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When you talk about servers, most people imagine a huge row of identical black boxes that help to power huge companies like Microsoft and Google. In reality, though, businesses of all different sizes can actually benefit from having their own server. If you need more information on choosing the right server for your business, here’s what you need to know.

What Is the Role of a Server

Unlike a typical PC, which uses an operating system designed for multipurpose desktop use, servers are designed to run specific tasks 24/7 without fail. There are three main types of servers: file servers, mail servers, and web servers. A file server acts as the central repository for all your information, where data  can accessed from other computers on the same local network. For added security, individual user or group accounts can be assigned, limiting the data an individual can access. Secondly, a mail server focuses on storing users’ email accounts and allowing them to send and receive messages using SMTP. Finally, web servers deliver web pages to other computers while parsing scripting languages like PHP, ASP, and JSP.

Why You Should Use Your Own Hardware

In an era where cloud computing is starting to define technology, you may be wondering what the advantage is to using your own hardware rather than simply outsourcing the issue. After all, services like AWS and Microsoft’s Azure can provide great convenience to small business owners. Using your own hardware gives you far greater control over your data, though, which could be crucial if you plan to use your server as a file directory. By choosing to stay offline, you’ll limit the chance of suffering from malware, spyware, or any other kind of computer viruses, but you can still benefit from the latest updates by installing the latest patches through Windows Server Update.

What to Look for in a Supplier

Finally, when purchasing your new server you’ll have multiple options available from you. Not only will you have to choose between different manufacturers, but there’s also the question of whether you want a standalone server or something that’s rack-mountable. Just like with any other piece of hardware, it’s crucial that you find a reliable supplier that you can trust. While it’s true that servers are typically equipped with more durable components than standard PCs, it’s still possible that you’ll run into problems so look for a seller with a clear returns policy. All new products from Pinnacle Data come with a minimum one year return-to-base warranty, as well as the option of extended warranties of up to five years.

cartridge toner

Working with printers using toner cartridges may be expensive, but sometimes it’s the only way to go to get the results we want. The cost of replacing toner cartridges, especially if the output leaves a lot to be desired, may make printer owners wince.

To replace old cartridges or toner, it’s a good idea to use a voucher code from one of the many online coupon sites. You can usually save yourself heaps on the regular price for what amounts to the same thing.

Again, buying a new cartridge may seem like the only solution to improve printouts, but there are actually other things you can do to get the most out of your cartridge toner before ultimately buying a new one.

Clean it out and give it a little shake.

If your printer seems to be performing poorly, the fault may lie with the cartridge. The uneven prints or streaks may in some cases be attributed to the uneven distribution of ink inside the cartridge. It may also be due to a clogged nozzle. To solve this issue, remove the cartridge from the printer carefully, then wipe the bottom with a slightly damp paper towel to remove clogs. Dry it with a piece of clean cloth or paper towel. Next, wrap it loosely in another paper towel, and give it a little shake. This way, you’ll redistribute the toner powder, giving printouts the same good quality they once had.

Don’t print unnecessary documents.

Technology such as email and cloud storage has made it possible for us to do our work efficiently and without using up too much of our office resources, like paper and ink. Unless absolutely necessary, refrain from printing documents that will use up toner cartridge ink and increase office waste. By saving ink and paper for important documents only, you will not only extend the life of your cartridge but also save money by buying less. If you absolutely need something printed, consider if printing in draft mode will do—most of the time, it will.

Consider refills instead of replacements.

If the ink in your toner cartridge has completely run out, you can still reuse the cartridge by refilling it. Toner refill kits may be purchased in-store or online. Be sure to read the instructions on refilling carefully. Some cartridges may be refilled up to three or four times before needing a replacement.

Go for the printer-friendly version.

If you need to print a webpage, get its printer-friendly version instead of printing it as is. This option removes web elements such as navigation bars and ads that use up a lot of ink. Don’t forget to print in fast or draft mode!

