We all know that there are a few cell phone networks to choose from these days. If someone said to you that you should consider setting one yourself, you might respond with laughter! After all, such a suggestion seems quite ridiculous, don’t you think?

It turns out that you might not have the last laugh, after all! It’s easier to set up a branded mobile network in 2015 than it was 20 or so years ago! At first reflection, you might think that you will need millions to set up a brand new mobile network.

I’m here today to tell you that’s not always the case. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how you can set up a branded cell phone network!


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Set up in business as an MVNO

In case you wondered, the acronym MVNO stands for “Mobile Virtual Network Operator.” An MVNO will use the infrastructure of an MNO (“Mobile Network Operator”). For example, in the UK, Virgin Mobile is an MVNO, who uses EE, an MNO.

Confused? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The telecommunications world is full of acronyms! In layman’s terms, mobile networks license their infrastructure to other companies. That includes things like telephone masts and control centers.

The “virtual” network operators can then offer a branded service. To consumers, they are just another mobile network. But, in reality, they are using the infrastructure provided by another mobile network (an MNO).

To set up a new mobile network from scratch can cost millions – if not billions of dollars! That’s why it’s more cost-effective to piggyback onto someone else’s network!


When you negotiate a deal with an MNO, you will need to start branding your new mobile network. That means setting up a website, social media profiles and embarking on a marketing campaign.

Significant investment will need to get made into marketing. That’s because MNOs need a minimum amount of subscribers to use their service.

SIM cards

All GSM networks need mobile phones to use SIM cards. These are the little chips that you slot inside your cell phone and enable it to “talk” to the mobile network. So, how can get SIM cards for your network?

Workz SIM card printing can sort that problem out for you. I’d recommend checking if there are other SIM card makers near to your location. That’s because international shipping costs can sometimes be high.


You will want to bill your customers for the airtime, text messages and data they use. To make this happen, you need to use a mobile virtual network “aggregator.” An MVNA takes care of the billing systems and customer support systems you need.

Companies like Comverse offer such solutions for virtual network operators. Getting a third party to help you with this will cost less than having a bespoke system made for you from scratch.


Finally, there is the investment factor you need to think about. The amount of money you put in will depend on many different factors. It’s hard to put a rough figure down as it depends on:

  • Which MNO you approach;
  • What their minimum requirements are;
  • What the terms of their licensing deals are.

For such an enterprise, you will doubtless need financial backing from many investors.



Technology is ever changing and evolving. Just think back to ten years ago. The iPhone didn’t even exist yet. We’d barely even heard of a tablet, let alone realise that we’d come to rely on them. It doesn’t take long for a new technology to become ingrained into our daily lives.

This rings true in our own homes too. Can you remember a time when we didn’t have instant access to the internet? It’s strange to think that the internet has only had a place in the home for about 10-15 years. It’s even less when you think about high speed broadband.

Broadband was the last huge technological change in the home. But, we’re about to hit another major milestone. We’re about to enter the era of smart homes. The internet has quickly grown powerful and is evolving fast. Soon, our homes will use wifi to monitor and anticipate everything that goes on in the house. This is called ‘the internet of things’ and we’ll discuss it in more detail below.

As well as the internet taking its next big step, we’ll start to see big changes in entertainment. This will revolutionise our TVs and gaming equipment. These machines change and upgrade as fast as our smartphones. They are getting more advanced with every iteration. However, 2015 is the year we’ll see virtual reality and augmented reality really creep into the home. It’s exciting stuff. Let’s take a detailed look at all the home technology on the horizon.


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The Internet of Things

The clumsy title doesn’t quite convey the revolutionary power that this technology will bring. At its most basic level, it means that our electrical appliances will think for themselves. In fact, the house will think for itself. It will control and monitor itself and everything in it. Your everyday electrical systems will learn your routines and mould themselves around you. Let’s take some specific examples.

We’ll start small. Your home will soon learn that your alarm goes off at 6.30am. It knows that you turn the shower on at 6.35 and you reach the kitchen ten minutes later. It already knows that you want a coffee at this time (but only on the weekdays, you get up later at the weekend). When you walk downstairs, the machine has already made the coffee for you. This is a very inconsequential example, but it explains the system. Essentially, your house will become ‘smart’.

