Credit and debit cards are now so much a part of our daily lives that it is easy to forget they were once only occasionally used. Indeed, when one considers they have only really been widely used for the last couple of decades, it becomes even clearer how much they have changed our lives. The convenience of a card payment cannot be overstated; it’s quick, free to the customer and also negates the need to carry a lot of cash. Also, the rapid advent of contactless payment – now available also with smart phones – is a further boost for the customer.

However, have you considered the ways in which you, the retailer, could benefit from accepting card payments? Perhaps you have yet to join the millions of businesses using card processing as you fear the cost? The simple fact is that, if you don’t take card payments, you are missing out. Here’s a few facts for you to consider: firstly, it has been shown that consumers spend more – by as much as 20% – when paying by card. That is a lot of extra sales, at no added cost, that you are missing out on. Then, consider that 66% of face to face purchases, for goods and services, are made by card, and you begin to see why you should be taking card payments.

Merchant Account Solutions

If you are looking for a cheap way of getting into the card payment world, have a look at the website of Merchant Account Solutions, the leading name in the supply of quality equipment and software. They can supply you with equipment free of charge, and very quickly, and have a high acceptance rate for applications. As experts in the field they will ensure that you get the right equipment for your needs, and that you are treated to professional and friendly service throughout.

The benefits of a free credit card machine are many: you get potential extra sales, more custom and are able to take payments into your account without having to make trips to the bank and pay in checks. It’s not just advisory to get onto card payments, it really is a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the game and improve the efficiency of your business.

Move into the 21st Century

Once you have decided to go with the flow and start accepting card payments, you should talk to Merchant Account Solutions about the best route to take. They will advise you on the best free debit card processing machine for you, and they have the guaranteed best rates in the business. If you already have a processing account then take their $100 Challenge, in which they will pay you that amount if they can’t beat your current payments.

Have a look at the Merchant Account Solutions website now for more information and advice on how to get hold of a credit card payment solution, and get in touch so they can help you get started.





Whilst many businesses fear SEO and consider it something of an unwanted necessity, it is in fact a perfectly well structured way to go about getting relevant traffic by creating quality content.

The great news for businesses is there are plenty of free tools which can help structure a winning strategy – that’s right, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get your SEO pointing in the right direction. It just takes a little bit of knowhow.

In this guide, the following 5 tools are a brilliant way to shape your SEO efforts so you can launch yourself up Google’s rankings with white hat tactics. Don’t miss out – make sure you’re on target to meet your KPIs today with a winning strategy.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

The cornerstone of any healthy keyword strategy, this is the tool which allows businesses to find the keywords they need to use. With the right keywords, it’s possible to structure on-site content which will get you ranking and claim traffic from relevant customers.

It’s free and easy to use, too, so there’s no excuse! Delve on in and quickly unearth the terms your customers are using to find the products you sell or service you provide. Need a quick guide to help you along? Quick Sprout offers a basic introduction to Google Keyword Planner to kelp you along.

  1. Moz Local Listing Score

From over 15 renowned sources (which, naturally, includes Google), the legendary Moz analyses data to provide you with a grade for your local SEO efforts. Local Search is quick and easy to use and will provide you with a basic overview of how things are going. From this, you can discern what your Moz rating is and you’ll be supplied with insights on how you can go about fixing them.

As an example, where I’m from SEO Manchester remains a hotly competed contest between hundreds of businesses. Whether this is restaurants, retail stores, or hotels, it’s a furiously contested business arena which means every advantage you can steal in the world of SEO will help you. So, don’t forget about your local efforts!

  1. Screaming Frog

Despite its bizarre name, this is a brilliant piece of software which can help your business to unearth any on-site issues with your website. Screaming Frog is an SEO spider which allows you to search through all of your pages to highlight crawl issues such as broken links or meta tags which aren’t properly optimised.

It’ll search 500 pages for free, making this an ideal piece of software for small businesses. Tools such as Moz will do the same, but you have to pay for them! So try out Screaming Frog to correct those niggling problems.

