The upcoming iPhone 8 release is set to change three things forever, and this article outlines what these are:

  1. Smartphone Screens Will Never be the Same

Most people still haven’t ever seen a bezel-free screen in person, and their first encounter with one will be the iPhone 8. The newest smartphone from Apple will also be the biggest reconfiguration of the screen since its inception ten years ago, and will give those who enjoy the online gambling Canada has to offer even more excited, as they can play on the big screen!.

The mechanical home button was removed last year in favour of a haptic feedback fixed pad, and the entire thing is being ditched this year. The now iconic iPhone outline, featuring two oversized bars of bezel at the top and bottom ends, along with a round home button, is out the window, all of which is going to make for a huge change, and something we won’t’ ever go back to.

  1. Higher Prices for the Latest Smartphones

It is the same story as that with displays: the expensive new iPhone 8 will not be an isolated exception, but more the rule as time goes on in terms of what the mobile industry is offering consumers and what consumers are willing to pay. Just as with all smart appliances and devices, there are pros and cons to owning them, and the price point can be a sticky factor.

Most rumours have the flagship iPhone 8 priced at roughly US$1 000, with it probably starting just below that number and then topping out just above, subject to specs. This is the biggest push upward that Apple has made in terms of the price for its top model smartphone, and already indications are that demand will outstrip supply. The broader market trend is that mobile devices are going to start getting more expensive as of the end of 2017.

  1. Augmented Reality Options Will Be More Accessible

As far as bezel-free screens and more expensive smartphone trends are concerned, a case could be made that these two trends would’ve turned up with or without Apple participating. In both cases, broader economic and technological developments are forcing the market to head in a certain direction, and the involvement of Apple is an accelerator rather than a cause of these. If you are looking for a change that Apple is driving from the ground up, however, augmented reality is the answer.

The ARKit toolset for the creation of AR experience that Apple unveiled as part of its innovative iOS 11 is an enormous upgrade –bigger, in fact, than anything that has ever come before. This iOS will be preloaded on the iPhone 8, and will also be distributed to the majority of models already in use, creating an immediate user-base hundreds of millions strong. The core advantage to this iOS is that it does not need any kind of special hardware, like Google’s Tango system, for example. The ARKit apps work with your regular iPhone or iPad camera –augmented reality done in the least obtrusive manner possible. The success of this aspect of new tech is almost guaranteed as well, especially in terms of how well it will work with the new bezel-free screen and takes into account how success previous releases have been.


The question this article discusses is whether or not HP is the new king of turnaround, and a better potential investment than Apple.

The Fortunes of Companies Tends to Wax and Wane

Sometimes companies are doing well, and other times not so much –take for example brands like Atari or IBM. IBM was the leader in terms of technology during the 1980s, but when the 1990s came around, it started flailing. It turned around in that it managed to make a return from a negative brand equity, in which people are willing to part with more money for something that doesn’t have a brand attached to it, instead of choosing something that has a negative brand.

By the end of the 1990s, Apple was in similar shape to IBM was at the start, but Steve Jobs made his return, and the company subsequently pulled off one of the strongest turnarounds in the history of technology.

HP may well top Apple, however, because, as badly as Apple was doing in the 1990s, no one actually set it up to fail like HP got set up. HP is where it is now because it was hindered by its own chairwoman!

HP versus Apple Turnarounds

What makes the HP turnaround as fascinating as it is, especially when compared to the earlier efforts of IBM and Apple, is that the company had the deck stacked against its success. When it got spun out as a distinct company from HPE, it managed to get everything that Meg Whitman, the HPE chairwoman at the time, did not want. She had rendered the firm that she was in charge of to have every advantage, and detract hugely from the potential for success for HP.

As a new company, HP started out with most of the old, combined company’s debt along with two businesses that were not only in decline, but viewed as unrecoverable. There seemed to be very little chance of any kind of success.

Dion Weisler, the new CEO, was in a similar position to that of a top naval officer being told that the good news is that you’re captain, the bad news is that it’s the Titanic that you’re going to be captaining. But what happened when Weisler took over was a simple miracle, and he effectively ensured that HP took over the crown from Apple in terms of being the king of turnaround!

HP is Topping Apple’s Growth

The latest financial report from Apple showcases its top line growth at 6%, which is definitely better than it was last quarter. The fact that so many users love the iPhone and playing at optimized Canadian mobile casinos, and use their iOS powered smartphones and tablets for just about everything makes them all the more popular. However, the brands growth still growth pales when compared to HP’s top line growth: 10%. This was achieved by only PC and printer supplies, too.