This has real, practical implications too. It’s more than just a sophisticated coffee maker. For example, the house will monitor its energy consumption. It will track your usage of various appliances, lighting and heating. It will automatically preserve energy based around your usage. It will turn off lights when you’re not in the room. It will turn down heating in the rooms you use less. It will automatically send meter readings to your supplier and adjust consumption.

It will be a slow learning curve with this technology, but it will become a silent addition to every home.


As a by product of this ‘internet of things’, homes will soon come with improved security. The biggest of these will be facial recognition systems. In the future, rather than use a key to enter the home, you may rely on retina scans. This ensures complete security and peace of mind. You’ll also be able to install perimeter sensors and CCTVs with facial recognition technology. In some cases, these systems will alert the police immediately.

Your home will also harness the ‘internet of things’ while you’re away on holiday. Potential burglars can often spot a vacant house when homeowners are away. In the future, you’ll be able to set the home to mimic the last two week’s lighting usage. Essentially, it will seem like someone’s home at all times.


Everyone loves home entertainment gadgets. Televisions have come along way over the last decade. We’ve gone from chubby, box TVs with antenna aerials, to high-definition, flatscreens. The evolution is quite staggering. Yet, it’s about to get even better. 3D technology will soon be commonplace in the home. We are already seeing beautiful curved screens hit the market. Perhaps most beautiful of all are the transparent TVs. When turned off, they simply look like a pane of glass.

They will all be complete with wifi blu ray players. They’ll have streaming options for the likes of Netflix and Hulu. You’ll be able to burn blue rays and watch your favourite films instantly.

It is in the world of gaming that we are in for a real treat. In 2015, we’ll see the introduction of the ‘Oculus Rift’ headset. It will be the first major virtual reality headset to hit the market. It is a Kickstarter success story, raising millions of dollars in donations to get started. Games are currently in production and soon we will immerse ourselves entirely in our games. We will be able to see in 360 degree vision around us. We will walk around our games as though we were really there.

3D printers

3D printers have already revolutionised many industries. They have been powerful in the world of medicine. These printers can build artificial legs to an exact specification. It has changed the lives of amputees. Perhaps more impressively, they can print replacement organ parts for time sensitive cases. They have also changed the world of design and technology. Prototypes can be quickly mocked up and printed, rather than rely on third parties.

However, we are yet to see them find a place in our homes. 2015 may be the year when that begins to change. The cost of the technology is coming down. They will soon be an affordable reality for our home offices. We will soon come to rely on them to create spare parts for broken appliances. They will make containers, cups and plates. Of course, these are just the humble beginnings. It will take time to find the most practical uses for them.

The future is an exciting place, and it is just around the corner. Everything listed here is already on the market or in production. They really are the future of our homes.



It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sideline enterprise or the primary way for you to make a living. There’s no disputing that blogs are increasing in popularity. And because of this explosion in popularity, they can serve as creative ways to make some money.

Of course, not everyone knows how to make a blog successful and generate revenue. If you have a love for literature, blogging might be right up your alley! Before you set about creating a blog, be sure to follow this handy guide first. Don’t worry; you can thank me later!


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Choosing the right blogging platform

It’s important you choose a good blogging platform before you start writing. The central player in the blog world is WordPress. They offer open-source software that you can use on their website, or you can self-host it.

I recommend the self-host option. You have greater control over themes, plugins and custom development work for your blog. If you’d rather not have the hassle, a hosted solution might be a better idea.

Blogger is another free and popular service you can use. At the time of writing, you can only use their hosted option. I do believe you have the option to associate a custom domain name with your blog if you wish.

Monetizing your blog

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, the next step is to monetize it! I have to warn you; this process is not one that happens overnight. You have to work on your blog’s popularity first. After all, the more visitors you have, the greater the chance your blog has of making some cash!