Make the printer think you have a new toner cartridge.

Sometimes printers notify you of an empty cartridge when in fact it still has quite a bit of ink left, and won’t print unless you put in a replacement. There’s a trick to make it think you have a new cartridge in: cover the “empty” cartridge’s sensor hole with a bit of electrical tape and put it back in. This could help you print five, or a thousand more pages before the toner actually runs out.

Switch to an ink-saving font.

Some font styles, especially chunky ones, use up more toner than others, and if used together with bold formatting and a large font size, can quickly deplete your supply of ink. To make your toner last, use size 11 and 12 fonts whenever possible (or smaller, if you can manage it). Among the ink-saving and economical fonts you can use are Times New Roman, Tacoma, Ecofont, and Calibri.

Alienware Area 51


If you’re looking for a PC upgrade this year ahead of the hot game releases then you’re going to want one of the best rigs on the market that can cope with the high performance you expect with a top graphics card and less likely to overheat. Here we look at some of the top PC gaming rigs on the market for your consideration.

Overclockers Asteroid

The newest Overclockers machine is probably one of the best-designed gaming PC’s you’ve ever seen, complete with bespoke water-cooling, a great colour scheme and keen attention to detail. With its great design comes class-leading performance both in games and applications plus it is never too hot or too loud. The only downside is that this unit is very expensive and quite niche with limited upgrade potential. If you’re a gamer looking for an attractive gaming PC that can handle anything from 4K gaming to VR, the Asteroid is insanely powerful and well worth investing in if you’ve been saving up or stumble across a lottery win.

Alienware Area 51

Many PC manufacturers go the extra mile to present their consumers with great looking custom chassis designs but the Area 51 may well trump them all. Resembling a pentagon when viewed from the side with a soft blue glow and the components are angled for easier access plus the entire design is incredibly funky. The entry level model comes with a liquid cooled overclocked processor and AMD graphics. It is optional for configurations with dual Nvidia GeForce cards although you’ll need to dig deep to afford them.

Cyberpower Trinity 300

This set-up provides a DeepCool Tristellar Gaming case and places the components into a three-winged chassis with a striking appearance and a whole lot of performance to boast about too. This rig has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 video card alongside an Intel Corei7-5820K processor. The only downside is the unit doesn’t come as standard with overclocked processor but you can add this on for a small additional cost.

Asus Republic Of Gamers G20AJ

Right here, this is a tower PC that means business. The G20AJ carries the Republic Of Gamers branding that is only reserved for top-end gaming products with the signature black and red design. This tower comes complete with a high-end GeForce graphics card, fast Intel core 17 Haswell processor and both as SSD and hard disk. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you’re never too old to enjoy coloured flashing lights on a gaming rig. Asus have also showed off a special edition og the machine that can squeeze in a Titan X for massive power.

MSI Nightblade Mini Gaming PC Phoenix

The sleek Nightblade comes in a MicroATX chassis allowing it to be more portable which come is useful if you regularly take your PC to LAN parties. Plus with red illumination underneath it may well remind you of KITT from Knight Rider, and that’s always a good thing. Beefier configurations are available, as standard this unit comes with a GeForce GTX 960 allowing this machine to offer a top gaming performance in a very small box.

Mobile Power Banks Designed to Keep You Vaping


As we find ourselves in yet another month, the focus for more than a few of us invariably leads to the topic of change. A vast number of people assign as the arbitrary start date from which they will make their lives better – whether that comes in the form of joining a gym, improving their diet, or smoking their last cigarette.

In spite of there really only being anecdotal evidence that vaping is better than smoking conventional cigarettes (as there have yet to be any long-term scientific studies on the relatively new smoking alternative), a considerable amount of New Year’s resolutionists are turning to e-cigarettes as a way of proclaiming “No more!” to the firm grip that big tobacco has held on their health and wallets for years.