  1. Google Analytics & Search Console

Although this tool may be overwhelming at first (it takes some practice to get used to), the software is essential. It’ll help you to understand the traffic you’re receiving, where it’s coming from, the bounce rate on landing pages, and the amount of conversions you’re generating.

Along with Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console), it’s pretty much essential in gathering SEO insights, such as which pages are generating traffic whilst offering insights on keywords. Webmaster Tools also offers this, with additional analysis on what the world’s leading search engines actually make of your website. In this essence, it’s a great way to identify issues.

Google will also usually send a business warnings in its messaging system if it believes the site is contravening its quality guidelines. Keep an eye on this to make sure you’re not heading into a penalty based on your possible black hat SEO tactics. This Moz guide to Search Console will help you to get to grips with it.

  1. Open Site Explorer

This is another free tool from Moz which is extremely useful, especially if you’re performing your first SEO audit.

Open Site Explorer offers a detailed insights into the links on your site and how this is impacting on your authority or status in the world of SEO. For instance, if you have a load of spammy links you’re in trouble – this tool will identify them, however, and you can then disavow the links. From there, you can go ahead and aim for good quality links to add real authority to your site.




If you play slot machines, whether for fun or money, we have got something to tell you. It’s about how you can play the very best slot machines, sometimes for free, and win! No, we’re not going to tell you how to cheat your local slot machine – that would be very wrong – but we are going to show you how you can get free money and spins. Consider this: where do you usually play your favourite slots? We’re guessing its most likely at your local pub or the casino? Or perhaps your town has an arcade or a bookmaker with slot machines?

Wherever it is, we can tell you how to play the very best slot machines from your own home, or from wherever you can find an internet connection. You can play from wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot, or from your office (during your break of course) and at any time of the day or night, every day of the year. How can you do this? With online slot machines, which are just one of the many delights that have been brought to us thanks to the internet! Easy to play, with plenty of games to choose from, you’re going to love what we are about to tell you.

How to Get Free Spins

We have to be kidding, right? Nobody gives anything away for free these days! What’s the catch? We’ll be honest: there is no catch, you really can play for free. Let us tell you how it works: if you sign up with one of the many online casinos, you will find that they offer a variety of bonuses and incentives. The most popular is that they will match your initial deposit, up to a certain upper limit, 100%. So, if you deposit £50, they give you another £50, completely free, no strings attached, which you can play with. It’s a great deal, and proof that free slots win real money.

And there’s more: some games will entice you to play longer by giving your free spins and other bonuses, a sort of loyalty scheme, so you can win more money with your free plays. You should also remember that there are many casinos, and you are free to sign up with as many as you want, and take advantage of the various free play and money offers available.

We love online fruit machines – and the many other casino games you can play online – and we are sure you will, too, but we also want to make sure you enjoy your gambling, so be sensible and set a limit you can afford. One last tip: check the RTP value of the machines – that’s Return to Player, and is the percentage the machine will pay back over a given time. Pick the game with the highest RTP, and you stand the best chance of success!




Dedicated online casino App development is going to be particularly lucrative for the online casino gaming industry. This is the sort of app development that is going to completely change the nature of an industry like this, giving people the opportunity to really experience websites like the Euro Palace online casino and their offerings in a different way. The mobile friendly casinos of the recent past really did have a lot of advantages in many ways. However, they were different from the Dedicated online casino App innovations of today. They will never be quite as convenient as what people have today when it comes to playing games on real money online casino apps.

The Euro Palace online casino is one of the first of many online casinos to devise new Dedicated online casino Apps. However, Dedicated online casino App innovations really are the most popular of the different mobile age innovations in the recent years for the casino gaming industry. People often have a hard time believing that it is even possible for them to fit all of these different games into these huge apps, and that is part of the novelty of having these kinds of apps in the first place. People are excited about the sheer possibilities involved with being able to do this sort of thing for the first time. Players who have been using online casinos for years may never have even tried this sort of thing, and it is now available to them at last. Some people might just go to the app store and they might stumble on the dedicated online casino apps that are going to get them interested in the new world of online casino games.

