In today’s business world, you must ensure that you can use technology and the internet in the most efficient way for you. As a business owner, you want your company to run smoothly, and the best way to ensure this is to continuously develop and train your dedicated members of staff.

It is proven that poorly trained employees cost companies more than those who are well-trained. As such, it is vital that you keep up to date with the latest training courses and understand which ones will help your business to grow. To get a good deal on getting your employees CISCO certified, have a look at what’s on offer at Global Knowledge. They have a wide range of different courses that can help your business to use the internet and technology in the most beneficial way.

So why train your employees? Below are just a few reasons to explain why training is the best option for your business.

Happy Employees

Your employees will find a sense of satisfaction and pride in doing their jobs well and they will feel this as they see the company grow under their care. They always want to benefit the company. By withholding necessary training that allows them to complete their jobs to a high standard, you are frustrating them and not allowing them access to adequate support. As a result, you will have to contend against low office morale and unhappy employees, who are more distracted and less productive than their happier counterparts.

Keep Up To Date

These days, it is easy to fall behind in terms of the technology and IT that you’re using. New, innovative software is developed constantly and it can be easy to let training fall by the wayside. However, CISCO Certification is one of the best ways to let your business stand out from the crowd as it shows your company’s expertise and knowledge. By training the relevant staff to use your office’s resources professionally, efficiently and in a focused manner, you are keeping your business relevant.

Customer Benefits

Customers want fast service that fully meets their expectations and delivers the correct outcome. With technological developments, it may seem like an ever-increasing challenge to be both fast and accurate. Keeping your employees’ training up to date can help you to ensure that the service you offer your customers and clients cannot be matched or exceeded elsewhere. Which, of course, means more business for you.

Though it may seem like an expense that you cannot afford, in actuality you can’t afford not to give your employees the latest certifications. In the long term, your investment will produce a more efficient workforce, which completes tasks quickly and are entirely customer orientated.


The industrial machinery sector may not be the first sector that many people think of when they consider advances in technology, and the use of state of the art equipment, but the argument of whether laser or plasma cutting is best, and the development of robot and 3D vision within industrial machines is cutting edge stuff. The days of computer aided machinery have evolved, with computers making calculations on the fly, lasers cutting through sheet metal, and automated machinery that accurately transports work from one stage in the process to the next.

From the latest sheet metal bending rolls from Clarence Jones to fully integrated and automated CNC systems, industrial machinery is at the edge of technological advances.

Plasma cutting is nothing new. It was first developed in the 1950s, in fact, as an alternative for cutting materials that were too stubborn to be cut with traditional flame cutting and other cutting methods. An arc of gas is super-heated, and the material is then passed through the arc, cutting virtually all thicknesses and types of metal.

Although laser cutting was introduced a decade or so later, it will not cope with cutting the same thickness of metals as plasma cutting will. As such, it is more commonly used for cutting thin sheet metal and, in these instances, it is more precise and more cost effective than plasma. Whereas plasma cutters have a relatively large hot zone, lasers do not, and this means that there is also less chance for the warping of materials.

Robots have also been in use for decades, although the more recent innovations are far more advanced than their earlier predecessors. Robots are preferred to human operators because they can work consistently without making mistakes, they can work in challenging environmental conditions, and they can be programmed and updated as and when required, which is much quicker than training staff.

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, devices are used to measure, mark, and accurately direct the machinery and robots that are used. Apart from human error, the risk of mistakes is virtually nil, and extremely precise measurements can be used to achieve some of the most accurate measurements. When industrial companies want to ensure that the parts they manufacture are as accurate and reliable as possible, for example in aeronautic design, they will usually rely on these CNC systems combined with accurate laser cutting, or plasma cutting for thick metal material, and the use of robotic machinery and 3D field of vision systems.


The first year of business is nothing if not a testing experience. Here are some of our top tips for not just surviving but flourishing during those first twelve months.

Use Technology – Smart Solutions Help Businesses

Too many entrepreneurs, as bold and creative as they so often are, are resistant to technologies that have the potential to make enormous differences to their operations and processes. The app revolution is an obvious area where they may be an innovation already in existence that is cheap and simple to implement, but may nevertheless provide some valuable facility that would otherwise be impossible or costly. At a monthly or annual cost that is not remotely prohibitive, an essential service for online expense management is provided that will save working hours and outgoings, while improving organisation, communication and recordkeeping.