The first stage of the process is to sign up for some affiliate link programs like VigLink and Amazon Associates. Any applicable outbound links to products or services from your blog can use these affiliate links.

Writing your content

Next, your job is to write some compelling content for your blog! What you talk about is up to you. Just make sure that your content is relevant to the theme of the website. For example, don’t speak about electronics if you run a gardening blog!

Blog posts always stand out if they are rich in images and videos. But that’s not to say you should spam each post with scores of YouTube videos! Sometimes you might have a need to create videos yourself.

If you’re trying to push a high-value item, get someone like Vivid Photo Visual to help you create a killer video for your website! Don’t forget; you can share your videos on social media, including YouTube and Vimeo!

Marketing your content

The classic way to drive traffic to your site is to link to it from popular websites. One way you can do this is to “guest post” on someone else’s blog. You could be a featured guest writer on a blog related to your site’s niche.

By doing this, you raise the popularity of your blog. Another way is to get writers from leading blogs to cite you as a reference when talking about stuff. Not only does that increase awareness of your blog, but it builds your credibility too!



You have probably heard of the name Oculus Rift by now but do you know what it actually is? Even more importantly, do you know why you should think about getting one in 2015?

This is a hugely exciting piece of technology that could be set to take the world by storm soon. The following tells you everything you need to know about it.
The Basics

This is a virtual reality head mounted display that is currently being developed by a company called Oculus VR, which was recently bought by Facebook. It is expected to be up for sale at some point in 2015, although development kits have already been released with the aim of getting content developed for its release. The Oculus rift isn´t the first gadget of this type to get released but it promises to give us the kind of immersive experience that many of us have been dreaming of for years. The early reviews of prototypes have been hugely encouraging. While this sort of cutting edge technology clearly has issues to resolve, the critics who have tried it to date have been impressed by it. There is no doubt that it could offer us the kind of immersive 3D environment that is nothing like we have seen before.

The Games

It seems sure that the future of Oculus Rift will involve a lot more than gaming. A virtual reality headset like this can open up all sorts of possibilities for us in so many different ways. However, for the time being it is for gaming purposes that many of us are so keen to slip on that headset and get caught up in a world of unbelievable gaming. There are currently close to 200 games with Oculus rift support, including Doom 3: BFG Edition, The Forest, Half-Life 2 and Star Citizen. These are going to be games like none we have ever played and you are probably never going to forget the first time you played in a genuine virtual reality setting. Over time the games will almost certainly get even better and exploit more of the possibilities of the Oculus Rift but even now we expect the early games to be simply sensational.

Why Buy One in 2015?

The year has just started but we already think that this could be the year of the Oculus Rift. This is a game changing type of technology that geeks all over the world are keenly waiting on. It is easy to imagine queues filling the streets all over the planet when the headset finally goes on sale. How great would you feel to get in one the act and be one of the first people to get hold of their very own Oculus Rift? You could then invite friends over to use it and enjoy using one of the most exciting new pieces of technology to be released in a long time. If you love gaming and new gadgets then the release of this headset could be the highlight of 2015 for you.

This is a guest post for Socialwatch.co a newly launched social media agency who specialise in the buy twitter followers uk and buy Instagram followers uk market.



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Every business owner should take security seriously. Breaches could have dire effects on the entire company. Any loss of information could attract lots of negative media attention, and that is something you don’t need. Thankfully, there have been lots of technological advancements over the last few years, and now it is easier than ever to keep the criminals at bay. While most of the security issues you need to consider originate from the internet, it’s important you don’t overlook real-world measures too. The number of business premises broken into last year increased, which mean you are at a greater risk of becoming a victim than ever before.

Whether your business trades in the real-world or online, the same tactics and technology should be used. You need to act fast though, and so we’ll get straight down to the facts.

Cloud computing

All company bosses are urged to consider the benefits of cloud computing. While you will still keep some important files and documents in your workplace, most of your vital information can be kept online. Cloud computing services are some of the most secure in the world. So, you won’t have to worry about hackers stealing customer details. You should always stick with the big names to ensure you get the best deal. One of the other main benefits of cloud computing is that your team can access their files from home or anywhere in the world. All they need is a WiFi connection.