In order to be an effective substitute however, e-cigarettes need to be ready to serve when called upon – and that means you’ll likely need to invest in a portable power supply that you can rely on.

Thankfully, most e-cigarettes/vaporizers re-charge using a micro-USB port; which means consumers can either use one they already own, or find one that they can use to charge a number of different devices.

Depending on your usage and number of devices that require a mobile power plant to keep them fully juiced, there are a number of different options available that offer significantly different configurations in terms of capacity (mAh), output (number of ports), weight, and perhaps most importantly, charging time required and price.

To give a bit of context, the Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 and Braven BRV-Bank Rugged Portable Battery are both comparable in terms of output, unit weight, and charge time (4-5 hours); where they differ however, is functionality. Granted, both are adequately suitable for charging your e-cigarette or phone in relatively short order. Where the Braven leaves the Aukey behind is the Braven Remote Battery Power Monitor app that you can download that allows you to connect to the battery via a Bluetooth connection to get an accurate reading of the remaining power in the unit, allows you to remotely turn the ports on and off, and, activate an alarm to help you locate the device should it be misplaced. At a retail price of around $40, the Aukey unit will deliver the power supply you need – it just won’t deliver much else in the way of bells and whistles.

If you’re considering re-purposing one of your Apple device’s chargers, it’s advisable to reconsider. Most e-cigarettes are powered using a lithium-ion power supply. Lithium-ion chemistry can be finicky at times, which is why most consumer gadgets containing lithium-ion batteries generally come with an advisory to only use with certain chargers. Failing to charge your e-cigarette or vaporizer with the proper equipment can, in the best case scenario damage the device you’re charging; worst case, you may have a small explosion to deal with.

Another option is to opt for an in-car charger. When it comes to cost, these devices are near the bottom of the spectrum – even one of the industry’s favorite units (the Moshi Car Charger Duo) is priced quite modestly.

Car chargers deliver a steady stream of power, and most can adequately charge two devices at once. Where these chargers fall short, is the fact that they can only be utilized while in your car – which is great if you’re on the road a lot, but won’t give your devices a full charge while on your daily commute to the office. For just a little bit more, portable battery chargers allow you to charge whenever you need to, wherever you need to.

As for determining which charger trumps them all, it really comes down to personal preference and how the device will be used. For example, if money is no object and versatility is important, Cyntur offers a micro-sized jumper kit that will allow you to jumpstart your car on a cold winter’s day just as easily as it will allow you to charge your smartphone or micro USB-equipped e-cigarette.

If charge time and size matter most, LinearFlux offers a portable battery that weighs just over 3oz and only takes 90 minutes to three hours to fully charge.

The point is, the right power supply is the one that works best for you.  If switching to e-cigarettes topped your New Year’s resolutions, make sure you’ve invested in the right portable power supply to help you succeed.

How To Play Games and Make Money


For all those gamers out there is no better way to turn your favourite hobby into a well-paying job. Although you may not want to abandon your current job, just yet, there are ways to play games and make money at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play online casino games or the latest console games there are ways and methods to make money on your game preferences whatever they may be.

Table Games

If you like playing classic casino games then you will be pleased to know that there are many online casinos. If you want to know the best online table casino games then there are many reviews from 888 ladies to Ladbrokes, which sheds light on the best games, deals and promotions. This is one way to make money in your spare time as well as having fun. Just ensure that you set yourself a budget to spend first, then try and win some money and stop when you have maxed your budget.

Bingo Games

If you like playing bingo games, then there are two ways you can play and earn money. The first is of course to head down to your local bingo hall, or alternatively you can also play bingo online too. If you choose to play online many websites have deposit bonuses, which is free money given by a website that will then make you deposit money. Certain bingo websites often offer special prizes and promotions different times of the day, so just be vigilant when it comes to searching for the best places to play bingo and earn money.

