, I’m willing to bet!

In case you aren’t sure, I’m talking about the big screen displays you often see at retail stores. You’ll also see them in convention centers and exhibitions. Is your living room huge? Have you got spare wall space? If the answer is yes to both questions, creating a multimedia wall display is an excellent talking point for any visitor!


Image via Flickr

It’s a superb idea for people that want to turn their living rooms or any other part of their homes, into a fully-fledged media center. So, just how do you go about creating such a technological masterpiece?

The process itself is quite straightforward, but it can be time-consuming to set up. Still, if you’re not put off by rolling your sleeves up and getting “stuck in” with the work, this blog post is for you!

Do a site survey

Electronics installers often check out the area where equipment is to get installed. It’s a process known as a site survey. Although you’re building the multimedia wall display, you should still check that the wall is “ready.”

Have you got plenty of electrical sockets on the wall? If not, you’ll need to get an electrician to add some extra ones for you. Don’t forget that you will also need to account for backlighting too. After all; it is going to be a feature wall in your home!

Designing your display

The next step is to use a 3D computer modeling program to create what your display is to look like. Doing so gives you the flexibility to make quick and easy adjustments. That’s something you can’t do if you use pen and paper.

There are free software programs you can use like SketchUp and Inkscape.

Getting your display framework built

The next stage is to have a company like Trade CNC build your multimedia wall display “chassis” for you. What firms like that usually do is take your 3D blueprints and give that data to CNC routers.

They are workshop devices that plot, cut and size up anything on a flat piece of material like wood or metal. I recommend getting your chassis cut by a CNC router because such devices offer precision cutting and shaping. A DIY effort will never be as good, so it’s important to get it right the first time around.

Be sure that the chassis is in sections so that you can easily fit them through the doorways in your home! Once installed, you can then paint the framework as you wish.

Buying the equipment

The final yet hard part is buying the kit you need to make everything work! A typical “shopping list” of components includes:

  • HD TVs without bezels;
  • Digital video recording and playback devices (i.e. Blu-ray players);
  • High-quality, oxygen-free cabling with gold-plated connectors.

You’ll also need to buy some LED lights to use for your backlighting. And there you have it!




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Losing data is a nightmare situation for anyone, whether you’re an individual or a business owner. No computer is 100% secure or safe from data loss. So, make sure you can do everything you can to prevent it. It can be truly devastating if your business files or personal files are lost as a result of data loss that could be avoided.

There are plenty of things you can do to guard against the risk of data loss. Follow this guide, and you will at least minimise the risk of losing your cherished data.


Most computers and hard drives don’t back up regularly. The responsibility is yours, it’s always best to backup your data to an external hard drive, away from your computer. Store the databases (or databases, it’s a good idea to use two) away from the main computer. If your computer is damaged by flood or fire, you don’t want your backups to be destroyed by the same occurrence, which completely defeats the point.

Use Antivirus Software

This seems like an obvious one, but a lot of people don’t bother installing a good antivirus package onto their computer. Make sure the package is respectable and well known, offering you good cover.

You’ll also need to make sure that your software package covers all different types of virus. Spyware and malware are particularly dangerous so make sure your software can detect them for you.

Beware of Attachments

Ever received a dodgy email asking you to download an attachment? Don’t. Never download any attachment unless you know it’s from reliable and secure source. Ideally you would have your antivirus software scan the email and the attachment before you consider opening it.

It’s best to remain cautious. If in doubt, just don’t open it. If it turns out to be something dodgy, it could release a whole host of dangerous software onto your computer.

Keep Physical Copies of Essentials

Despite the technological world in which we now live, there is only one risk-free way of securing your precious files and data. And that way is physical copies. It might seem old-fashioned, but there is no safer way to keep files secure than keeping printed copies of documents. This might be impossible to do for all your files if you have a lot of them. But if you have essential documents that you can’t afford to lose, it’s a good idea.

Data Recovery

If the worst does happen, or already has happened, it might not be as disastrous as you think. There are occasions when PC repair companies can help you recover data that seems to be completely lost. Data can often be recovered, although it’s never 100% guaranteed. It’s always worth contacting a professional though, they might be able to retrieve your files.

Hopefully, this guide will help you get about making your data more secure. It might seem like a lot of effort now, but if you ever lose your data, it will seem like time and money well invested! It’s the kind of work you don’t appreciate until the worst happens.



In the modern world, if you want to survive as a business, you need the best of the best when it comes to technology. Having an excellent level of tech support is not a choice; it is something that every customer expects of you. You need to ensure that all your systems are incredible if you want to be at the forefront of the market. If one area lets you down, you will find that people assume your entire company is old-fashioned. Follow this guide if you want to enhance your firm today.

Step 1: Check your telecoms system

If people need support from your business, they will want to call you at any hour during the day. If your system is down, you will lose customers and get terrible reviews. Hire some experts to give you Mitel support in London so you can keep your lines open at all times. Now and then, it is crucial that you update your services. You need to make sure that you are ahead of the game or people will choose another business to use in the future.


Credit – Image

Step 2: Update your servers

If you don’t update your servers on a regular basis, they might let you down unexpectedly. That means that you could lose everything from files to relevant company information. You need to ensure that your systems always work to their full potential so that this issue does not affect you. You can have a specialist tech support team help you with this step. If you don’t have an in-house team, there are plenty of companies who you can hire on an ad-hoc basis.