There is no HP smartphone, and I think it is becoming obvious that the smartphone was the top product of the last ten years, at least in terms of growth. Not having one is analogous to having a family sedan beat a supercar in a race –except that, in the case of HP, this actually happened!



Dallas, Texas – Having a great SEO is key to having a successful business. At Hofford Digital they make sure their clients succeed by offering great SEO strategies that are geared toward Dallas local SEO.

This company supports their fellow Texans, making sure that they are getting the best local SEO services. Hofford Digital makes sure their services fit their client’s budgets and meet their goals. The pride of this company is building up fellow Texas-owned and operated businesses.

The most important part of SEO is making sure that a client is visible on their local SEO market. Being visible online as a local business helps to direct searching customers to find the best services near them. A local SEO campaign will help the clients of Hofford Digital build reviews, which will increase customers.

For companies that are not appearing on the major search engine platforms, Hofford Digital uses targeted strategies to improve their clients’ online web presence. By placing their clients on those major platforms, the SEO service company can increase the client’s visibility via local SEO in Dallas.

The best reason to have local SEO services as part of any digital marketing strategy is so that companies can bring in new potential customers. It also helps potential customers discover the brand or business of Hofford Digital’s clients, so that their clients’ competition isn’t stealing their business.

There are over 200 factors that go into SEO. It is important to have the right data for any business, and the right SEO expert will assist in making smarter and more accurate decisions regarding all the digital marketing efforts for any business. This is especially true for any Dallas Local SEO campaigns.

One of the most important aspects that helps any business improve their local Dallas SEO results is through links. Every business needs to provide high quality and high authority links that will connect to their businesses website in order to continually build their website. These links are important because they expand the goal of every business. Search engines analyze each link, where they come from and how they are acquired. Hofford Digital optimizes their clients’ websites to make sure that they come up as a top result in any search engine.

If anyone wants to build their business but doesn’t know where to start, SEO is the best option. An SEO service in Dallas, Hofford Digital can help build any Texan’s business to new heights.

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Painting is one of those essential yet annoying chores that you constantly put off. It’s the very thought of getting those brushes and rollers out, and all the mess that comes with it, that really makes it very hard to get around to. Yet, you often pass that wall that needs repainting, or you want to change the décor in a room as you are tired of the current scheme, and if there was an easier way of getting the job done you would happily tackle it.

Well, there is an easier way: you use a paint sprayer! What are we talking about? It’s the revolution in home decoration, and it really will make your life a lot easier. Long used by professional painters and decorators, paint sprayers have now reached a price level where they are affordable by all, and you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

You can find some of the best at which is an excellent website offering information and reviews on the most impressive of all the different types, so we recommend that is where you begin.

Which Paint Sprayer?

Believe us when we say that once you use one of these excellent devices, you will wonder how you got by without one! Even the least expensive can cover a great deal of area in a matter of minutes, and they are also suitable for outdoor use, so you can coat those fences and sheds that have been waiting for protection from the wind and rain.

A paint sprayer works by directing an accurate and adjustable spray of paint at the area you want covered, and does so with surprising accuracy and efficiency. It is a portable and easy to move machine that can be used anywhere, both indoors and out, and most will handle all types of paint with ease.

Paint sprayers do away with the need for brushes, rollers and trays, and also use paint more efficiently, so you can be certain that you will get your walls, ceilings, interior and exterior doors, and any outdoor painted areas covered in no time at all. These are surprisingly cost-effective devices, too, so you will soon recoup the outlay in terms of time saved.

Choosing a Paint Sprayer

As we have already mentioned, you have a wide variety of paint sprayers to choose from. We recommend you check out the various ‘airless’ models – this is the latest technology that does not require a compressor, hence is much more portable than older-type sprayers – as they tend to be the easiest to use as well as the most versatile.

You can find a great deal of information at the website we mentioned, along with excellent reviews and details of what they are capable of and full specifications, so it really is worth checking out right away. Once you find a model that suits your requirements, you will never look back, and all your paintwork will forever be fresh and new!



A tool is basically defined as a device that helps to perform a particular role. This means that its purpose is to make work easier. Project managers are inclined to use tools to help achieve their goals. Using the wrong tool, however, can hinder the progress of a project, but how can you tell whether your tool is an obstacle or a helper. The following are the six signs to look out for.

