I come from a family that loves betting on sports. I’ve grown up listening to stories of my grandfather and horse racing. He used to sit in his brown armchair in front of the battered old television. When the racing came on, he’d edge further and further out of his seat. He’d cheer on the horses that he’d chosen earlier that day. My mother says she thought he’d have a heart attack while he watched. Today, gambling is quite different. We can bet online and on our phones, instead of going down to the bookmakers. It still provokes that surge of excitement, even so. Internet betting is a great way to make money and have fun. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it.


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The first tip we have for you is to use a reputable bookmaker. Online fraud is rising. Online gambling means putting your financial information into the hands of the bookie. You need to gamble with someone you can trust. Use bookmakers who’ve got good security protocols. There are plenty of safe ways to gamble. Visit safe and secure mobile sports betting apps for USA players. Online, you’re as safe as you choose to be. Put your information only into the hands of people who are trustworthy.


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You need to make sure that you’re careful with your devices too. Today we can gamble on our smartphones and tablets. That’s efficient but it can also be dangerous. You store a lot of information on those devices. That could be a problem if those devices fall into the wrong hands. It’s easy to leave your iPad on the bus or have your phone slip out of your pocket. There have even been cases of people leaving these things behind at festivals. You need to ensure you don’t lose the devices you use for gambling. It’s also critical to wipe password information from your devices. It’s a pain to log in every single time you to bet. The alternative is, of course, much worse if your device goes missing.


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Now, on to the good stuff! Once you’re secure, it’s time to place your bets. Our advice here is to focus on sport. Online gaming is just a random number generator, and you won’t make big money from doing it. Bet on what you know – you’ll make more money. Don’t be afraid to take a punt on a big result; when they come off, they’re great. On everyday gambling, it’s best to go for doubles and triples on favourites. They come off more often, and you’ll get a better return. A ten-fold accumulator may seem tempting, but it’s difficult to achieve. You’re better off with ten doubles or triples. If six of them come off, you’ve made a profit.

It’s easy to spread your bets online. You can bet on a wide range of events and do so from the comfort of your own home. That’s the best way to make money. Just make sure you’re doing so in a safe and responsible manner. Nobody likes an obsessive gambler. Stick to the occasional flutter, and you’ll have some fun and make some money.


If you want to make some cash in life, there are millions of ways of doing so! Despite the economic doom and gloom that we hear about in the news every day, there are lots of ways to make money.

The trouble is, many people don’t broaden their horizons and lament on how they can’t find a specific job in their local area. As with the business world, people need to diversify and learn new skills if they want to survive. Are you currently unemployed? Perhaps you’re employed but you aren’t earning enough money?


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As strange as this concept sounds, did you know that there are plenty of ways to make money from gaming? The games industry is worth billions of dollars and is a lucrative one to get involved in.

There are many different ways that you can make money from gaming. In today’s blog post, I will share with you some of the best ways to consider so that you can increase your earnings potential.

Become a games tester

Do you own a games console such as the Sony PlayStation 4? Do you own hundreds of different games? If so, you will most likely have the skills and experience necessary to become a games tester!

It’s a job that every gamer dreams of doing, and it can be quite a well-paid job at that! In a nutshell, you will get paid to play all sorts of weird and wonderful games on a daily basis. But your job isn’t just to play those games.

Your main job is to try and “break” the games. In other words, you have to discover if there are any bugs or faults within the game. You will also have to document the steps necessary to recreate the problems. Games developers will then look at the code for the game and fix any problem areas.

Play online casino games

The online gambling industry is growing on a daily basis. People no longer have to travel to casinos to play their favourite roulette and blackjack games. Instead, they can go on websites such as Maple and gamble from the comfort of their own homes!

If you have developed a particular casino gaming strategy, playing online casino games is for you. Legitimate websites must follow strict licensing laws so that the “house” doesn’t win all games!

These days, you can play online casino games on smartphones and tablets, such as the Apple iPad Air.

Blog about games

Are you a gaming guru? You should consider putting your knowledge of computer games to good use by blogging about them! It’s a great way of setting up an authoritative website on the subject.