Develop a Flexible Business Plan

A strong business plan may serve a number of purposes – it can be crucial to garnering key financial investment; it can be unifying, helping to get different team members focused on the common goals; and of course it may play an important role in decision-making and strategy. But more often than not, the great unforeseen has its moment – probably very early on into the project – and that business plan is suddenly not worth the folder it was saved to.

Instead, then, consider a horizon format for your business plan, which will lay down the short-term expectations, the mid-term targets, and the long-term goals and ambitions. With the passing of each phase (or the arrival at each horizon) – perhaps ever three or four months during that first year – a review can be conducted on what has or what hasn’t been achieved (and why). At this point, new short-term expectations can be set, and new mid-term targets brought into focus.

Keeping nimble and on your toes is crucial to survival, so why not have a business plan that reflects this need for flexibility?

Develop Your Local Insight

We all know that golden rule about the value of location, location, location, but to what extent are you aware of how your business’s location – geographical or virtual – may influence success? So study, study, study the local forces at play – is there a school or offices nearby? What, when and where are the business opportunities? What is the behaviour of comparable businesses – can you learn from their model or from what they do or don’t do?

Be Responsive

The first year of business is the toughest. It is, then, essential that a flexible and dynamic approach be maintained. If the product isn’t getting the interest you had hoped, don’t blame the market. If the competition gets fierce, find where you are stronger. Adapt, using your experience and powers of observation to continue making decisions to pivot the way forward towards those long-term business ambitions.


The 21st century has witnessed a huge transformation in respect to the technologies used in the real estate domain. Yellow pages, direct emails, classified advertisements of the newspapers etc are no more used as the primary means of communicating between the real estate agents and the customers. Today the professional property consultants have become tech savvy and make use of social media platforms and Android apps to promote their listings.

Importance of mobile apps and social media

The real estate agents and brokers all across the nation have understood the importance of the social platforms in aspect to the expansion and growth of their business and also maintain a long term connection with the existing customers and make new potential clients as well. Such modern and advanced techniques and methods also help them to keep a track of other competitors in the real estate market.

Android apps are beneficial

Property consultants in Delhi and other parts of the country are getting benefitted from Android apps. They can easily promote their businesses to the people and the marketing is also far more effective but they need to ensure that the technique is correct. There are several Android apps available helping in the marketing of the business and also helpful in providing a rich experience to the users in respect to the exchange of digital files like images, videos and other information related to property.

Stay connected with the clients anytime anywhere

If you are a Top property dealer in Delhi, you must be well aware of the social media platforms like Face book, Google Plus, LinkedIn and staying connected with the clients 24*7 and answering their queries anytime. In fact, such professionals also get the opportunity to share their experiences around the world.  There is no geographical barrier and thus engaging the clients and displaying their knowledge about the industry has become easier and more effective as well.

The real estate agents benefit from the apps

The real estate agents don’t have to wait for the calls from the potential customers. The social networking platforms, niche websites and the various apps help the agents to get hold of complete information and data required. Customers can make connections with the brokers and agents with the aid of the Face book pages and blogs. The availability of the housing app for agent is one of the advantages that the real estate agents of today enjoy.


Today majority of the success experienced by the real estate agents are dependent on the various types of Android apps and the social networking platforms along with the niche websites. Such innovations have improved the way the professional agents and brokers function in the market. There has been a total transformation in  the field and the way the brokers operate.


When life gets too much and you are feeling run down and stressed out, there is sound reason to take a holiday.  However, even if you take a normal, run of the mill holiday; it could be the case that you are still not doing enough to alleviate your stress levels and improve your health.  We are living in a very technology-driven time at the moment, with personal gadget ownership at an all time high.  Because phones, tablets and computers play such an important part in all of our lives it makes it harder when you do go on holiday to get the recuperation and refreshment you need because you are still connected to your stressful life.

This is why many people are taking what are known as yoga holidays or retreats and participating in digital detox holidays.  The basic premise of these kinds of holidays, as the names suggest is that you go to not only chill out from your day to day work and social life back, but also to log off from the various pieces of technology you use like smartphones, tablets and computers.  This allows you a better chance to get more meaningful rest and relaxation, while also practising yoga.