Your tech tools are general or outdated

The tech world is continually changing at an rapid rate, to the advantage of project managers. Technology offers multiple ways of planning and implementing projects. If you are still stuck with Excel and Spreadsheets as your technological tool, then you are lagging behind. Most projects today make use of specialized programs specifically built to cater to their needs. Furthermore, technology is becoming more and more automated. Therefore, if you still have to feed and retrieve data manually, and you are incapable of accessing it from different locations, then it’s time to upgrade.

Too many tools

Projects resemble production. “Economies of scale” is a concept in business which aims at decreasing the cost of production by producing more at the same time. Similarly, project management tools should save time and money by performing more roles at the same time. If you have a different tool for each single purpose, then your project has outgrown your tools. This can be likened to a cook who prepares a meal for ten people in ten different pots. It does not make much sense.

You are constantly overwhelmed by work

Your intuition should be able to inform you when it’s time to move on to advanced tools. If you always feel tired, overworked and behind schedule, then your mind is trying to coax you to find better tools. The sole purpose of tools is to make work easier. Therefore you should not should not feel as if there is too much weight on your shoulders.

Ineffective communication channels

Communication is at the core of every project. In today’s globalized world, projects cut across different parts of the world, time zones and departments. If you spend an entire day walking in and out of meetings, then there is something terribly wrong with you tool. The time taken to brief stakeholders about progress in meetings can be used to perform actual tasks. Too much mail in your inbox is also an indicator of ineffectiveness. Emails are unsuitable when handling a big and diverse team of human resource. Every team member will want to update, clarify and seek clarification. To hasten the communication process, do away with channels that require specialized attention and adapt global channels that can be utilized as you perform other roles.

Limited productivity

Markers of productivity include, the milestones covered, within a specified budget and time frame. For instance, in a project that entails building a skyscraper, milestones will be measured by the number of floors built within a given period. If you spend most of your time performing administrative roles, you are not productive, yet you are spending money and wasting time.  Administrative roles need to be peripheral as they can easily slow down actual progress. Therefore, it is advisable to adapt tools that lessen your workload in areas that limit productivity.

Congestion within your tools

A project may begin with fewer team members. Over time, more service providers are added onto the team. The tools used to communicate with ten members cannot cater for 100 members. If all your team members are not able to upload and retrieve real-time data at the same time, then it’s time to upgrade. Tools should cater for task execution for all members without experiencing downtime or overload. Furthermore, you should be able to monitor and supervise all staff simultaneously rather than dedicating special time for each.



WP Backups Prevent Critical Data Loss

If you’re not backing up your blog’s database and content, you could easily lose critical data in the blink of an eye.

Managing your WordPress site doesn’t just mean posting fresh content regularly. You also have to keep it clean of spam and update your plugins.

Backing up your WP blog can help you if you accidentally do something to your database that causes data loss. If you do some type of maintenance to your blog that adversely affects the database, having a backup means you can easily roll back your blog to before you starting toying with it.

WP Backups Add a Level of Blog Security

Did you know that if you don’t keep your WP plugins, themes and WordPress itself updated regularly, it opens up your site to hackers?

Sometimes plugins or themes can become vulnerable or unstable. It can create havoc to an unprotected website. But if you have WordPress backups on your server and something goes wrong, you can easily bring your website back to before you installed a problem plugin or theme.

Once you fix any errors, perform a fresh backup and you’re good to go.

How to Do WordPress Backups

There are a few ways you can do WP backups but keep in mind, each has to back up the entire site and database. That means you’re backing up the posts, images, themes, plugins and all of your custom settings.

You can do simple backups that just include your posts, but it’s best to have regularly scheduled backups that include everything.

Manually Backup Your WP Site Yourself

If you’re new to WordPress, this may not be as safe an option as it might sound. If you mess something up, you could lose all of your data.

If you’re an IT pro, this may be your best option because you have complete control over your site and its data backups.

There are several steps involved in manually backing up your site. Plus, you have to backup the database separately from your blog’s media files, so there are two processes to follow.

The next option is to rely on your site’s host and their server.

Scheduled cPanel Backups Through Your Blog Host

You can set up your WP site to include regularly scheduled backups. Hosts like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Blue Host, etc. should include that option in their cPanel.