There are many ways that you can make money through blogging about games, such as:

  • Using affiliate links – earn commission each time someone buys a game via your website;
  • Allowing guest posting – get paid for articles published on your website by third parties;
  • Advertising – banner adverts from Google AdSense are a great revenue generator.

These are some of the most-common, tried and tested ways to make money within the gaming industry. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I had writing it. Good luck!


Technology is great when it can help you, however at times we do feel that it hinders rather than helps. Although CCTV has been around for a while, helping protect peoples homes, it is getting better all the time. Cast your mind back ten years or so and you will have seen plenty of CCTV footage on the TV. These images were grey and grainy, and not of great assistance when it comes to protecting your home. The worst part is that many criminals knew just how bad CCTV and home security was and went about their business anyway.


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The progress in CCTV, especially the video footage, has come along way since those grey and grainy images. Digital images are now at the heart of protecting both homes and businesses across the country. Up until a few years ago, most CCTV was still being recorded on the trusted VHS. The age old problem of swapping old tapes for new was a burden for most CCTV users. However, with the introduction of digital footage, we can start saying goodbye to our old VHS friends. You served us well.

It is not just the way in which images are recorded that is benefiting from the advancement in digital technology. The images and footage itself is far superior to those that have gone before. High Definition images and footage is now a standard in protecting your home and family.

Of course, you may think that CCTV and home security acts as a deterrent to criminals. However, you need much more than a deterrent if you want the best out of a home security system. Should the worst happen, and you have your home broken into, then you need a CCTV and home security system that means business. Should you ever have to rely on your CCTV or home security system in a court of law, you need the images and footage to be crystal clear. This means that you can convict the criminal that did you wrong. It makes perfect sense.

You may think that this technology is out of reach. What is more, you find it too sophisticated for home use. But, be rest assured with the ever expanding growth of digital technology, CCTV for the home has never been so affordable.

Most homes can run solely on using CCTV. This is great especially with the foretold advancements in CCTV technology. Some home security systems are different. A Denver home security system is unlike other suppliers of home security as they do not just rely on using CCTV to protect your home. They use a plethora of different home security products that go a long way to protect your home and family. These are all supported with their home security service.

Technology can help you live a more prosperous and safer life, for both you and your family, you just need the right technology to support you.

The progress in digital technology not only helps you record footage for longer, but it also assists by providing a clearer image. This can prove useful if you need evidence to convict the individual that committed a crime against you.


Bingo games have since its invention back in 1929 evolved into the many different types of bingo games. Bingo games were firstly played in Italy on small wooden cards before making its appearance in bingo halls where after being made available online. While for some the bingo games is a means through which a considerable sum can be won, many have adopted the online bingo games for entertainment. Read more →

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Home computer games have been around since the technology first started to evolve during the 1980s. While the consoles of today might be far more advanced than the ones released a few decades ago, they’re increased in popularity considerably. Thankfully, prices have also come down, which means parents around the world no longer have to take out loans for their child’s perfect Christmas presents. With all that in mind, I’m going to take a few minutes out of my schedule today to highlight some of the most successful computer games ever made. It stands to reason that you should be familiar with them all, but it’s still worth taking a trip down memory lane, right?

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Of course, these days it’s not always the consoles that provide the best gaming experience. Many of the hardcore players choose to purchase gaming laptops as they often come with better processors and graphics cards. However, most of the games mentioned in this post are pretty old, so you would have no trouble playing them on any modern machine.

Mario series

The Mario series first created and released by Nintendo has been extremely successful for the last two decades. It was spawned no less than 43 different games, and two films to date, one of which starred the late, great actor Bob Hoskins. Grossing over $1 billion dollars worldwide, Mario is by far the most popular and recognisable game character ever created.

Sonic The Hedgehog

You should all remember Sonic from your childhoods, right? He was a hedgehog with the ability to spin fast around courses and mazes filled with obstacles. The strangest thing about this character? He was completely blue and hung around with a sidekick known as Tails, whose real name was actually Miles. Grossing almost half a billion dollars in the first ten years, SEGA are still producing games featuring the animal to this day. The only real difference now is that they’re producing them for Sony and Microsoft consoles, rather than their own machines.