Game Testing

This is what most hard-core games all aspire to do are games testing. It isn’t too difficult and a large portion of big game studios often have openings for game testers. Although game testers generally don’t earn that much money, probably due to the fact that there is a long list of people waiting to sign up. However if you work part time and want some extra money this side part could be amazing. Do beware that testing games is a lot more official than fun, you rarely get to play games that you are interested in and you have to hunt for bugs instead of deciding whether the game plays well or is fun.

Game Guides

If you happen to know a particular or several different games inside out then creating a game guide or even a walkthrough is a great way to play games and have the possibility to earn money. Some personalities have become incredibly successful on YouTube like the gamer PewDiePie. With some practice and great deal amount of patience and knowledge you can easily post and share videos you have created. The only difficulty with this option is that you need to work hard on it and understand sometimes you may not be successful right away. One way to get ahead of the crowd is to get in there early when a game is released as your video will be top of the list to watch.

How to Create an Online Slot Machine



Alongside regular gaming, online slot gambling is constantly changing, incorporating new technology, with the aim to provide an ever more exciting way to gamble online. Creating something that will deliver the goods is no easy thing to accomplish, with at least ten people collaborating on the project.

The Project

From the original concept stage, through to testing the game. There are a range of specialist people involved. A project of this magnitude would require an experienced project manager, someone who would coordinate the different teams, as they interact with each other, in an effort to produce the desired result.

The concept

The first stage is to come up with a theme, or concept that the game will be based on.  This must be determined by taking into account playability, graphics capabilities, and level of complexity, to find something that will attract players, yet is doable technically.

The design

The design team will now work with the creative people to put together the framework for the program, with particular emphasis on the technical aspects. One of the first things to decide is what type of gambler will this slot attract, a low risk game will attract the players who enjoy playing, and wish to for as long as they can. Small, regular payouts and low jackpots are the norm in this field, as it provides extra credits to continue playing. Medium risk games offer high and low jackpots, with in-game bonus features that make the play more attractive. The high risk slots provide a chance to win the big jackpots, and are typically set to pay out less often, and possibly cost more to play.

The game mood

How a player feels when playing the game is of the utmost interest to the slot developers, and there are a range of moods that are typically used in the online slot industry. If the theme is cartoony, then the characters would be full of life, and the various bonus features would be cleverly incorporated into the graphics, allowing the player to become immersed in the experience. If you prefer the more traditional games, try, where you can experience the excitement of your favourite casino game.

The details

The design team would agree on colours and fonts, and every detail would be considered, with the game developers brought in at this stage. The various levels of play would be tastefully blended into the theme, to create a playing positive experience.


The game is extensively tested, and any bugs are fixed. This stage could take months, as volunteers play away, looking for any glitches in the program.

The sticky measure of success

If a slot is “sticky” it means players stay on for a long time, and regularly return for more. This generates a higher revenue, and with so many online casinos, all vying for their market share, a good game will produce results. The ultimate goal for the project team is to create a sticky game that remains popular for years, and to achieve this, an awful lot of planning and preparation is needed.



If you thought limousines were imposing, impressive and illuminating from the outside, you should see the kind of technology and tinsel that awaits you when you get inside! Here at, our exquisite collection of luxury, private transportation is spec’d up with all the latest technological features to bring you a thoroughly awe-inspiring limousine experience.

Here is just some of the awesome technology our fleet boasts…

Quench That First

What better way to start off your luxurious limousine experience than with drinks? A lot of our destinations are some of the finest party spots around, so it only makes sense our cars are fitted with miniature bars inside the seats. So whether you like to begin your evenings with a cold glass of sparkling, an ice-cold beer, or even a soda of your choice, our fully equipped bar allows you to travel in style from the go.

You Choose The Music

Now that your sufficiently hydrated, the other technology our fleet boasts will quench your thirst for music. As well as the more retro CD/radio options, all of our cars are also fitted with an iPod docking station. This means there can be no arguments or unfortunate music mishaps as you can select the tunes that you want to entertain you on your journey – we suggest you and your travel companions make a limo playlist of your collective favorite songs!