The downside to this, although it’s a good option, is that your backup is being stored in the same place as your blog is hosted. If the host gets hacked, you may lose your backup too.

To avoid the “all eggs in one basket” scenario, you’ll want to download the backup files and store them on the Cloud, like Amazon S3 or Google Drive for example.

The most frequently used way of managing your WordPress site is to use a WP Plugin.

Using a WP Plugin:

There are several plugins you can install into your site to help you easily keep backups. It’s a good idea to compare the plugins’ features. Some may only back up the database while others may only backup your site’s media files.

The best plugins, like BackWPup will back up everything for free, including the feature to allow you to store your backups on the Cloud.

It’s always highly recommended that you don’t keep your backups on the same server that hosts your site.

WP Backups Equal Peace of Mind

No matter what option you choose to do your WordPress backups, whether doing it yourself, using a plugin, or a WordPress management service that handles WordPress backups, keeping your site backed up will give you peace of mind that should anything go wrong, either by your own error or your site or your host gets hacked, you’ll be able to restore your site without any critical data loss.

This article contains affiliate links


Games and gaming are phenomena’s which are constantly evolving. Human’s understanding of technology directly coincides with the advancement of gaming. Thus, gaming becomes more realistic each passing day. Advancements in technology initiate advancements in gaming and games. We are now witness to an age where anything and everything is able to done with the use of a computer. Shopping, banking, booking vacations, searching for pets, talking to family and friends – all of these things can be done from sitting in front of a computer screen. We are well into the digital age.  We could discuss the positive and negative effects of the digital age until we are blue in the face.  But the influence that technology has had and continues to have on gaming is only positive – for both the games industry and its customers.

Without further ado, here are five different ways that gaming has evolved for the better since the turn of the millennium.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Although VR has been around in some sort of form for over 30 years now, it was not until the mid-2010’s that VR was given a widespread release. During this time, VR headsets became the must-buy products for anyone wanting to use VR technology. VR has progressed gaming to a whole new level. VR transports the user into a different reality. With a 360-degree view of nothing but the virtual world that they been transported into, the user feels that they are actual in the game that they’re playing. Although VR and gaming is still at a very early stage of development, game companies such as Mojang have already begun ensuring that their games are compatible with VR, their popular children’s video game Minecraft has been playable on VR headsets since 2016. VR has also enabled the advancement of other industries.

Films produced for VR permit the audience to view a 360-degree environment in every scene. Film production companies have begun to utilize VR cameras to produce films. Sports broadcasters have also laid out plans for live sporting events to be viewed with VR technology.

  1. Online Lottery

Not dissimilar to forms of casino games, the ‘lottery’ has been a staple of many countries for decades’ now. As most of you will probably know, a lottery is a form of legalized government gambling. The first recorded lotteries have been dated as far back as 1445 where, in the Netherlands, a total prize fund of 1737 florins was available to be won (worth about $180,000 in today’s money.) In recent times, wannabe lottery winners would visit a local seller of lottery tickets – a corner shop or a petrol station for example – choose their numbers and then pay for the ticket. These days, however, the advancements in technology have meant that lottery tickets can be bought online without leaving your home, in addition to this, those feeling lucky enough can choose to enter lottery draws from all over the world.  Online sites such as offer audiences the unique opportunity to attempt to win multiple lottery jackpots across the world from Australia and the USA to Finland and Spain. Of course, in any lottery the odds are against you, but the more tickets you buy the more likely you are to win. But it goes to show how even simple gambling games have evolved in the past 10-30 years.

  1. The online gaming universe

The internet is a remarkable invention (obviously) but without the internet, the video games market would not be what it is today. Thanks to the invention of the internet, gamers no longer have to all meet up at the same place in order to play split screen multiplayer games. Now, a man in Russia can play a game with a man in France, each from the comfort of their own home. This evolution in online game really began to pick up traction in the early/mid 2000s. These days there are over 700 million people playing games online which amounts to 44% of the world’s population –  a staggering statistic.

  1. Steam – Digital Distribution Platform

Steam, a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation has gaming on the PC. Steam is the online gaming equivalent of a store that sells everything. Steam offers its customers the opportunity to buy any number of games from their huge selection, it offers online multiplayer gameplay, video streaming and social networking services. If you are a PC gamer, Steam is the only friend that you need. Whereas in the past, in order to buy a game, you had to physically in some way retrieve a physical disk in order to play, Steam, and various other retailers allow the user to download whatever game they want and play it straight away. The games are then saved into your account and ‘steam library’ so that you can play them on whatever computer or in whatever country you want so long as you can login to your Steam account. Digital distribution platforms have meant that anyone wanting to play a pc game needs only to turn on their computer, pay for it and download it. No more leaving the house.