It might be one of the simplest games ever created, but Pacman is very addictive, which is why it make it’s way out of the arcades and into our homes during the late 1980s. To be completely honest with you, I still play this game today, and so do millions of other people. It’s difficult to work out how much this game has made over the years, as the rights have been owned by numerous different companies, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it is a LOT!


This is the most popular James Bond game ever sold around the world. It was first released with the Nintendo 64, but since then has been re-released for almost every other console produced. Indeed, you can even buy it today from your local games store for the new PS4 or Xbox One if you feel the inclination.

So, now you’ve read about some of the most successful games of all time, I wonder how many of you will climb into the attic later and dig out that old SNES and MegaDrive?


If you’ve ever dreamed about turning your hobby of photography into a lucrative business, but you simply don’t have the time or money to go to university, you’ve come to the right place. The information in this post could seriously improve your life in more ways than one, so it’s vitally important that you pay attention for the next few minutes. I personally know three people who’ve successfully started their own photography businesses over the last couple of years, and all of them took the route I’m about to lay out. At the end of the day, photography should be seen as an art, and so there’s very little anyone can teach you anyway. You either have it, or you don’t.

With all this in mind, I’m going to try to lay things out in layman’s terms. If you follow this guide in order, you could be a professional picture-snapper in less than a few months. So, without any further delays, here’s the information you’ve been waiting for…

Buy top quality equipment

Believe it or not, the type of equipment you use can make a significant difference to the quality of your images. That is why it’s vital that you don’t scrimp when it comes to finding the perfect camera and lenses. You’ll also need lots of lighting equipment and a tablet device. Luckily, iPad screen repair is cheap, so don’t worry too much about carrying it around. Be warned, all that equipment is going to cost a few thousand pounds, but it’s just something you have to do. It’s possible for you to recoup this investment in a few short weeks anyway, so the money could be back in your bank account before you know it.

Build a portfolio

Depending on the area of photography you’d like to specialise in, building your portfolio can be tackled in a number of different ways. For instance, if you’d like to get involved with wedding photography, it would be a good idea to advertise your services on social media websites for free. There are bound to be some people out there who’re getting married soon but can’t afford to pay the going rate, so why not help each other out?

Publish a website and promote it

Lastly, you’ll need to create a website that displays your portfolio and provides visitors with a price list. You can build one of these for free at home, or pay a web design company to do all the hard work. Either way, promoting it on social media websites and through online advertising services like Google Adwords can help you to get noticed and find clients. Just make sure only your most impressive images are included, and remember to stay competitive.

If you do all that, you’ll be a professional photographer before you know it. Unfortunately, I can make no guarantees about the amount of business you might get as that depends heavily on the quality of your work. With that in mind, make sure you include testimonials on your website from any satisfied clients.

Good luck!


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If you are always on the lookout for ways to make your money go that much further, you could benefit from the huge discounts available by using voucher codes to purchase things.  In the following article we will give you some great tips, which hopefully will prove useful particularly if you are new to voucher codes.

Stay Organised

The things you want to avoid are forgetting all about voucher codes, finding expired ones and accidentally deleting links.  A great way to stay organised is to have a document on your computer whether it is a word processor or spreadsheet to keep track of the codes you have that you can use.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Although it can be tempted to use voucher codes all the time before they run out, even to buy things you don’t particularly need, this is not the best way to do things.  While it is important to take advantage of codes, if you take advantage of too many it might actually work against the whole point of purchasing things with codes – saving money.

Be Aware Of All Your Options

Voucher codes do not just exist online.  Many supermarkets give out vouchers and codes in their in-store magazines or when you spend a certain amount of money.   You will also be able to find, if you look hard enough or pay attention to their covers, vouchers and codes inside some of the glossy magazines and newspapers that you might read every day or week.

Use Online Voucher Code Websites

A modern development in vouchers and discounts is the development of voucher code websites such as voucherbin.co.uk which has thousands of big name brand voucher codes available.  Probably the easiest ways to find codes for products and brands you might look is to search for the actual brand name or to look for codes under a specific category.  For instance, if you were looking for voucher codes to buy moisturiser or other beauty products, you might find what you are looking for by looking at http://www.voucherbin.co.uk/promo/health-beauty/.