Dedicated online casino App development will prove to be a lucrative choice for the developers who are skilled at that sort of thing. It is going to be difficult for them, and it’s the kind of task that is going to require some of the most skilled developers who are working today. Taking casino games and putting them into a format that is going to work as part of a large dedicated app requires very careful and skilled coding. Doing the same thing for a large number of different games and trying to compress all of it into a single dedicated online casino app takes a lot of work. This is one of the many reasons why it seems as if not every single online casino on the market today has managed to jump on this particular bandwagon, even though it is a bandwagon and it is one that is going to seem that much more appealing to pretty much everyone in the industry before much longer. There are technical challenges, with being able to go down in this direction, and that is going to be hard for anyone to overcome altogether. However, those technical challenges can certainly be overcome, and players everywhere will be able to enjoy all of the fruits of modern online games in these great formats.




In the modern business world, the computers that you and your team members use are a vital part of your infrastructure. The costs associated with replacing them often mean that owners keep them for as long as possible, but working with computers that are on their last legs can seriously impede your ability to work to your maximum potential.

Here are just 4 signs that you definitely need to replace your business computers.

  1. Your Computers Are Incompatible with the Latest Systems

As time goes by, developers will eventually stop optimising their newer systems and software to be used with outdated computers. For example, you might find that your current operating system is no longer compatible with the latest apps and security software. This will leave you vulnerable to malicious programs and mean that you won’t be able to take advantage of the best applications and programs. Even the Microsoft Edge browser requires a computer capable of running Windows 10.

  1. Your Computers Lack Common Connector Points

Just a few years ago, most computers communicated with other devices either through the internet or by using disks. The internet is clearly still doing pretty well, but people just don’t use disks anymore. You might find that your computers have no USB-S plug, SD card slot, or HDMI output. This will make it increasingly tricky to hook up with the newest hardware.

  1. Your Computers Are Slow

Computers will slow down over time, even if they are very well taken care of and have never encountered a single virus. Unfortunately, the reduction in speed is often slow enough to be barely noticeable, but you should eventually find yourself thinking that your computers just aren’t handling the workload. This prevents your team members from working as fast as they can, so it’s best to buy new machines.

  1. Your Computers Are Loud

Finally, pay attention to any odd noises. If a computer is running its fan loudly, it means that it is struggling to keep itself cool. If you hear scraping, clicking, or scratching sounds, it’s likely that something has become out of shape or been knocked out of alignment. These issues could lead to the computer in question giving up without warning.




As you move to the Office 365, you will shift the burden to the Microsoft. The office 365 facilitates users’ access from anywhere, and it will enhance the productivity to the next level. The access is facilitated through the internet at the office, home, and on the go (both laptop and phone). In addition to the enhancement of efficiency, Office 365 will also improve security and reliability. There are various versions including Home, Personal, Business, etc. which can be selected as per your needs. By following the installation instructions given by Microsoft, many pitfalls can be avoided.

Common installation issues

The following 3 Common Office 365 Installation Issues can be overcome by following the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Cannot install Office 365

To resolve the issue, you should ensure that no copies are installed on the computer. All copies including trail copies should be removed from the system. You can go through the control Panel to figure out old installations. The following points should be verified to overcome the issues.

  • Ensure that sufficient disk space is available on your PC
  • User should have active and current subscription
  • The version downloaded should be as per the subscription
  • If anti-virus is preventing, it should be disabled.
  • User account controls can be turned off to prevent hidden dialogs.
  • Msi-installer task should be fully complete and shut-down prior to disconnecting from the network. Hibernation and Sleep modes are OFF during this process.
  1. Being behind proxy server or a firewall

If your PC is behind the proxy server, you should get installation privileges from the administrator. The proxy settings to Windows HTTP clients should be changed.