  1. Live online casinos

The internet has been massive for all casinos all over the world. Casinos, of course, are not for everyone. The old saying ‘the house always wins’ is very apt, if casinos were not profitable, they wouldn’t exist. But thanks to films like James Bond, for a lot of people casinos are sophisticated, exciting and a place to potentially win thousands and thousands of pounds. But the advancement in the online world has meant that people are able to bring the casinos directly to their living room. Don’t think that because it’s an online casino that they only accept small stakes – players can bet tens of thousands of dollars on the flip of a digital card. Casino games can be found all over the online universe and whether this is a good thing or not, it is another instance of games evolving to match the times that they are living in.


The digital world has brought us many benefits, not least the ability to access a wealth of information, goods and services at the touch of a button. Shopping online is now almost as popular as on the high street, and when it comes to businesses, there is no possibility of operating without a seamless computer system in place. The fact we spend so much time online, both in a professional capacity and for leisure, also brings with it a number of potential pitfalls, the most prominent of which are online security and the possibility of identity theft.

The latter is a major problem for people who bank online – as well as businesses that store potentially sensitive information online – and the popularity of using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is rising as a result. What is a VPS? Put simply, all computer transactions that you make involving sending or receiving information will pass through one or more servers at some point. These are the central processing devices that act like a telephone exchange, directing traffic to where it needs to go. A VPS is another version of this, with certain benefits.

Why Use a VPS?

The difference between a VPS and your regular server is that the former offers you the chance to use a server in many different locations across the world. Why would you want to do this? There are several reasons: first, it means that you can hide your identity from potential thieves; second, you can choose a location that means nobody knows who you actually are from your IP address; and also, you can overcome geographical restrictions that may be placed on accessing content in certain places.

A typical service is which offers you the use of several different servers across the world. In some countries, you may find that you are blocked from accessing certain content, but if you use the VPS service we mentioned, you can effectively fool the computer into thinking you are in the UK, or the USA, or perhaps France of Germany, thus bypassing any geo-restrictions that may have been put in place in the country you are actually in.

Reliable and Fast

VPS Server promises continuous up-time, fast access and easy to use VPS solutions that are suitable for both business and personal use, and they have a reputation for excellent service at all times. The system is not expensive and may be the answer to your worries. If you travel across the world regularly, in particular to countries where you may find firewalls in place, you can access content as if you were back home, seamlessly and easily, and keep your identity and location protected.

Once you set it up, you get complete control via a fully functioning and comprehensive control panel, plus access to a whole host of features that will enable you to use this cloud-based server system to the full. If this sounds like it could benefit you, check out right now, and you may be surprised at how it makes your life much easier.

I just started bootstrapping my own SEO agency here in Birmingham, Alabama last year. If you’ve ever done the same, you probably know just how hard it is to get clients early on. You don’t have case studies and testimonials to prove your ability, so you end up working hard just to close a few deals. That had me out networking a lot. Conversations turned to SEO, and before long I was hit with a million bad ideas and misconceptions by prospective clients. That’s what this post is all about. These are just a few of the SEO myths that are still floating around in 2017.

SEO Myth #1 – Getting tons of backlinks instantly is a good idea

We all know backlinks help raise our authority in the SERP. But as SEO’s, we also know spammy backlinks are a no-no. I picked up a local client who bought into some sort of linking scheme several years ago with other sites from his industry. He has a page on his site with about 100 links to other sites around the country in his industry and they all link to him. None of these links are setup with appropriate anchor text. In fact, there’s no content on these pages except for links! It’s pretty obvious when you have a page with 100 follow links and no content. What’s worse, many of his peers from around the country have bought into bad SEO practices, and their toxic scores are marginal at best. We’re having to clean up his link profile and build quality links over time. Then there’s the prospects that I’ve ran into who still think it’s okay to go on Fiverr and buy 100,000 links at a time. Yes, there are people out there who still think that’s okay to do in 2017.