All of The Lights

Now that you’re enjoying the ultimate luxurious experience with your favorite music playing and drink in-hand, you’ll be looking for that extra touch of magic to really let you know you’re not in an ordinary taxi – queue the lights! Our transport is fitted with the latest neon lighting that bathes the inside of the limousine in a glorious glow. From the floor to the ceiling, neon accents give our fleet that delightful disco dress that is the perfect preset to a memorable evening.

Modern Extras

As we enjoy fully embracing modern technology, our specifications sheet doesn’t end here. On top of the neon lighting we also use fiber optic technology in our limousines which add an extra dimension of glitz and glamour – as so many of our customers are on their way to enjoying the bright lights of Florida’s nightlife, you’ll truly feel like your night-out has begun when you set foot in one of our vehicles. We also use the finest leather and leather-styled interior for that extra touch of indulgence that impresses all who feel its touch.

All of the technology we have incorporated into our fleet is designed to enhance and en-heighten your luxury transport service. Your private chauffeur will ferry you to your destination in the kind of style that will make not want to leave! Our cars are mightily majestic from the outside and will give you the kind of grand entrance you deserve once in a while; the technology we use creates the same impression for those in the vehicle.





Technologies and trends are coming and going. And they often clash. We’ve seen lots of them in the past – just think of the “DVD+R vs DVD-R” one in the early 2000s, and the “Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD” one later. If you thought these “standard wars” are a thing of the past, think again. The “participants” of the clashes might have moved online, but they are there, each of them supporting their own end of the rope.

Here are two of the biggest online dilemmas I hope to finally be settled in 2016.

Mobile websites vs. native apps

Smartphones have grown into the largest medium for companies to deliver their content to their consumers. And there are currently two ways to do it: either through a mobile-optimized website, or a native app that users can download and install on their phones and tablets.

As usual, both variants have their supporters and opponents. Except for a few exceptions – like the all slots free casino, which Google doesn’t allow to release a native Android app – both ways are open for companies. And it seems that the world has a hard time deciding which one is the better solution.

Mobile websites are instantly available to any user with an internet connection. They are not limited by compatibility – they can be accessed on any device, running any operating system. They are easier to upgrade, easier to find and share, and most importantly they can’t be deleted from phones and tablets.

Apps, in turn, are better when functions beyond deployment of content are needed. They offer a superior level of interactivity and personalization. They are making better use of the smartphone’s hardware, and they can run even without an internet connection (with a few exceptions, of course).

Which one of the two solutions is better? It depends… and only time will tell.

Responsive vs. Adaptive web design

Being a web designer was easy back in the day – you had a specific range of resolutions on which your website had to look good. Today things have changed a lot: now you have to build websites that have to look flashy on anything between a smartwatch and a smart TV. As usual, designers use two different approaches to the issue: adaptive and responsive design.

Responsive websites seem more flexible at first, constantly adapting to the size of the screen they are displayed on. Their goal is to stay readable and usable no matter how big or small the screen would be. Adaptive design, in turn, uses several layouts (instead of one that responds to the screen size), showing the one fit to the needs of the display. Adaptive design is less flexible, but responsive design is harder to build. A responsive design, in turn, will look good on any screen size, whereas adaptive can have issues on some not-so-standard monitors or smartphone screens.

Which one of the two will emerge as the winner? Only time will tell…

landscape photography


You’ve driven out into the countryside, brought your camera and are planning on taking stunning shots of the nearby farmlands. But when you set up to shoot it’s overcast, thunderclouds are looming in the distance and you forgot to bring lunch. Hungry, and soon to be wet, you point your camera at the nearest field and start snapping pictures. “Why not take a few pics since I’m here anyway?” you think to yourself as the wind starts blowing and you realise that the rain will start any moment.