If you feel this might be your kind of holiday, before you book, consider the pointers below when choosing the yoga retreat best for you.

The Location

There are yoga holiday resorts located all over the world.  One great way to choose from such a wide variety is to choose a destination you have never been to before or really love.  That way you will be able to enjoy the benefits associated with the actual retreat while exploring a city you have always wanted to or one that you have enjoyed exploring in the pas.

The Teacher

It is a sensible to do a bit of research into the teachers who guide the yoga retreats you are interested in.  Find out how many years they have been teaching yoga and guiding small group retreats and never hesitate to ask them for testimonials from previous attendees.  Aside from their yoga experience, you also need to ensure they have a reasonable enough understanding of the local activities, customs, culture and language of the area the retreat is based.  If they aren’t, you may find yourself in a situation where the blind are leading the blind.  Which is not great when you are trying to relax and recharge.

The Duration And Timing

Another important consideration you need to make is how long you are going to go away to the to the yoga retreat.  Most sites offer packages from as little as 2 night weekends to long 10 day stays.  The flexibility in many places booking allows you to find the holiday length you feel most comfortable with and you will benefit the most from.  Remember though, longer does not always mean better, as you may only need a few days to recharge your batters.

Only Ever Do It For You

Last but not least, it may seem like common sense but you should think very carefully why you want to attend a yoga retreat.  If you are only doing it because it’s en trend and you don’t want to be the only one not doing it, you should probably reconsider as you may not get much out of it.  However, if you are doing it because you want to become more proficient at yoga and want to really let go of your stresses and improve you – go for it!

iPad Pro 1

Apple briefly announced they were going to sell a new and much larger 12.9-inch iPad at the September 9th event, and gave us a few snippets of info like it would come with Force Touch as well as an upgraded camera and screen. But there was no information on a release date, prices and no real details on features, but now nearly two months late we have that information we even know when Apple are planning to release it.

Let’s start with features and what we expect, well firstly the iPad Pro is the biggest and most powerful iPad from Apple to date and they hope it to an extent it replaces your laptop for casual use. When it comes to size it isn’t much thicker or heavier than an iPad Air 2 as it’s only 6.9mm and weighs 712g. In terms of features the biggest thing is the change in screen size, with the iPad Pro being 12.9 inch and having a resolution of 2732×2048 which means it offers 5.6 million pixels, that’s more than a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Furthermore Apple says the display in the new iPad Pro is the first to offer a variable refresh rate and Oxide TFT technology, which means it can refresh pixels quickly while keeping colour even.

One of the key things inside an Apple device is the processor and inside the iPad Pro is the new developed processor the A9X, which is Apple’s third generation 64-bit chip that has double the memory bandwidth giving you desktop grade performance. More so compared to its predecessor the A8X it’s 1.8x faster on a CPU level and 2x better on the GPU side, these improvements have meant essential for example you can now edit three 4K video streams at once.

iPad Pro 2

But what about battery life I hear you say, that’s the bane for everyone well the iPad Pro has a battery life up to 10 hours according to Apple which isn’t too bad when you compare to similar devices and small laptops. Other features of the iPad Pro include an 8Mp iSight rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, 11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Touch ID and a four speaker setup which automatically balances depending on how you hold the iPad Pro.

The accessories available from Apple for the iPad Pro also are very interesting, as you can get a Smart Keyboard which connects to the iPad Pro via three small connectors on the side and gives you a physical keyboard to work with. Alongside this there is another accessory called the Apple Pencil which is a stylus that Apple says lowers the latency, meaning it feels like your writing or drawing with an actual pencil and paper.

One of the most important aspects is obviously price and as we all know Apple products are pricey, the iPad Pro starts at £679 and you’ll get 32GB of memory with that, there is also 128GB model for £799 and a 128GB with 4G for £899 if you’re willing to splash the cash. But what about a release date, well according to our sources it should be released on the 11th of November which isn’t too far away and I for one can’t wait to try it out! But what do you think?

If you need to get any of your apple devices repaired in any way visit spotcare.co.uk they can help revive your apple device.