Step 1:

The settings can be changed by reaching the command prompt and typing the following commands:

  • Start-> Type cmd.exe in the search box.
  • Right click cmd.exe on the list
  • Click ‘Run as administrator’

Enter the following command:

netsh winhttp set proxy <Address of proxy server>

Step 2:

Find out if your computer is behind the firewall. You should find out the same and configure it to enable the installation. You will understand more about firewall ports at the following links:

  1. Migration issues

The following issues should be sorted out before updating to Office 365. Some of the issues are listed below:

  • Irregularities in Auto-Reply settings
  • Mobile device app/account configuration

If you have configured auto-reply settings, they will not work properly after the upgrade as new server will be attached. The settings might continue after the expiry date as well. The settings should be changed by going to the Outlook Web app and by toggling auto-reply on/off.

As there are various kinds of email client software applications and mobile OS versions, the seamless integration may not take place. If you are using third-party mail applications, username and password should be re-entered. After the completion of the migration, the mobile device should be tested. If there are any issues, the mail account should be deleted, and it should be created again.




Weather forecasting is a difficult thing to get right; of course, experts can study the meteorological conditions and predict what will happen next, but even the most experienced cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Sometimes, however, you simply want to know what the weather is like for the next few hours – perhaps for a journey to work or elsewhere – and this can be done using satellite tracking, which follows the weather system as they move. This sort of technology is widely available to weather stations, but how do you use it on personal level?

You could download the superb app called WeatherBug, available for both Android and iPhone, and have at your fingertips an accurate, detailed and highly informative weather app that provides you with loads of information about the weather now and in the future. This is the best of the many weather radar apps for Android, and offers a whole range of information that covers a vast array of weather options, storm tracking and more. It’s easy to use and can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, so you never need to leave the house without knowing what the weather for the day ahead will be.

WeatherBug draws its information from a massive network if weather stations and tracking radars across the country, and provides instant information on the current weather conditions in your locality, so you can track if any storms or showers are heading your way, as well as offering advance forecasts that are far more accurate than any other. Indeed, this is one of the only weather radar apps for iPhone to have won awards for its performance, and its many satisfied users have rated it very highly in terms of ease of use, usefulness and accuracy.

Further information available includes a variety of screens for analysing local weather, foreign weather reports for those looking to travel abroad, and a handy storm tracker. The latter tells you where the most violent thunderstorms are at present, and where they may be heading in the immediate future. Temperatures are available in Fahrenheit and centigrade, and speeds in miles per hour or kilometres, and there are many customizable features included in WeatherBug that mean you can tailor your reports to suit your immediate requirements and location. This is a must-have app for everyone who travels in the open, or those going on vacation, and it’s completely free to download and use.

You can find WeatherBug at iTunes for iPhone, or at the Google store for Android, and it is simple to download. Well-developed and bug-free, you can even see where lighting is striking in real time! The radar screens show you where the weather fronts are and how fast they are travelling, so you can plan your journey in advance, and it has proven to be a very worthwhile asset to many users. Have a look at the WeatherBug app now on the stores mentioned and see just how it can help you with more accurate and informative forecasts and weather information.





The changing face of garment production

The creation of an automated sewing robot could signal a major sea change in clothing manufacturing

Last month, Seattle-based company, Sewbo Inc, announced that its industrial robot has successfully sewn together a T-shirt – the first time that a robot has been used to sew an entire article of clothing.

Unlike many other labour-intensive industries, clothing manufacturing has thus far avoided large scale automation. But in light of Sewbo’s announcement, this could soon be set to change.

A Different Approach

Until now, one of the main problems with automated sewing machines has been their inability to handle limp, flexible fabrics. The Sewbo robot gets around this problem by using a liquid version of a thermoplastic chemical used in 3D printing that temporarily stiffens the fabric. This enables the robotic arm to pick up pieces of material and feed them into an industrial sewing machine. Once the item is complete, the robot drops it in water, which removes the chemical and makes the garment soft and pliable once more.