When you get home there is not a single picture that you are happy with, which is not surprising as none of the factors that makes a great landscape photo was in place. The pictures are flat, there is no sense of depth and the colours are faded and uninspiring. On top of that, all the pictures are underexposed, as you completely forgot to compensate for the gloomy light.

So, planning for the next shoot, what should be taken into account? What mistakes can you learn from to create a stunning masterpiece?

Master the basics

As for any field of photography mastering the technical aspects of both camera and techniques is essential. Unless you want to spend several days poring over the various materials found online, it’s highly recommended to attend photography courses to get instructions from someone who has already mastered the craft.


When travelling to a location (often remote) planning as much as possible before hand will set you up for success.

Check the weather forecast for favourable weather, aim for sunny days to catch those golden rays in the morning or evening; shadows can give interesting contrast to otherwise plain photos. Plan your gear, tripod, extra memory cards and batteries, different lenses etc, etc. Unless you are hiking to your location, bring as much gear as you can to be ready for any situation. Be prepared to stay out a few hours, and bring everything you need to do so. When going out early you may need warmer clothing, even in the summer the mornings can be quite chilly.

Use a tripod

To maximise sharpness of the image, always use a tripod (or monopod if weight is an issue). Even if image stabilisation is great in newer cameras, a tripod will always make sure that the images you take are as sharp as they can be.

Don’t forget composition

It’s easy to see a great vista and snap a picture of it, but a great landscape photo requires something more. Realise that a photo can lack the 3D feel we have when looking without eyes, so always make sure that the image features something interesting. It can be a house, a road leading the eyes into the picture, a tree, animals or a myriad of other details that makes the photo feel alive.

Consider framing the photo in such a way that the sky only takes up a maximum of a third of the photo, and always have a foreground, middle ground and background to get that feeling of depth. A graduated neutral density filter is highly recommended to avoid blown out skies.


sleep monitoring

Our sleep patterns are something that concern almost all of us. Are we getting enough sleep, are we sleeping at the right time, and what do our dreams mean are all questions that we’ve asked at one point or another. When you consider that the average person sleeps for around 8 hours a day, or almost 230,000 hours over the course of their lifetime, it’s no wonder that we’re so interested init.

With technology constantly evolving and serving every possible niche, it’s no surprise that dedicated sleep tracking devices or applications for our smartphones have caught the public’s imagination. Could monitoring your sleep patterns really improve your health in the long-run though? Here’s what you need to know.

How Does It Work

Traditionally, sleep research involved being fitted with lots of different wires that measured everything from the movement of your eyes and legs to your heartbeat and respiratory patterns. However, the main flaw with this was that it required the individual to leave their home and be tested in a lab environment which, as you might imagine, also increased their stress levels and affected the authenticity of the study.

Nowadays, the approach that we see from companies like these making sleep-tracking smartphone apps and wearables is comparatively simple. Rather than measure every possible variable, we instead focus on one aspect, movement, tracked by an accelerometer. These are both small and cheap to produce, so anyone can wear them in their own home. Despite missing out on other useful data, the fact that we can study someone in their natural surroundings means that, for now, this approach may be the best option.

What Are the Benefits

According to both experts and the manufacturers of these products, these kinds of trackers are no substitute for actual medical advice or lab testing for people who have serious sleep problems. Similarly, a number of experts feel that body movement alone does not provide enough information to provide meaningful data. However, that is not to say that sleep trackers have no merit at all.

While most of us are familiar with the idea that we need 8 hours of sleep a day, according to the Sleep Council the average Brit gets just six-and-a-half hours each night. If sleep trackers can help people make a conscious effort to create regular sleeping patterns, this would be an improvement on people’s general health. Almost all experts agree that keeping to a regular schedule is the best way to avoid feeling groggy in the morning.

Do you have any experience using these kinds of trackers? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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