Often Bigger Value Products Are Not Always Better

Sometimes retailers sell bigger value products, but these might not always be the best way to save money, particularly if you have voucher codes you could use.  It is sensible to check how much a smaller version of a product you are interested in, say a bottle of hand cream, would be and how much money you could save by purchasing 2 smaller bottles with a code, instead of 1 single bottle.

Don’t Restrict Yourself to One Brand

Often we will stick with one particular brand or retailer because we have had good experiences using them, but this kind of loyalty is not always going to save you money.  It can be worth the risk trying somewhere or something new to benefit from a voucher code that can only be used on that product or retailer.

Hopefully, you have found some nice tips for making the most of voucher codes.  By keeping these in mind you will be able to maximise the potential savings you could make.


Opting to start your own business could be the best move you ever make. You obviously want to use your expertise and skills to your advantage, and so it makes sense to choose and industry you’re at least familiar with. Video games have become incredibly popular over the last twenty years, which probably explains why development firms are majorly cashing in at the moment. Even so, you shouldn’t try to start a company within this arena unless you know what you’re doing. Lots of people think they could handle a job making video games, but the truth of the matter is you need extreme dedication, as the realities of doing this are often monotonous and boring. Still, if you have the qualifications and you don’t mind spending your day writing code, it could be a great idea.

With all that in mind, here’s a quick guide filling you in on the basics of starting your own business within the gaming industry. Hopefully, the information below should answer a few of your questions and highlight whether or not it’s a good idea for you.

Find your niche

There’s no point trying to compete with the industry leaders as you simply won’t have the skills, time or resources to contend with them. That is why it’s important you find a niche and work within it. Perhaps you’d like to specialise in HTML5 game development on a smaller scale? Some business owners pay for this to help attract visitors to their websites, so maybe you could be the one fulfilling their requirements?

Register your company

You can trade for three months before you have to register your company with HMRC, so make sure you take full advantage of this. After a few weeks, it should be obvious whether or not your idea is realistic. So, you could simply stop and go back to the drawing board if you fail to attract any custom.

Employing staff

Whilst you might be able to scrape a living designing games on your own, you’re never going to make millions this way. So, you need to start thinking about employing staff. Thankfully, many universities and higher education establishments now offer courses in game design, which means there should be no shortage of graduates looking for work. The basic rule of thumb here? The younger, the better. If you can find employees straight out of uni, you’ll be able to teach them to do things your way as they won’t have picked up any bad habits yet.

Market your company online

Once you’ve put the best team of experts together, and you’re getting a steady stream of work, it will be time to start advertising your services online. Depending on the niche you’ve chosen, you should adjust your efforts accordingly, but in most instances, a simple Google Adwords campaign is all you will require. So long as you target everything well, this shouldn’t cost the earth.

So there you have it my tech-savvy friends. You should now be in the best position possible to start your own business within the gaming industry this year.

Good luck!


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Back in the good old days of casino gaming, you would have to make a special trip down to your nearest casino in order to try your hand at poker or blackjack. People still do this these days, and usually make it as part of a fun-packed evening out somewhere.

There are some places around the world that still draw crowds of people in til this day simply because of their gambling notoriety, such as Las Vegas in the United States and Macau in Hong Kong/China.

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However, these days, many gamblers prefer to play their favourite casino games online using their computer. But what makes playing casino games online more of an attractive option than going to a “proper” casino locally or in some other part of the world?

Here are some of the benefits to playing online casino games.

No obligation to pay

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points about online casino gaming is that you don’t always have to pay to play!

All of the online casino games websites that I have ever browsed let you play games for free before spending physical money.

The idea behind free plays is simple: consumers want to see if they like the game first before they spend their own money playing to win cash prizes.

When you go into a traditional bricks and mortar casino, you don’t have the option to do this – and you can sometimes face pressure from employees to take part for real, even if you have no prior experience.