Inventor, Jonathan Zornow claims that this new technology “will allow manufacturers to create higher-quality clothing at lower costs in less time than ever before”. It can also be paired with robots which cut and fold material, providing the clothing industry with an effective, end-to-end automation solution.

An Ethical Alternative?

One of the advantages of large scale automation is that brands will be able to produce ‘fast fashion’ without the ethical concerns that currently plague the fashion industry.

The garment industry is notorious for using sweatshops in the developing world. Despite a growing commitment to ethical supply chains, we still frequently hear reports of garment workers who are badly paid and who work in poor or downright dangerous conditions, and these kinds of reports can be highly damaging to a brand.

Sewbo offers businesses an attractive alternative, enabling users to design and start mass producing a new product in just a day – something that is not possible with a human workforce. Sewbo assembly lines can also be set up in the countries where companies are planning to sell the clothes – thus cutting the environmental impact of a global supply chain.

However, there is also a significant downside to this. Millions of people throughout the world rely on garment manufacturing jobs. If a robot can suddenly do the work more effectively and for less money, these jobs will be in jeopardy, which will have serious consequences for garment workers and their families.

Added to this is the risk that as processes become ever more automated, the skill of sewing could become somewhat of a lost art.

Early Days

The Sewbo robot is currently in its infancy so it’s difficult to predict with any certainty what the long-term effect on the sewing industry is likely to be. Jonathan Zornow is currently looking to partner with fashion brands who are interested in automation, so that he can trial the product and iron out any glitches – so it may be a while before fully automated production lines become the norm in clothing factories.

Looking further ahead, it seems unlikely that these developments will kill off sewing altogether, but we are sure to see some significant and widespread changes in the global garment industry.

The Best Single Player Games to be Released in 2016

The possibilities and freedom virtual reality offers to game developers and gamers alike will affect virtually every aspect of the industry. There are of course some particular genres where the VR potential is especially strong. Whether it be super immersive fantasy worlds, or heart-stopping jump scares – here are some classic game genres that are sure to deliver impressive titles in the advent of VR gaming…

Sci-Fi Exploration

Let’s be real – chances are that virtual reality will be the closest you’ll ever come to exploring the galaxy. If you can come to terms with that depressing fact, then you can instead focus your attention on getting excited for all the immersive space travel simulation VR is about to make possible. Just imagine seeing those beautiful nebulas up close, landing on planet surfaces, and engaging in thrilling space battles with hostile aliens. Every space-related franchise from Star Trek to Halo will be cashing in on this new and exciting era in sci fi gaming.

Horror / Suspense

If you’re one of those weird people who enjoys games with jump scares in old mental asylums, then rejoice! The horror video game genre is about to get more terrifying than ever thanks of virtual reality. There’s no looking away or slamming shut your laptop when things get a little ‘too real’ – and from the looks of intense playthroughs of games such as Oculus Rift’s Paranormal Activity, it looks like VR horror can get ‘too real’ a little too often. Eagerly anticipated spooky VR games include Doors of Silence and Monstrum, the latter of which sees you on an abandoned cargo ship drifting out at sea…all alone, if it weren’t for that flesh-eating monster lurking onboard.

Poker Rooms

The prevalence of online poker rooms has removed the social and psychological aspect from the classic card game, reducing it instead to a game based purely on odds calculation and luck. Virtual reality is here to fix that problem, striking a midground between the experience of sitting at a real casino, and the comfort of playing from your own home. In VR poker rooms, you can customize your own persona and play against people from around the whole world in a range of atmospheric settings. Best of all – virtual cash will give you the illusion of playing with real money, but without any of the typical risks. If anything’s going to make online poker interesting again, it will be VR games like SlotsMillions and LuckyVR.

Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy in all forms, whether it be literature, cinema or games, has more or less been about a sense of escapism. Who doesn’t like the idea of an alternative universe with unicorns and trolls and magical forests? Where even the most ordinary of people can do extraordinary things as knights and sorcerers? Fortunately for Skyrim and WoW fans, the merging of reality and fantasy is about to feel all the more convincing with the help of virtual reality gaming. Fantasy VR titles to keep an eye out for include Feral Rites and Chronos.