SEO Myth #2 – Clicking on my own site a lot helps SEO

I know this one is slightly humorous to anyone with even a basic background in SEO. But there are people who don’t know SEO at all out there, and they have some wild misconceptions about Google ranking. I’m in a BNI group here in town, and I did my featured presentation a few weeks back. At the end of my speech, I asked if anyone had questions. One of the hands that went up asked me, “is it good to click on my site a bunch”? Apparently, he was clicking on the link from google, hitting back, and clicking again when he was bored at the office. He thought he was helping his SEO! I had to explain bounce rates to the group, and I think he was a little upset (but appreciative) to learn that his efforts were slightly harmful.

SEO Myth #3 – Hidden Text

I have a client that works in a highly regulated industry. As such, he is constantly worried about the content we put out on his site. It’s understandable, but this concern led him to consider some really bad SEO ideas. When we first met to discuss strategy, he suggested we copy and paste keywords over and over and hide them as white text against the white background of his homepage. No, he was not joking, and yes, this conversation took place in 2016! It just goes to show you that we have a lot of work to do in the realm of client education. A friend had suggested this to him just a few months ago. Someone who supposedly knew a thing or two about SEO…

SEO Myth #4 – Keyword Stuffing

Sure, this category sort of goes along with hidden text. But I ran into a different prospect that thought this was still a good idea in 2017. This time, we were discussing price and it became apparent very quick that we were not a great fit based on both price and expectations. This client wanted instant results (from keyword stuffing) and he only had a few hundred dollars to spend on marketing for the whole year. That whole experience was me learning my lesson on client screening! I tried my best to explain the penalty risks and bad ethics associated with adding “plumber Birmingham” to the footer 1,000 times, but I think it might have been a desperation thing more than anything. When business is down, people seems to be willing to try anything to turn it around. But keyword stuffing isn’t the right way to get instant business, and I recommended Pay Per Click through a cheaper for him provider instead.

SEO Myth #5 – Spun, duplicate and Low-Quality Content

Business owners are busy people! They don’t want to sit down and cram out 2,000 words for a blog post each week. It’s understandable, but those same clients are usually the ones unwilling to add content writing to an SEO package. So, what can you do? The fact is, there’s no easy way around writing quality content for on-page SEO. Clients try to suggest duplicating pages or getting cheap content just to rank a page, but that’s completely counterproductive. Even if Google doesn’t throw you a penalty, do you really want visitors seeing poor sentence structure and misspelled words on your website? Spun content is just too risky and poor-quality content makes your business look bad. There might be a place somewhere in your tiered link-building strategy for content written by someone with English as a 2nd language, but keep it off your main site! Focus on content that speaks directly to your target audience. Your SEO specialist can rank your site and still not get you any conversions if your content makes you look bad to site visitors.

Those are my horror stories from the trenches while I was trying to get off the ground last year. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of at least five other misconceptions that people still hold onto when it comes to SEO. I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


Author Bio:

Blake Akers is an entrepreneur and founder of Webology SEO, a Birmingham, AL digital marketing consultancy. Blake’s background is in IT with most of his early career spent in the U.S. Air Force. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


While most business owners choose to make as much money as possible from their products or services, some opt for a different route by listing themselves as a non-profit organization (NPO). While this means that you can’t rake in money and keep it as a profit, it does come with some upsides. As such, if you’re thinking of a starting an NPO for any reason, here are a few of the tax benefits non-profits provide:

Tax Exemption

First and foremost, since your business is not reporting any profits, you don’t have to pay any corporate or income tax. This is a direct result of getting a “non-profit” status, which is otherwise known as 501(c)3 in the tax code.

Grant Possibilities

Since your business is not technically making any money, with all of your profits going towards other purposes (such as charity), you are eligible for some grants that are offered by the government. Grants assist non-profits in a variety of projects and missions.

Separation of Entities

As far as paperwork and legal standing go, an NPO is treated much in the same way as a corporation. While filing for a business license as a non-profit, the company’s assets and taxes are separate from your own, so you don’t have to worry about the two becoming entangled in the future.

Limited Liability

If something does happen to your business, there is not a whole lot that creditors or lenders can do as far as coming after assets. Also, since you are separate from the company itself, you don’t have to worry about your own taxes or money being seized on behalf of your NPO. Overall, it helps ensure that you and your business stay separate.

If you’re interested in starting a non-profit, then you will have to fill out a lot of paperwork, including an EIN form and a tax exempt form. The process is a little complicated, but the benefits can make it all worthwhile.