It seems that nothing can be done about the plastic ball spinning and bouncing around until it comes to a halt in one of roulette’s numbered slots. The “house” holds an advantage of only a percentage point or two, and the unpredictable bouncing of the ball makes it totally random and almost impossible to cheat.

Revolutionary technology

However, in the 1970s, using an early computer, a man named Doyne Farmer devised a way to beat the wooden wheel. Number crunching was something new and revolutionary in those days. Still, he didn’t want to publish his findings because he didn’t want to promote cheating in casinos. It was only recently that a mathematician at the University of Western Australia called Michael Small and Chi Kong an electronic engineer from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, worked out their own algorithm for beating the odds in roulette. Once they published their findings in the journal Chaos, Mr. Farmer decided to break the silence.

Eyes on the ball

The common feat in both methods is that you don’t need to follow the bouncing ball exactly. They claimed that the ball motions are quite predictable. One piece of equation is tracking how many times the wheel has spun and what part of it the ball is likely to hit when it rolls onto it for the first time. At this point the ball bounces around the wheel, and they say that it is possible to guess where it will eventually end.

The proof

The mathematician and the engineer applied the laws of friction to guess where a ball will come to a halt in 13 of 22 times. While this is not very encouraging, they have proven that staying above the 50% mark, and making profit is possible. Typically, a European roulette wheel is set to return -2.7 per cent. Small and Tse climbed up to 18 per cent. That means that a player who is willing to play a lot of rounds could make a profit. Farmer’s algorithm, on the other hand, was similar, but instead of measuring friction, he focused on air resistance.

The risk of science

In their notes, Small and Tse wrote that this kind of cheating is easily detectable, as the only way to watch the wheel would be over a smartphone camera or some kind of ceiling system. In another scenario, the casino could catch you cheating by the betting patterns you take. Scot Tharler, author of several books about gambling says that if someone bets in a certain way and keeps winning round after round, it alerts the staff that something fishy is going on. Alternatively, a croupier can also dismiss the winning algorithm by changing the way he or she spins the ball onto the wheel. Casino staffs are trained in spotting cheating attempts, as people have been trying to cheat in every game of chance since the earliest days.

While it is possible to calculate where a roulette ball will end with a slight above 50% accuracy, you still need big credit to make your visits to a casino pay off. And after all, just a minor adjustment by a croupier can bust the whole winning algorithm.  You can find a lot of other cool stuff like this at 888 blog.



All businesses have to be sure they have an excellent company website. This is how they market themselves to clients in a professional and interesting manner. But, did you know, the key to a captivating website is a web design team? They are an essential tool for small business owners, and here is why.


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Style is one of the most important elements of any good business website. You need something stylish and trendy. Something that’s modern and conveys the ideals and ambitions of your brand. And this can often be difficult to achieve if you don’t have extensive knowledge of websites. That’s why it’s important to hire a web design team who can oversee this for you. They will be able to liaise with you about keeping the site on-brand, and creating a stylish digital platform.


As a brand and a business, you need to be unique. The idea is to separate yourself from your competitors by offering something completely new and different. As such, all the components of your business need to be unique too. A web design company will be able to use WordPress website design methods to help make your website unique. This is bound to draw attention and ensure that you secure plenty of visitors to your site.

Different Elements

You will most likely want your company website to convey different things. You’ll want to have information about the company, as well as an online shop where people can buy things. The more elements you have to your site, the more informative and interesting it becomes. You need to correspond with a web design team to find out the best approach to achieving this.

Utilize SEO

When you build and launch your website, you need to have a lot of other business techniques involved as well. See, your website is so important because it’s not just a mission statement; it’s also a marketing tool. And that’s why you need to make use of things like SEO and keywords. And a web design company will be able to help facilitate this, and tell you the best way of doing it. This will help you to ensure your website is visible and accessible in search engines.


Now, the area in which a lot of websites fail is their usability. Many of them are too complex in design, or too gimmicky in their layout. The trick is to attract customers to your site, and then allow them to look around and get a feel for the business. The best way to do this is to provide a website that’s easy to use for anyone. A web design team will be able to make sure your website meets these requirements and make your business more appealing to customers.