Simulated Life

We all have at one point or another played some cheesy simulation game – quite possibly in the form of a mobile app in which we take care of farm animals, or run a high-end restaurant in New York. Most of us will also have had a taste of living a virtual life in one the iconic Sims or Animal Crossing games, or else enjoyed building our own theme park with Rollercoaster Tycoon. If millions of people can become invested in simulations from behind a screen, then imagine how addictive virtual reality sim lives will become. This type of VR game could even become useful for young people interested in ‘trying out’ different careers, sports or hobbies.

It’s no secret that virtual reality gaming is set to revolutionize the video game industry forever. Some classic games will see a natural and successful transition into the world of VR, whilst other genres might unexpectedly see a boost in popularity resulting from the new realm of possibilities offered by VR technology.


CFD trading is no new concept and many investors taking advantage of the platform are reaping its full benefits. Yes it has its risks, but with some training and daily tips, you get the hang of it. Below are some pointers to make or break yours decision of becoming a CFD trader.

You Don’t Get Too Attached To Assets

If you could be honest with yourself, you are probably scared of owning real stock assets. Not when trading in a highly unpredictable marker that could come crashing with the slightest disturbance (2008 was a big lesson). Stocks tank every often, but a CFD trading account cushions this loss.

Here is the best part: you will never, at any given time, own any assets. Your job will be to speculate on market prices and use that to influence your investment decision. When you think the stock prices will go up, you go long (invest a huge sum) and when you perceive a loss, go short (invest a smaller amount). You only invest on prices changes and without being stuck with unwanted assets.

The 1% Margin Advantage

This advantage just says one thing, you only invest on a fraction of the asset price, but the resulting profit will be calculated at full asset value. So you can decide to purchase gold CFDs at a value of 10, 20, 50 or 100. At the closing of the market, the difference between the initial and final price is multiplied to the value of CFD you invested, and that’s your profit. You only make small calculated move but still reap the same full benefits as the investor who owns actual stocks.

Flexibility as a Trader

Being in the CFD trading business means you are more flexible compared to the asset-owning investor. There are over 10,000 trading markets online and you have access to each and every one of them. You have a 24 hour trading period in which you can enter and exit the market as you please.

Additionally, you get to decide which commodities are more beneficial to trade in. Today you can decide its gold and silver while tomorrow can be forex currencies. You can stretch your investment scope to include bonds, global shares, market indices or securities. Your investment portfolio can comprise of varying assets that you don’t get to own but only bet on their price fluctuations. Your profit margin stands a chance to grow with such a wide spread, and you never lose sleep over lost assets.

Trade in any Market

Whether the market is thriving or on the brink of a devastating fall is never your concern, you can still invest in it. Remember the two tricks of going short or long? These will be your most valuable moves in any market, regardless of how volatile it is. Here is the catch, you can still go at a loss but this means you won’t get the high payout you expected. But this is gold to any investor as opposed to watching the value of your houses drop drastically and sells off at mediocre prices.

It’s not a complex trading platform

You cannot compare CFD trading with conventional stock trading methods. With the latter, you have to analyse so many market indicators and keep several brokers on speed dial. Even with the brokers taking the heavy work from your hands, you still have to get involved in one way or the other to ensure your business goes forward; remember the broker will still earn their commission whether you gain or lose assets.

It’s a different story with CFDs; if you come from a gambling background, you can dive in right away. It’s all about predicting the directions in stock prices and make your money from that information. Yes, you will need a broker to help kick off your business but they wouldn’t be required to work as much as the broker managing assets for an investor.

You can decide to go solo with the online trading platform that lets you handle your own CFDs. There are online trading companies like CMC markets which let you open an account and even trade on simulators to help you understand the game. You also get daily alerts on market insights which will help hone your prediction skills.

The bottom line is, CFD trading is the future of online trading and you need to get with the program. If you can make your money without any attachment to real assets, what is stopping you from becoming a CFD trader?