The info here will tell you more about online gaming platforms, in case you have any concerns about how they operate or if they are “fixed.”

Playing history is noted

Many keen gamblers want to have an accurate record of their playing history so that they can analyse their past performance in order to improve their techniques for future games.

Online casino games always keep records of the games you have paid in previously, as well as details of any winnings, so that you can scrutinise your performance to your heart’s content!

You can play when you want

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are ditching their favourite local casinos in favour of online versions is because they want to have the freedom and flexibility to take part in any games whenever they feel like playing.

Gamblers can now fit their gaming around their work and home life without having to make time to play at a certain day or time!

You can play where you want

Whilst most keen online casino gamers use their desktop computers to play their favourite poker and blackjack games, for example, it is also possible to play online casino games using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Apple’s App Store has a plethora of casino games available for download, which is handy if you are rocking around with an iPhone or iPad! It is also worth noting that many vendors offer browser-based online casino games, so you don’t even need a specific brand of mobile device to play.


Although it impossible to say how many of the 6.5 billion whom live on this planet actually shops online, there are some indications at least.  A market research survey conducted suggested that around 27% of all consumers buy things online and at Christmas time in the UK, it is reckoned that around 9 out of 10 people buy the bulk of their presents online.

It doesn’t matter how you look at the evidence, it’s clear that from the numbers alone and people’s changed shopping habits that online sales are increasing with no sign of stopping.  If you have your own online store, either through a website or have store on any of the popular auction websites out there, it is important to show your products in the best way to make people want to spend money on them.

Before You Take Pictures – Some Important Basics

There are 4 main factors that influence the behaviour of all consumers.  Personal, social and cultural are three of the factors that influence how consumers spend their money and the fourth I the most important in relation to product photographs – psychological.

But just as important is knowing how they prefer to buy things online.  If customers chose to shop from a website, they are kind of taking a risk.  This is why it very important those photographs of products are as good as possible.  It is vital that they show the detail and quality of the product.

There is real hard evidence from consumer and research testing that if a product has a poor quality or poorly staged thumbnail photograph, it will actually turn people away from the product and that they will look elsewhere.  If you think this is happening to your web based business then you can change it by taking better photographs of your products.

How to Improve the Photographs of Your Products

It may not be within the means of your budget to book a professional photographer to take pictures of your products, but if you have some high end items that are worth more money, it may be worth spending extra money to hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

Whether it is you that is going to take the photographs or someone whose hobby is photography, here are some tips for improving them.

The Setting is Everything

Spend some time thinking about how your customers will use the products, as well as how they will buy them.  Companies who have a larger budget spend money on hiring a designer as well as a photographer.

Consider the setting and colour.  If possible, find a willing model to wear clothes you are selling and always make sure you use glare free fabric in the background, as this will affect how good the photograph looks.

Equally important though is that you ensure that your photograph’s setting is not too distracting or busy.  If you look at a photograph and there is so much going on that your eye wanders away from the product, something is not right.

Avoid Amateur Looking Photographs

Photographs tend to look amateurish because of lighting that is too bright and a garish flash.  This makes a bald spot or glare appear on your products, making the photograph look unprofessional.  Good photography software is something you should consider using, but even if you can’t experiment with lighting and test it before taking the pictures that you aim to use.


If you add too much clutter to a photograph, it will distract customers too much.  Remember that the star of the photograph is your product.  The setting should enhance and emphasise it, not take away from it.

Remember the Devil’s in the Detail

When you go to a bricks and mortar shop, you want to touch or feel products.  Photographs of your product need to replace the need that your customers have to inspect every detail, because you won’t be able to tell it all from just a picture.  This is why having more than one picture might be the way to the go.  A main one and some detail shots that focus on specific details.

In Conclusion

When you take the time to take more professional looking photographs, you will reap the benefits when your customers enjoy the experience of looking and shopping on your online shop or website, meaning that they will have greater amount of trust in your business.

From the above you can no doubt see that by making sure your product is the star of the photograph, capturing important details, improving the lighting and removing any clutter your customers are more likely to click buy.  If you enjoyed this article, head over to mcdigital.co.uk for more on this topic.