Specialist security software

Even if you decide that storing your documents in the cloud is a good idea, you’ll still need to install some top quality security software on your system. That is to protect your computers against viruses and other nasty elements that could cause problems. Remember, you can always employ the services of a computer forensics expert if you want to test your defense. There are plenty of companies out there that will happily try to break into your system to find out how secure it really is.


You would not believe the amount of business owners who spend thousands on digital security without protecting their premises. Having secure computers is great. However, they’re not much use to you if they are stolen by criminals. Workplace break-ins are becoming more common recently, so you need to take precautions. A standard CCTV system should be enough to ensure your items are returned quickly if the worst occurs. You should also install alarms, and motion activated floodlights on the exterior of your premises. While none of those devices will stop a robbery from taking place, they have been known to deter thieves. Also, they help the police track down the culprits and secure a conviction quickly.

As you can clearly see, there are lots of ways in which technology can be used to help keep your business safe. If you’re at all unsure, you might like to enlist the help of a specialist. You only have to search on Google to discover lots of firms that will assess your situation and come up with a plan.



The prevalent use of mobile technology now calls for more digital means of engaging with clients. For those in the know, having an app is a vital resource for your business. In fact, apps are now becoming more and more important within businesses. As with all aspects of business, you need to ensure that you are retaining users. After all, what use is an app if no one is using it? An app can be a fantastic business tool within your working arsenal. But, it needs to be marketed correctly so that it can be used by your legion of loyal customers.

There are some important ways that you can increase user retention with your app.

Updates are Critical

Users download apps for various reasons. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you are engaging their interests. This may mean releasing updates and content within the app to keep people interested. Consider how you will ensure that people are using your app. Will you release updates often? How often will this be done? You need to consider updating your app every few months to keep your users captivated. After all, you don’t want them to delete the app.

The Peril of Notifications

Notifications are vital for apps and their success. But, you don’t want to overload consumers of your app with spammy notifications. You need to ensure that you are communicating with your users. But, there is a fine line between too little and too much communication. Make sure that you have opt-in features. Think about how often you will communicate too. Every few weeks may be enough to gauge interest and retain users. You need to make sure that you are building a brand around your app. Experiment with different notification methods and techniques. This is a great way of seeing what engages with your audience.


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The Importance of Community

Mobile app developers have always stated that there is a need for community building when it comes to user retention. Having an app is not enough to keep people interested. You need to ensure that you have a community-based around your product. Take to social media. Create business pages. Have a Twitter feed. Get people to talk about your product and app. Relationships are at the heart of keeping people interested. You need to ensure that you have a wider online community that is engaged with your brand and application.


Let’s face it; you want people to keep coming back. The best way to increase retention is to ensure that you have a dynamic product in the first place. You need to make sure that you are engaging with people, but also creating a dynamite product that cannot be ignored. Think about rewards, loyalty schemes and bonuses. This can ensure that you are retaining users and avoiding the peril of being deleted. Introduce time frames in which these must be used. Creating urgency around a product can be beneficial. It creates an air of exclusivity around your app and business.

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Media interviews are something that most business owners struggle with, regardless of how confident they are. In this article Quadrant Media Training provide you with a number of tips that you can use to ensure you get what you want from media interviews.

Have a plan before entering the interview

Before entering an interview, you must first have an idea of what you want to see in the resulting media coverage. What is the key message that you want to communicate to your audience?  If you enter an interview and just answer questions without thinking about the messages you want to communicate, you will give all control of the interview to the journalist. Set aside some time before the interview to decide upon key messages that you want to relay and what you would like to achieve as a result of the interview.

Never answer a question with ‘no comment’

In any media interview with any journalist, never use the words “no comment”. In using these words you will make it look as though you are hiding something. Take a deep breath and think before answering complicated questions. Think of an answer that isn’t going to come back to bite you. With your input, your PR team should prepare you for questions such as this.