Image Source

When you develop a website for your company, it’s important to hit the nail on the head. You only get one chance to make a first impression. And your website is going to be your way of selling yourself to potential clients. That’s why you need to hire a web design team so you can secure the best possible website.



The process of oil extraction is long, complicated and often dangerous. But people don’t tend to know as much about the process of transporting oil to the end users of it. Here is a brief overview of how the process works.


Before shipment or transportation, oil is often stored in tanks before moving to other locations. There are lots of different types of tank which differ depending on the type of oil that’s being dealt with. For example, there are floating roof tanks, and they tend to be used for crude oil and gasoline. And bullet tanks are used for the storage of propane and propylene. Spherical tanks are used to store isobutane and ordinary butane; and finally, fixed roof tanks are used for kerosene and diesel.

Sea Transportation

There are two main ways in which ships are used to transport oil across the sea. First of all, they’re used to take oil from the source in places like the Middle East, South America, the North Sea and Africa to the places where the oil can be treated or refined. It can then be shipped again from the treatment plant or refinery to the end user where the oil will be used or sold on to the customer at gas station pumps. Single Point Moorings are often used in this process to load and unload the oil safely.


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Pipelines are the most common way to transport crude oil. They are used to transport the oil from the wellhead to a refinery or wherever it needs to get to on the next leg of its journey to the end user. Along the route, the pipeline might have a number of collection and delivery points. These can be used to change the pressure and keep the oil flowing through the pipes at a steady rate. These delivery points can also be used to remove the oil if it needs to be loaded onto tankers for delivery.


Depending on the type of oil and what it’s going to be used for, it might be necessary for the oil to be treated or converted at a specialist facility before it reaches the end user. But once this is done, the oil can be transported to terminals. And from there it can be taken to gas stations and other places where fuel is sold and bought. Homes, planes, ships and cars all use different forms of fuel, so there are lots of different destinations.

The Risks

Moving oil around is not something that can be done without risks. There are many things that can go wrong if the correct safety checks and balances are not in place and carried out professionally. With regards to sea transportation, one of the biggest risks is the risk of an oil spill. Shipping tankers are subject to very strict guidelines to make sure that spills don’t occur, and that’s why they don’t happen often. But when they do happen, the results can be pretty disastrous, causing immense damage to the natural environment.


All car dealers could save a lot of time and money by utilizing modern technology. There are still a lot of dinosaurs out there who are afraid of computers and the internet. However, they could add a valuable element to your business and increase profits. We’re going to make some suggestions in this post to point you in the right direction. Whether you’re just starting out, or you have an established company, the ideas on this page should help to turn things around.


Dave S

  • List your stock on popular websites


There are lots of car selling websites that serve your home country. You just need to find the most popular ones and open an account. People are more likely to view a website that lists models from multiple dealers because they get a much wider selection. With that in mind, publishing information and images of your cars is a wise move. You can also list them on sites like eBay if you think it will help. Lots of people purchase their cars on auction websites these days because they think they will get a better deal.

  • Use specialist software


You’ll find lots of specialist software packages designed specifically for the motoring industry. Just search online to find the best solutions available on the market today. Car dealer software could revolutionize the way in which you do business. It could help you to deal with data management, customer relationships, and even inventory control. You’ll have to pay a premium for the best products on the market, but the right software is worth every dime. You can manage your entire business from a single screen, and that is sure to make your life easier.

  • Run in-house servers

Every car dealer will need a dedicated website that presents all their current models to potential customers. You’ll also have to store a lot of data on your computer systems to ensure the smooth running of your business. Operating in-house servers is always a good idea. You won’t have to rely too much on other people to keep your company going – and that’s a major advantage. Building a file server for your business is a complicated process for which you are going to need expert help. Do some research online and then get in touch with the most relevant companies. Ideally, you should also look for a local professional who can come and fix any problems as they arise.

The only other thing you might like to consider relates to online advertising. It’s important that you reach the most relevant people when marketing your dealership. There are no better ways of doing that than promoting yourself using Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. The latter tool now has an option called remarketing, and that is going to be useful.

People who’ve visited your website will continue encountering ads for your brand long after they have left your pages. You can find some excellent guides that explain how to use that function to your advantage online. The basic rule of thumb? You need to push your site towards people who are in the market for a new car. That is easy when you use the right tools.