Step 3: Make sure that you have antivirus

This step is quite straightforward, yet many people never bother with it. If you don’t have an excellent antivirus system for all your computers, you could find that they have malware and viruses on them. If you value your company, you need to protect your software. Your customers expect you to know all there is to know about computing and technology. If you let them down, they will not be happy. Most antivirus programs will tell you when you need to update your systems, and so all you need to do is follow some simple steps.

Step 4: Redesign your website

If your site looks ancient, people will never trust your company. Your site is a reflection on your company, and so you need it to dazzle people. Hire a dedicated team of developers to help you sort out your site so that it looks attractive to new and old customers. You should not scrimp on this step. If you pay for a template, rather than a bespoke design, it will look like a shoddy site. Instead of wasting your cash, you need to work with the design team to create an amazing site that everybody will love.

Step 5: Create an app

If you want to go the extra mile and show your customers that you are a forward-thinking enterprise, you should make an app. Don’t make an app for no reason; you need to make sure that the software provides something new for your customers. It might be quite expensive to develop a bespoke app for your business, but it will be worthwhile for your clients.

You have a duty to your clients to offer them the latest in new technology and customer services. You should make sure that you do everything you can to stay ahead of the game. New technology is developing all the time, and so you need to research the area now and then. Only then, can you be sure that you will succeed.






Sometimes, it’s really important to find that alone time. It lets you focus your mind to the task at hand and blast through a project. However, it’s just as important to find a team that works. The best businesses in the world foster a community of teamwork and group projects at some level. When it comes to creating new ideas, learning new skills and pushing forward, there is nothing better.

Bouncing ideas back and forth, sparking new concepts and directions. These are the things that really help grow businesses. If you’re a business leader, it’s vital that you create an environment where this exchange of ideas can happen. That’s where we’re going to focus our attention today. So, why exactly is teamwork so powerful?


Creating a strong team means that ideas and concepts can receive instant feedback. It makes the process much smoother and quicker than working alone. When testing ideas on your own, you go back and forth with pros and cons. You spend ages looking for a breakthrough or a fresh idea. With a group, the feedback is instant. That instant impression is vital. Teamwork also includes a level of fresh perspective. Sometimes that’s all it needs to see a clear path.


When you put a team of ambitious people together it inspires motivation. It brings out the best in people as they strive to compete healthily. Excitement and motivation is infectious. When you have a team of people all working towards one thing, it generates a powerful force.


The best thing about a team is that each person brings their own skills and experience. It means that everyone can learn from each other. They can combine skills and create a force that is stronger than the sum of their parts. As a project leader, creating a strong team will help you improve the growth of each individual. They will learn and adopt the skills of those around them.


A good team will always look out for each other. In an office or work environment, it’s easy to keep thoughts, worries and fears to yourself. Personal problems are often bottled up and this can affect work performance. When you’re part of a good team, your colleagues are much more likely to help support you. They’ll notice when something is wrong and will have developed a closeness to confide in each other. A strong team contributes to a corporate wellness and the general health of its employees.


Quite simply, the highs are higher when part of a group. People can celebrate an achievement together which boosts morale. Likewise, the lows are not quite so low when there is a strong team of people. They understand the disappointment and can help pick each other up. It strengthens resolve and builds resilience.

Teamwork is essential to a strong business. It will generate ideas and spark new concepts. It will bring your employees closer together and create a healthy bond and support system. Most importantly, your business will get great results when your smartest minds all get together. Look to see how you can increase the teamwork within your company.



Technology has been progressing at an alarming rate for the last ten years. We are now in a situation where only the most knowledgeable business owners can succeed. With that in mind, it would be wise to subscribe to some relevant mailing lists as soon as possible. You should also bookmark some of the world’s best technology news websites. If you do that, you should have no trouble keeping up with the latest advancements. Failing to keep your finger on the pulse could have many negative consequences. That is especially the case if your business operates in a crowded marketplace with many competitors.

There are lots of ways in which technology can be used to improve your business image and increase sales. While most of you will understand that already, there is no harm in going over everything one last time.

Online promotion offers better results than traditional methods

Like it or not, there is no getting away from the fact that online promotion produces better results than anything you might have tried in the past. That is because you don’t have to waste money on putting your ads in front of people with no interest in your business. So long as you perform enough market research, you can target people based on location, sex, age, interests, and many more factors. That will almost certainly boost sales. When you place an ad in a newspaper, most of the people reading will not pay attention.

Technology can make your business more secure

Security is a prime concern for many consumers, especially those who make purchases online. Ensuring you provide the best secure payment methods will help people to relax and feel more confident when using your website. The last thing you want is for a client’s details to go missing or become stolen during a transaction. Not only would that decrease the chances of them buying again, but it could also result in lots of negative media attention. You don’t need to be in the news for anything other than positive endeavors.



Social media is the perfect place to promote news and information

You only have to consider the way in which Issa Asad and other respected businessmen use social media to see that it holds many benefits for your company. Being able to get in touch with your audience in real time means you can promote the most recent news and information about your brand. Keeping people interested is essential, but you don’t want to flood their newsfeeds. So, you should post no more than one update per day. Two at a push. Anything related to your brand or industry should be suitable. Passing comment on recent news could help to make you seem more authoritative. All of that will help to increase sales.

If your company isn’t using technology to increase sales at the moment, now is the best time to start your efforts. Even the most stubborn technophobes must understand that success lies in staying at the cutting edge of their industry. So, there is no time to lose.