Have accurate facts to back up your answers

Anyone can answer a question, but if you provide accurate facts and cite the sources from which you got them, you will sound a lot more credible. With this in mind, it pays to do your research before entering the interview. If you provide inaccurate facts, people may doubt any statements or comments that you make in the future.

Consider professional media training

When you consider how important it is for you or your business to be portrayed well in the media, it’s definitely worth having media training. A media training company will be able to improve your confidence, show you how to counteract negative questions and teach you a number of techniques that you can use when you are being interviewed by journalists.

Be wary of questions that are asked with the intention of catching you out

Some questions are asked with the intention of painting you in a negative light no matter how you answer them. One tip is to answer the question briefly and then create a bridge from the question to the message that you want to communicate to the audience. For example, if a reporter asks you “Have you stopped ripping off customers?” answer the question with “We never started ripping off customers”.  If you answer the question with ‘we never rip people off’, the headline could potentially read “Example Company denies ripping people off”.

Be aware that silence from the reporter is often a ploy for you to offer more information

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and is still used by many journalists as a way to trick you into offering more information.  Keep silent until you have been answered another question. Relax and wait until they have finished making a note of what you said, this will also help to ensure that they don’t misquote what you say.

Feel free to offer more information at the end of the interview

At the end of a media interview, most reports will ask you if there is anything else that you would like to add. This is the perfect opportunity to cover stuff that the reporter has not asked you about. If you have conveyed your key messages, repeat them to ensure that the reporter has not misquoted them or missed them out.


When you are working on various projects, it is sometimes a great idea to appoint a project manager. Doing so takes some of the pressure off you and allows another team member to step up their game and take control. That in itself is a fantastic opportunity for one of your employees. They get a chance to show you what they can do, and you can take a backseat for a while. Here is how you can choose the right project manager for your business.



Approach your entire team

When you decide that you need a project manager, you should make sure that you approach your entire team about the proposition. Unless you already have someone in mind for the role, you should allow every employee to apply for it. You can ask your staff who of them would like to apply and explain to them what they have to do for you to consider them. The more people you have from whom to choose, the more likely you are to find the right person.

Ensure the person is charismatic

You might not realize it, but anyone who leads a team of people needs to be charismatic. It is of the utmost importance that a manager is great with communication and people. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is; if they are meek and shy, they will not make a good leader. When you are considering people, you should think about how they get on with the team and whether the team would respect them at all.

Choose someone who understands technology

Every project manager needs to know about new technology. You are expecting your manager to take on many duties. One of these duties will be helping to support your team with any tech or computing issues they have. If you choose someone who doesn’t understand new technology, they will struggle to handle a group. Instead, choose someone who can help to handle any tech-related issues.

Get them some appropriate training

Did you know that you can get project management certification for your employees? If you are hiring a new manager, you should send them on a course so that they are ready for their new role. That way, you can be sure that your employee will have everything it takes to lead your team to success. Choose a course that is directly applicable to your company. On the course, your employee will get some valuable, transferable skills.

Make sure they have what it takes

It is always important that you give a new manager a trial run. Promoting someone to this prestigious position is a massive deal. You don’t want to get it wrong, or  you could end up with someone useless in this vital role. Make sure that the person has what it takes to manage your team. If you put them on a trial of a few weeks, you can see whether they will make an excellent manager. If they don’t have what it takes, you can find someone else for the role.

Explain yourself in a clear way

When you are working with a manager, you need to ensure that you explain yourself to him or her in a clear way. Your manager acts as a middleman between you and your staff. If he or she does not understand you, he or she will be relaying the wrong information to your team. That could cause serious problems for the progress of your business. When you discuss the project with your manager, ensure that you give straightforward guidance. That way, you will make sure that everybody in your team knows what is happening.


Holiday shopping can turn anyone into a real Grinch. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present for your significant other, your parents, nieces, co-worker or even a random Secret Santa, it can be difficult to figure out what someone might want. Nothing’s worse than scouring the mall or your neighbourhood looking for a personalized gift, only to end up wrapping up the same old fruit basket or fancy soap set. If you love the people in your life, it makes sense that you would want to show them how much you appreciate them around the holidays. The right gift says, “I really get you.” But how do you know what people really want (or will actually use) this Christmas?

Technology is evolving and there is usually one common trait that all the people in your life share. They probably all own a smartphone. While you won’t be able to shell out for a new iPhone 6 for all the people in your life, you can easily get them a cool accessory that will turn their phone into a conversation piece. No, we’re not talking about those cheap plastic cases that are shaped like a banana and will break apart a month later. Anyone’s smartphone is a really valuable investment piece that acts as a lifeline for their friends and family. We use our phones during the most intimate parts of our day and night, which is why it’s so important to protect them properly. The iPhone in particular is extremely vulnerable to accidental falls, spills and injuries and it needs proper protection.



Just like iPhone technology is constantly evolving, so is the industry that surrounds it. Brand new smartphone skins are a super cool alternative to bulky black cases. Instead of weighing down your apparatus, they instead fit your phone like a second skin. These coverings are made with 3M vinyl, an adhesive that protects against finger oils and thumbprints, errant spillage, dust and crumbs. Best of all, they come in incredible designs that recall everything from matte black vinyl to silver titanium to wood paneling. Thanks to their sleek fit and unique finish, anyone’s iPhone can become an instant point of interest.

If you have a stylish sister in law, co-worker or girlfriend, they’ll love the idea of standing out from the crowd with a phone that doesn’t look like everyone else’s. The iPhone has quickly become a part of everyone’s Instagram pages and brunches. The look of it matters when it becomes part of a selfie, or when it sits on the counter during drinks with the girls. Since it is a vital accessory that is also part of a person’s life, people want to switch it up every once in a while. By going with a trendy online retailer that understands the hottest styles, you can purchase a smartphone skin that will be the height of design. This gift is both practical and stylish, making you look like the most perceptive gift giver ever. Purchase these protective coverings from a company like dbrand, who offers iPhone skins in a variety of styles for all members of your family. (To check out their wares, go to dbrand.com/iphone-skins.) Everyone has an iPhone these days. Make the members of your family feel like they have the coolest one ever.


Do you want to make more money than your friends from the comfort of your home? Does the idea of being the decision maker seem appealing? Then now could be the perfect time to start an online business. The process is a lot simpler than you might imagine, and it doesn’t require too much investment if you go about it in the right way. It’s all about coming up with a lucrative concept that has the potential to yield significant rewards. Don’t worry if you don’t have any expertise in this field as you can simply buy and sell if no other opportunities come to mind. With the use of wholesale websites, you can get almost anything at knockdown prices. All you have to do then is sell the items on for more cash.

Deciding on the nature of your business

You should aim to spend a long time researching different online business ideas before selecting the one most suitable for you. Ideally, you’ll want something that doesn’t require too much initial investment. That is the best way to ensure you make a profit from day one. We all have bills to pay, and very few people can afford to live without earning for long periods. For that reason, you need to be 100% convinced before moving forward.

Building your website

While it’s a good idea to employ a professional web design company eventually, there is nothing wrong with using free or cheap website builders during the early stages. For as little as £1 / $2 per month, you could have a functional website from which sales can occur. Your website is also important for marketing efforts. It’s all well and good letting people know about your company, but you’ll never make lots of money if you don’t have a site to facilitate sales.

Employing staff

Employing people directly is the last thing you want to do when starting a new online business. You should outsource the tasks you need completing or you should use specialist agencies to find workers. Whether you’re after a good Chicago, Florida or Dallas IT consulting specialist, all the details you need are online. Just search Google and make sure you read reviews and testimonials before agreeing to use their services.

Marketing your business

Everyone wants to improve their business. Your marketing strategy is the single most important element to success in the online business world. All company owners must learn how to use social media and advertising platforms like Google Adwords to their advantage. There are lots of guides that tell you everything you need to know. Spend some time reading through and then test your skills by running experiments. Once you identify a method of marketing that produces the results you desire, it will be time to inject some cash into the project.

Presuming you manage to follow those basic steps, you should have a profitable online business within only a few months. Whichever marketplace you decide to enter, we wish you the utmost success over the next couple of years.


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